Privacy Policy

The seller (hereinafter referred to as "First Party") and the buyer (hereinafter referred to as "Second Party"), after confirming the current condition of the vehicle (hereinafter referred to as "Property"), shall enter into a sales contract upon mutual agreement on the following terms and conditions.

1. Trading price

The First Party shall sell the total price of the Property (the amount indicated for each vehicle) to the Second Party, and the Second Party shall purchase the Property. Breakdown Vehicle / Automobile Tax Settlement / Recycling Certificate

2. Obligations of the First Party

The First Party shall be responsible and liable for the preservation of the Property until the delivery of the Vehicle, and shall prepare the necessary documents to apply for the registration of the Vehicle to JQA or the person designated by JQA by the date of delivery of the Vehicle. If there are any mortgages, pledges, tax delinquencies, or any other rights on the Property that prevent the Second Party from exercising its ownership rights, the First Party must change them by the time of delivery of the Vehicle.

3. Obligations of B

B shall pay the total amount of the Property to KT.

(1) In accordance with Article 13 of the Road Trucking Vehicle Law, the Second Party shall complete the transfer of title within 14 days from the date of receipt of the registration documents, and submit a copy of the vehicle inspection certificate to the person in charge of Estate Sale®︎Supremacy after completion. However, if for any reason it is likely that you will exceed this period, you must notify us at the time of signing the contract, and you shall be responsible for any and all problems that may arise as a result of any delay in the transfer of title. If you use the property prior to registration, you are responsible for the following
(2) If the vehicle is used before it is registered, the SUPPLIER shall be responsible for all accidents to persons or property, and shall compensate the LICENSEE for any damage caused.
(2) If the vehicle is to be delivered with its registration temporarily cancelled, Article 3 (1) does not apply.

4. Transfer and delivery of ownership

The ownership of the Property shall be transferred from the First Party to the Second Party upon completion of the transfer of the purchase price, and the Property shall be delivered. The present condition of the property at the time of delivery (or at the time of loading if a loading truck is arranged) shall be the final condition, and any problems that may occur on the way back or when the loading truck arrives shall be the sole responsibility of the Second Party.

5. Carry out

After completion of the payment, the SUPPLIER shall promptly remove the Property from the storage location of the LICENSEE. Any and all expenses related to such removal shall be borne by the SUPPLIER.

6. Loss or damage prior to delivery

If, prior to the delivery of the Property, the Property is destroyed due to a natural disaster or other reasons beyond the control of either the First Party or the Second Party, the Second Party may cancel this Agreement.

2.If, prior to the delivery of the Property, the Property is damaged for any of the reasons set forth in the preceding paragraph, the LICENSEE shall repair the Property and deliver it to JQA. In this case, if the delivery date exceeds the date set forth in Article 3 due to the restoration, the delivery date may be extended upon mutual consultation.

3.The First Party may cancel this agreement if the repair described in the preceding paragraph is extremely difficult or requires excessive costs, and the Second Party may cancel this agreement if the purpose of the agreement cannot be achieved due to damage to the Property. The guideline for repair costs applicable to “excessive costs” in this clause shall be 5% or more of the purchase price of the vehicle.

4.If this agreement is terminated pursuant to Paragraph 1 or the preceding paragraph, the First Party shall return the money received to JQA without interest and without delay. 


7. Termination due to breach of contract

The First Party or the Second Party may terminate the contract if the other party disobeys the contract and fails to respond to a demand for performance with a reasonable time limit.

2.If the First Party cancels the contract due to the Second Party’s default, the Second Party shall pay the amount equivalent to the deposit as penalty damages.

3.In the event that the Second Party cancels the contract due to the First Party’s default, the First Party shall pay double the amount of the deposit.

8. Agenda

Any matter not stipulated in this Agreement shall be settled by the parties in good faith through consultation in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and customs.

9. Jurisdiction

The district court or summary court having jurisdiction over the location of A shall be the exclusive court for any dispute arising under this Agreement.

10. Special contract clause

1.As this transaction is for a pre-owned property, it shall be purchased in its current tangible state, and A shall not be liable for any defect warranty.

2.With respect to the articles and comments of the writer in charge of Estate Sale®︎Supremacy, which were used as a reference in purchasing the Property, A has provided information on the Property to the best of his knowledge, but has not confirmed or corroborated any of the facts, and therefore may include inaccurate articles and comments regarding the year, accident history, specifications, restoration history, maintenance history, authenticity, and accuracy of distance. In addition, the condition of the Property is not guaranteed at all because A does not have a complete understanding of its specifications. In addition, there is no collusion between A and Estate Sale®︎ Supremacy staff to conceal or misrepresent any defects such as past accidents, repairs, or falsification of mileage, and B is fully aware of this and does not question the accuracy of the information.

3.Therefore, the description articles and comments about the Property by the writer in charge of Estate Sale®︎Supremacy shall be recognized only as reference information before checking the actual car, and finally, the Second Party shall check the actual car by himself/herself, check the details, and purchase the car at his/her own responsibility. However, in the event that the SUPPLIER fails to inspect the actual vehicle in advance due to geographical, time, financial, or other unilateral reasons, the SUPPLIER shall be deemed to have failed to do so. Ltd. shall not be held responsible for any discrepancies between the information provided by A or Estate Sale®︎Supremacy and the current condition of the Property. In the event of any problems between the First Party and the Second Party, Estate Sale®︎Supremacy shall be deemed to have fulfilled its duties upon completion of the transfer, and shall not act as an intermediary or mediator between the First Party and the Second Party.  

4.In the event that any defect is found in the Property after delivery, the SUPPLIER undertakes not to make any claim for return or repair of the Property to the First Party, Estate Sale®︎Supremacy, or Okayama International Circuit Co.