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1991 model

Bentley Continental IIII

Mulliner Park Ward

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The last Mulliner Park Ward coachbuilt! Euphoria over the traditionally crafted Bentley Continental III!

In the dignified air with white breath reflected in the morning mist, what appeared before my eyes during this interview was the third-generation Bentley Continental, with its dazzlingly fierce “Winged B” shining on the most beautiful pure white body.

Not unlike the Rolls Royce Corniche, of which 4458 were produced over four generations…. Only 574 Bentley Continentals were produced in all 20 years of the series, and only 180 (!) of the third generation models were produced. The previous generation had carburetors, but the third generation had electronically controlled KE jet injection, a new chassis, and an electric top opening function. The third generation model is a high-end drop-head saloon with a very rare and genuine Bentley heritage.

That’s why it’s available at ・・・・・. In today’s Bentley, there is barely a “Mulliner Package” in the lineup due to the presence of the surviving artisans of the time, but if you go back in time, it is a car that can speak of British culture, with bodywork handmade by traditional British craftsmen and artisans. ・・・・・・ This is the “last Mulliner Park Ward coach-built” Bentley, which has been sorely missed in an era when the Millennium is beginning to be heard and rational, cost-conscious modern business models have become the norm!

In introducing this historic and valuable model, I would like to introduce you to the dazzling white Victorian beauty in front of you, with a few words about Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Mulliner Park Ward, one of Britain’s finest coachbuilders.


Bentley and Rolls-Royce are not alike.

Bentley and Rolls-Royce are strikingly similar, yet very different automobile manufacturing brands. What these two big names have in common is the fact that they were created by pioneers driven by a passion for engineering and the creation of innovative motorization during the Taisho era in Japan and the Art Deco era in the world.

Bentley, which won Le Mans in 1930 with its famous Speed Six, a large racing car unlike anything seen before, and Rolls-Royce, which focused on the production of genuine luxury saloons, were both self-righteously accepted in Britain, which was lagging behind France and Germany in automobile development at the time. However, with the Great Depression, Rolls-Royce became a major player. However, in a twist of history, the Great Depression, Rolls-Royce bought Bentley, but in deference to the spirit of the previous founders, the contract included a clause stating that there would be no permanent influence on each other’s brands. This ensures that Bentley remains a top sports car and a high performance vehicle to enhance the driving experience, just as Rolls Royce remains a pure luxury car.


Top UK coach builder, Mulliner Park Ward Ltd.

Until the 20th century, in the United Kingdom, the traditional artisanal coachbuilding method was the norm in the manufacture of luxury cars. In the 20th century, coachbuilding was the norm in the manufacture of luxury cars. The coachbuilding method, which is completely different from the standard model and is entirely based on the customer’s requirements, was particularly important in the pre-war days of Bentley and Rolls Royce, where there was a clear distinction between the machine builders and the body builders (coachbuilders).

The top two coachbuilders in the UK, Mulliner and Parkward, merged in the course of history and won the hearts of the wealthy customers of the post-war era with their unmatched aluminum bodywork techniques and interior finishes. In 1952, the company was commissioned to build a prototype of the R-Type Continental by John Blatchley, Bentley’s chief designer. This was a great success and led to the company being awarded the majority of Bentley’s production contracts. The relationship with Bentley was so successful that Mulliner Parkward went on to make history as one of Britain’s top coachbuilders and continued to satisfy the needs of royalty and aristocracy around the world.


A true Victorian beauty... Elegant and beautiful 3rd generation drophead 91' Bentley Continental III

The owner, who collects a wide range of art from modern art to classical paintings and truly enjoys art in his daily life, has a very beautiful classic saloon such as a Rolls-Royce and a pre-war Mercedes-Benz in his clean garage. The garage, a car enthusiast’s “paradise,” is truly a “private classic car museum!

Also, the exquisite classic saloons here are a blessing in disguise. The garage’s duplicate key and the spare key for each car are entrusted to his doctor, who has been a friend for many years, and they are kept in excellent condition by taking care of any problems before they occur. And every time, he truly enjoys the time he spends traveling in his classic saloon that suits the situation each time!


It's hard to believe it's 30 years old. 91' Bentley Continental III Let's take a moment to appreciate it!

The first thing that moves me instantly is the wonderful white body color. The intersection of straight and curved lines in a miraculous balance, created by the hands of master craftsmen, is a wonderful thing that cannot be produced by machine, and combined with the clever paintwork, it really gives it a rich and moist feeling! The texture conveyed through my cornea was so wonderful that I couldn’t help but exclaim, “・・・・! I can’t help but admire the texture through my cornea.

You can feel the thickness of the tan leather seats even without touching them, and the stitching work is enchanting. The seating comfort on the car is as wonderful as a high-end European sofa that can satisfy the royalty and aristocracy of the world.

Coach builder Mulliner Park Ward. The craftsmanship of the master can be seen everywhere, such as the woodwork arranged by carefully selecting only the beautiful grain of the extremely fine walnut that exists beautifully as an interior accent, the beauty as if you were looking at Chippendale antique furniture, in addition to the molding of the door knob… In addition, the shape of the doorknobs, the shape of the latches on the drop-head (English convertible, an antique term for a folding table with a drop leaf), and the lining. In addition to the beauty of the door knobs, the drop-head latches and the lining of the drop-height table (a drop-leaf table is a convertible in English).


The owner was very friendly. "He said, "Since I'm going to have Mr. Horikawa write the manuscript, please take your time to drive it! He left this elegant Victorian beauty to me for about an hour. He entrusted this elegant Victorian beauty to me!

(*Please refer to the video and try to imagine!

After taking a long look at the shining “Winged B” emblem on the grille, you put your hands on the aforementioned artistic door handles…. I close the door, which is three times as thick as those of today’s cars, with a dignified, high-quality sound, and settle into the rich interior space…. Sitting in the driver’s seat, which is one step down from the slightly elevated passenger seat with a good view, you realize that the car has a much better view than you would expect from a car that is over 5 meters in size. Feeling uplifted by Mulliner Park Ward’s amazing coachwork, all those wonderfully sculpted beauties! The air in the interior carries positive particles into the body, and through the blood, into the brain! It dynamically activates the right brain!

And then… turn the key and ignite the engine! In an instant, without any hitch, the 6750cc Bentley’s traditional alloy engine wakes up, and after a brief roar, it goes to a very quiet idle. There is a sense of peace and tranquility that is truly “bountiful”.

Shift the AT shifter with auto-cruise function to D range, and the emergency brake is automatically released with a mechanical sound. Take a breath, slowly take your foot off the brake pedal and put your foot on the accelerator pedal… This truly opulent compartment is the primary travel space for the L-series (L410), which is only marked “Enough” on the power output display. The L-series (L410), with its 6750cc Bentley alloy engine, accelerates gracefully and with great torque! When you step on the gas pedal a little bit, you can feel gravity pulling you along. It is a feeling that can be described as a “rich silence” that hides the Bentley spirit from the surface with the word “elegance”.

And yet, the car body is surprisingly easy to maneuver and the ride is superb. It’s a “blissful space” with a rich sofa and a rear seat with an exquisite view! For me, it was a very quick and happy time.


Why would you give up such a wonderful Bentley Continental III? Why would anyone want to part with such a wonderful Bentley Continental III?

The owner laughs and says, “It’s a prenatal arrangement.

The most important “memories” will be kept in the heart, and the wonderful “car” that has been finished to the fullest will be passed on to the next person who will cherish it.

As the subject of this interview, I was intoxicated by the thoughts of the owner and the last coachbuilt by Mulliner Park Ward and the traditionally crafted Bentley Continental III.



“This is a very nostalgic sentence that I found while reading through the literature in the UK: “For this traditional Bentley alloy engine, which has been bench tested for 1.6 million kilometers before being delivered to the customer, the ‘myth of unbreakable’, tens of thousands of kilometers is just the end of the break-in period. This is a very nostalgic sentence that I found while reading the literature in the UK…

It’s a miracle that I can see this precious Bentley in such a wonderful condition.

The time that I was able to drive this Bentley Continental III, which has completely left a mark on my mind, was dense and rich….

Therefore, there is no need to have a reason to drive this car. If you can take the feeling of joy that comes from owning this car into your limited life, your ideas and thoughts will become richer and richer.

The Bentley Continental III that has been finished to the fullest by its kind-hearted owner will surely enrich the lives of “owners yet to be seen” who can incorporate it into their daily life scenes in a big, colorful, and rich way.

This is the afterword of my interview with the “last Mulliner Park Ward coachbuilt, traditionally crafted Bentley Continental III”.


This wonderful vehicle is currently located in Gunma Prefecture.

The vehicle’s inspection is currently expired, but of course we can take care of it at the current doctor’s office, so please feel free to contact us.

We do not charge any fees for personal use, but we do ask that you pay the monthly automobile tax and recycling fee. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The vehicles listed here are privately owned, and we have interviewed the owners at their request, and listed them as FOR SALE.

The content of the article is made based on the owner’s comments and what we saw and heard during the interview time of about one hour. Therefore, the condition of the actual car may not be described 100% accurately, and not all the content of the article is supported. Please note that comments on the condition of the car are based on the conditions at the time of the interview and the subjective view of the person in charge of the interview, and may differ from the photos and articles after a period of time has passed.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the vehicle or if you would like to check the vehicle. Please note that this is a private transaction, so in order to prevent people from getting cold feet, we only allow people who are considering buying to check out the car.

The above article is based on the owner’s comments. We have not verified the maintenance history, restoration history, etc. on this site.



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