Historical Collectible Car Collection


-Cars that have been cherished and passed on.―


Rover Mini 1000 Mk-III specification


A Mk-III homage custom car tastefully finished by an owner with a history of owning an original Mk-I…! This Mini, exuding an authentic vibe, has been meticulously crafted for everyday enjoyment…!


Birkin 7 modification features the F20C engine with Honda VTEC.


Installed with Honda’s renowned F20C (AP1) engine, generating 250PS/8300rpm in a lightweight body of 640kg…! The VTEC engine’s characteristic switch in camshaft at 6000rpm perfectly matches the nimble Seven…! Noteworthy is not only its “furious acceleration” but also its “ease of handling,” effortlessly navigating low-speed city driving…!

2003 model

Mercedes-Benz C215 CL500


You can drive a car for 1/5 of the price of a new car…!
This is true luxury…!
A superbly balanced neo-classic.
You’ll be shaken to your core by this superbly balanced, rich and flowing coupe…!


Porsche 911 Carrera Type 996 modified with JT mode complete kit.


The looks that pierce a man’s heart…! The 2003 996 late model with an approved 100mm wide body and a Ducktail is equipped to thrill. With APR adjustable suspension and RAYS 18-inch wheels, it not only rides enjoyably but is also a sight to behold! It truly embodies the alluring versatility of a Porsche that brings joy both behind the wheel and to the onlookers!

1991 model

W126 560SEL


The crying child is silent…
560SEL, majestic, high class and rare
Now is the time to drive this neo-classic…! 



1995 model

Mercedes-Benz R129 SL320


The world’s most elegant and noble roadster is now the world’s most hotly-anticipated neo-classic…! The super sensual and sensational 1995 R129 SL320 is a car that will make your dreams come true…!


Rover Mini Checker Mark II with 1275cc Tuned Engine Swap, Certified for Inspection


Introducing a Precious Checker Mark II Cooper S Mk-I Tribute with a Rare Longman Stage III Head & Kent 285 Cam Swapped Engine…! With an abundance of power and a lightweight body weighing only 680kg, the thrill of joy knows no bounds…!! This tuned Mini, matured under the care of a loving owner, invites you to experience everyday life reminiscent of the 1960s Le Mans…!


VW-Type2 T1


A fully restored T1 makes its debut…! The mint blue and white body shines brightly, and the seats adorned with white piping on light brown evoke soul-stirring sensations…! I’ve always wanted to ride in such an early model microbus Type 2…! The excitement never stops with this top-notch ’64 VW-Type 2 T1, Kleinbus 11-window…!


MG-TF 1500


The first car to land in Japan…! The final model of the right-hand drive in its original country specification, the dazzling 1955 MG-TF1500 in the rare color Almond Green, with only 50 units produced at the time, became a profoundly rich experience in the owner’s life…! Over the 22 years of ownership, the discovered rare history is astonishing…!


Porsche 911 Carrera Type 996 modified with JT mode complete kit.


The VORTEC aluminum block V8 engine generates an impressive 409PS…! Experience the stunning power of this top-of-the-line full-size American AWD SUV at ‘this price’…! Symbolizing American wealth, the third-generation Cadillac Escalade ESV, the ultimate luxury SUV, is truly a vehicle with unparalleled presence…!


Toyota Land Cruiser 70 4.2LX 3D Narrow Body


This 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 4.2LX 3D Narrow Body is in such outstanding condition! Continuously praised by those around, with comments like “Never let it go for a lifetime!” This Land Cruiser has been the essential vitamin for the owner’s soul for a long time. In pristine condition! With a compact body housing the powerful 1HZ 4.2L engine, this world-class 4WD might just become a lifelong collection piece…?!


Caterham Super Seven ART K1.8


A classical car with clamshell and simple meter arrangement that has been meticulously built with the dedication of 7’s specialist, ART International! The precision Rover K1.8, tuned by Mr. Yoshio Tashiro of the Genesis project, outputs 185PS…! The 1999 Caterham Super Seven ART K1.8 M4T is the ultimate in stoicism and extreme fun, clearly a Seven that is different from anything else…!



Kawasaki ZX-12R Ninja Initial A1 Type European Import Full Power Specification


The owner, a skilled big bike rider, seeks excitement in the ‘world’s fastest without limits,’ leading to the debut of a polished initial A-type model! With the mindset ‘let’s upgrade while there are parts available,’ this machine has been refined while being ridden, accompanied by a shelf full of spare parts! The initial A1 type X Z-12R, a ‘manly bike,’ is a ride to savor now that such bikes have become rare!


Volkswagen T4 Vanagon


Born on the Autobahn, the truly Euro-style 1994 Volkswagen Vanagon boasts an abundance of freedom and a high potential to adapt to all kinds of adventures. With its first-class high-speed stability, once you get hooked, you can’t stop! It’s an unstoppable vehicle filled with a mysterious charm!


MG-TF 1500


The first car to land in Japan…! The final model of the right-hand drive in its original country specification, the dazzling 1955 MG-TF1500 in the rare color Almond Green, with only 50 units produced at the time, became a profoundly rich experience in the owner’s life…! Over the 22 years of ownership, the discovered rare history is astonishing…!


BMW E30 320i


The true charm of this car can only be found in this day and age…! The silky 6 in a compact body is a cozy and sensual adult vehicle…! What a supreme luxury to use a very beautiful basic E30 320i for everyday use, sublimated into a fascinating neo-classic…!



Rover Mini 1.3 Final Cab Cooper


A fully restored unit from a dilapidated state…! This Mini Cooper, meticulously crafted without any compromises by a reputable Mini specialist, is a truly exceptional vehicle that showcases an unparalleled driving experience. It’s a revelation, transforming your basic lifestyle into a high-energy adventure in an instant! This 1992 1.3L Final Cab Cooper is a precious gem that will elevate your driving experience to the maximum level!


Toyota Hiace Cruising Cabin X 3.0DT 4WD Pop-up Camper


Camping cars are indeed the most exciting way to enjoy automobiles in the future! Specifically designed for solo or two-person adventures, perfectly tailored to the Japanese travel scene. The 1998 model Hiace Cruising Cabin X 3.0DT 4WD with a reliable Toyota body and a pop-up roof is a car that enhances life with richness, perfectly matching the travel style in Japan!


W124 AMG 300E 3.2 Complete Car


A super-rare model with an extremely limited number remaining in the country has arrived…! I always wanted to ride in one…! The exhilaration unique to the independent tuner era of AMG is truly exceptional…!! The 1990 white-bodied AMG 300E was a machine that exuded a genuine aura…


Autobianchi A112 Abarth


An almost original, well-preserved final series Autobianchi A112 Abarth, reminiscent of the hot Abarth Latin blood from the 1970s, still exists, making it a rare and endangered species! This hot hatch continues to captivate the souls of enthusiasts, transforming into an enchanting machine of irresistible allure!


Mercedes-Benz W124 E500 Limited


Based on my ownership experience with the E500 in Austria, I spent 15 years searching for another E500 in excellent condition after returning to Japan. And finally, after all these years, I found this exquisite E500 Limited, beautifully matured! Its exceptional condition is a testament to the meticulous care it received over two decades, as evidenced by the detailed maintenance records, elevating its mileage to a source of pride. This car, a lifetime treasure, stirs my heart with the arrival of the ultimate Mercedes-Benz that I want to cherish forever!


Toyota Corona Mark II Grande 2-Door Coupe


From the feelings of that day, approximately 40 years have passed… The dream of wanting to ride a Mark II like this has come true! Wide 15-inch rims, the Longchamp XR4, fitted flush with the fenders, lowered…! The straight-six E-MU engine, equipped with a custom mid-range exhaust, transforms the 1979 Toyota Corona Mark II Grande 2-Door Coupe into a custom car from another dimension…!


Morgan Aero 8 Series 1


“Unique Cross-Eyed Look Speaks of Individuality…! With only 210 units released worldwide, and less than half of them featuring the rare right-hand drive…! The early series 1 Morgan Aero 8, in its pristine original condition, is an undeniable modern sports car that faithfully carries on the Morgan heritage…!”


Honda NSX NA1 Type R modified Toda Racing C35B complete engine


A real racing machine, the ’96 NSX Type R Kai, was built for a professional racing driver by an enthusiast with an investment of tens of million yen. The owner’s passionate desire to drive it on a daily basis led him to fine tune it…. Now it is running on the winding roads with a profile full of fascination…!


JAGUAR E-Type Sr.1 1/2 2+2 FHC


The pleasure of driving one of the world’s most beautiful right-hand drive coupes…! With a clear British history V5C log book, this Jaguar E-Type Series 1 and a half 2+2 from Newhall has been meticulously restored in Japan and is in excellent condition to be fully enjoyed by its “owner”. It will take you to a place of enchantment…!



Honda N360 NIII Custom


This car, the 1970 Honda N360 NIII Custom, embodies the philosophy of the late Soichiro Honda and changed the course of Japan’s automotive history! Even after half a century, it still retains its top-quality interior and continues to bring pure joy to its owner’s daily life. It is a truly exhilarating machine that never fails to put a smile on your face!


Porsche 993 Carrera S Exclusive


Is it only a privilege for Japanese people to enjoy the extremely wide body that extends 70mm more than the normal one…?! Equipped with the M64 unit, which has matured over 30 years of air-cooled history, this final air-cooled 1997 model 993 Carrera S is the ultimate engine car that resonates with human sensibility, perfect for “ascending car”!

1979 model

VOLVO 262C Bertone Coupe


Swedish quality and Italian design Swedish quality and Italian design are fused together in the Carrozzeria, and Latin blood runs hot. Volvo’s first high-end model “The Volvo 262C Bertone Coupe. A practical neo-classic car with a difference…!



Rover Mini Brightax Cooper Downton Specification


The vivid drama of the small triumphing over the big continues to be etched in the memories and records of people, even after half a century. The Mini Cooper’s hottest privateer racing Mini, a complete homage…! With the introduction of the 1969 Brightax Cooper Downton specification Mini, enthusiasts’ minds rejoice…!


Nissan Fairlady Z C-S31


A car of enduring fame… A pristine, low-mileage gem emerges into the world…! A strictly limited edition… The nearly original, almost untouched final model of the 1977 C-S31, it even smells fresh…! One cannot help but be astounded by this vehicle that defies the passage of nearly half a century…!


Triumph TR-3A


Introducing the irresistible charm of the Triumph TR-3A, with its unassuming simplicity and powerful front-wheel lift as it speeds along with stoic grace…! This 1958 model, shining in British Racing Green (BRG), has undergone exterior refreshing, making it a remarkable specimen…! With 36 years of ownership by a single owner since its used parallel import, this Triumph is truly a gem that has stood the test of time…!


Caterham Super 7 BDR-S


In the overwhelming sound pressure, the landscape melts and flows like paint! The BDR, reborn with Toda Racing oversized high-compression pistons, a 304-degree camshaft, and more, squeezes out an estimated 220HP…! After 23 years of ownership, this Super Seven has transformed into an exquisitely captivating machine, matured through the passage of time.


Ducati Superbike 749R Testastretta


The sound of the early “R” is a strong desire to own one…! The pleasure of having a genuine homologation model in your garage evolves day by day, with the great goal of “riding it”…! The Ducati Superbike 749R with its carbon fairing of the very first serial #0047 was a “real horse” to test the rider…!





The Genealogy of the White Era, which laid the foundation for the current history of the automobile… The GX-71 Mark II with manual transmission A real hero of the times…! The atmosphere of the Showa era This low-mileage, high quality car has been finished up with a new exterior finish, and is now ready to bring a show title to its owner. This low-mileage, high quality car, which still retains its Showa-era atmosphere, is now ready to bring its owner a show title…!

1981 model

Pickup Truck


Will the car be restored to its original condition and become a “treasure of Japan” in the future? Or go the custom route! Aiming for a subcultural classic full of individuality that will make everyone turn their heads…?

A rare 3rd generation Hilux with a long-bed customization already done, and with a hint of authentic American flavor…!

2012 model

Smart Fortwo
Cabriolet BRABUS

Exclusive Tailor Made

An incredibly smart personality…!2012 model smart fortwo gabriolet brabus tailor-made… And that’s just because…! This car is a Tokyo Motor Show 2011 concept car. This car is a Tokyo Motor Show 2011 Concept Car…


Suzuki Jimny SJ30FM, first model early type 1


The last 2-stroke engine vehicle in Japan…! A “lightweight 4WD” that was as light as a trial bike, and as fun to drive as it was to ride freely across the land…! The first model of the 2nd generation Jimny, early model 1 SJ30FM, which captured the hearts of the young people of that time, still remains in its original condition…!




No modifications since new…! A fully original and completely stock V-Special still remains in Gunma…! The joy of being able to enjoy one of the most fun cars on the planet in its original condition is spectacular…! This is a truly permanent, early NA6CE Roadster V-Special for your everyday driving pleasure…!


BMW E36 Alpina B3 3.2 Limousine


The weight tolerance is only 1/1000g…! The massive sedan body flies away from the sensual world with the engine sound that changes drastically at over 4000 rpm……. The E36 Alpina B3 3.2 with the rare 6-speed manual transmission was the ultimate choice for an everyday neo-classic…!


SUBARU Sambar Van Diaz TV-1 5MT


From its birth to its demise… the last Subaru rear-drive Sambar that I have witnessed in my life…! You will never see a light van like this again! The ’11 Subaru Sambar Van Dias TV-1, which was given the highest maintenance, was a car that even a Subaruist would want to have by his side…!

1961 model

MG MGA 1600 Mk-II  Full Restored


A truly photogenic and beautiful piece of work…! The final model 1961 MGA1600Mk-II, which has been restored in stages both inside and out, and has been carefully ridden and refined, is a sensational example of the golden age of British open sports cars……..


Toyota Hiace Lexby Plus Series Camper


Campers are the hottest way to enjoy automobiles today…! The Lexby Plus series camper, based on the 2005 wide and long Toyota Hiace, is a car that enriches your life…!


Citroen Xm Exclusive, late model


A poofy~vitta magic carpet ride with the enchanting Parisienne…! You’ll never find a car with this kind of character again…! A well-tended “healing neo-classic” … the late-model Citroën XM Exclusive was the elixir that lured the driver into the “Citroën disease” …!


Porsche 928 S4


It’s been 40 years since the design revolution… It’s nothing short of cool to drive the neo-classic that changed the course of automotive history today… The ’91 928 S4, which has been with the owner for 17 years, has matured to the point where it has a great rapport with him and he is looking forward to its next evolution…!


Nissan Skyline Coupe CV36 370GT Type S


3.7L big torque with the pleasure of driving a 6-speed manual…! The 2009 Nissan Skyline Coupe CV36 370GT Type S, a luxury coupe for adults bearing the Skyline name, is a wild honor student that will capture the hearts of enthusiasts…!

2014 model

Dallara SF14 Super Formula


Will it be a supreme 1/1 scale car… or a private Sunday racing machine with a big bike engine? The adrenaline in your brain will go into overdrive when you realize that you can buy an engine-less Super Formula machine, the Dallara SF14, as is…!


Mercedes-Benz R107 380SL


One owner car with Gunma 33 plates…. The current owner has
inherited from the previous generation and remains in full original condition.
The last model R107 380SL from 1985 with the signature V8 M116 engine was the coolest classic Mercedes ever.
It was a classic Mercedes…!

1963 model

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III P.J.Evans LTD Supplied


“A fully restored 1963 Silver Cloud III by a hardcore enthusiast owner who has been a Rolls-Royce enthusiast for over 30 years…you have to see it to believe the deep, life-changing flavor…! In excellent condition, you will be intoxicated by the classic Rolls-Royce…”

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Maserati Quattroporte 4.2 Duo Select


Warning…! You may get so hooked on this car that you’ll sell your soul…! Powered by the world’s most powerful V8 dry sump engine
The fifth generation Maserati Quattroporte with DUO SELECT has no mass appeal whatsoever…! It was a high-end Italian
It is a high-end Italian driving machine…!

1998 model



A revival version of the hottest Mini in history that will live on in people’s memories and records… A limited edition of 750 Mini Cooper BSCC Limited with a customization called Full Original.

1971 model

Mercedes-Benz 280SL


Half a century later, she is still fresh, cute, and full of charm.
Elegant Beauty…
The W113/280SL is the work of artistic car designer
The W113/280SL is the work of Paul Black, an artistic car designer in his twenties…!


landrover Defender 110 TD5


A purveyor of the British royal family refutes, there is a clear depth of pocket that is allowed only for defenders …! , The 23-year-old Land Rover Defender, which has all the things you care about, has been sublimated into the perfect partner for enjoying the urban outdoor life as a neo-classic…!




A young engineer has put his heart and soul into brushing up this car…. This masterpiece of JDM Kei Sport, which still shows its charm 30 years after its release, is a unique car that will make an enthusiast’s garage life the most wonderful experience ever…!


Rolls-Royce Corniche I Coupe Mulliner Parkward Coachbuilt


Only 437 units produced…
The owner wanted to revive this very rare right-hand-drive car….Iron bumper early model Corniche I coupe with BG exterior and Connolly leather interior has been restored!This car has been garage kept for a long time in a collector’s garage….

1991 model

Suzuki Jimny JA11C Van Cut


If you simply want to enjoy your car, there is nothing better than this…! A “man’s 4WD” filled with the joy of running freely across the land…! The 2nd generation JA11, the 3rd generation of the Jimny, is a FUN car that enthusiasts must have by their side…!


alfaromeo spider veloce
(Car in the process of restoration)


A classic beauty with a modern twist, a rare Series 3 Spider, a joy to restore in the garage…! The 90 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce, with a fully painted body, overhauled engine and transmission, and approximately 70% restoration in progress, is nearing completion and is in urgent need of a new restorer…!

1994 model

BMW E34 520i 


You’ll be amazed at this superb car with only 18,000km on the clock…! The E34 BMW 520i, an endangered species and the last round-eyed 4-light series icon, has been completely sublimated as a neo-classic where you can enjoy the sensual mechanical silky six…!

2012 model

FIAT 500 Twin Air Turbo Sports


Fiat, the company that gave birth to the first generation Cinquecento, has created a masterpiece…! The Fiat 500 with the latest eco-friendly two-cylinder TwinAir engine is a must for every enthusiast who wants to revive the dynamic heartbeat of the first generation, a masterpiece of the 21st century that offers the sensory pleasure of the engine…!

1989 model

Rover Mini 95' Checker Marcos

1275cc engine swapped, certified


90hp in a lightweight 680kg body…! A Cooper S Mk-I homage with the precious Checker Marcos engine tuned to the extreme…. The power that surges out of this car is clearly not the same…! This tuned Mini has been cared for by loving owners for a long time and is a car that will take you back to Le Mans in the 60’s…!

1992 model

Eunos Roadster V Special(NA6CE)


The V-Special with its neo-green body and BBS shoes is truly a roadster for adults… One of the most fun cars on the planet… The fun of driving the early NA6CE roadster has been sublimated to a lightweight enthusiast owner with a taste for the good old days…!

1959 model

Nash AMC Metropolitan Convertible Restomod


70 year old classic car for everyday use …! A classic your wife can drive…! Transplanted with a domestic mini car drivetrain, all refreshed…! 1959 Nash AMC Metropolitan Convertible with right hand drive, AT and AC was the car of your dreams for life…!

2007 model

Mercedes-Benz W221 S350


If you’re new to Mercedes, or even if you’re a Mercedes connoisseur, you should not hesitate to take a look at the S-Class in good condition. The exterior is exactly the same as the S500, and the daily use of the S350 with the proven V6 is just superb…! This is the best time to drive a 2 generation old S class that has lost its fat…!

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1997 model

Porsche 993 Carrera S Exclusive


Only the Japanese are privileged to be able to enjoy the superb wide body that extends 70mm over the normal body…? The final air-cooled 1997 993 Carrera S with the M64 unit that has matured after 30 years of air-cooling history is the ultimate engine car that resonates with the human senses and is perfect for a “top of the line” car!

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2019 model

(220 series early model)


From “Someday a Crown…” to “Finally my Crown…”… The longing of the baby-boom generation has been transformed into “the ultimate driving experience of the individual era”…! The last Crown 220-series early-model RS with the engine was an insanely fun super sports sedan that the world adored as a domestic-only model…!”

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1994 model

W140 S500


Wonderful ultimate neo-classic… I feel the overwhelming presence of the ’94 W140 S500…!



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2004 model

BMW E46 325i
M Sports


If you find an E46 BMW 3 Series in good condition, don’t hesitate to buy it…! The last mechanical BMW to reach maturity… A masterpiece model with a visible engine, the late 2004 E46 325i is a timeless vehicle with the best product value experience…!

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1957 model

Mercedes-Benz W186 300C
"Adenauer Mercedes"
Barn Found. Restoration Base


One of the largest burnfounds ever! The discovery of one of the four cars delivered to the Imperial Household Agency over half a century ago…! A top-of-the-line limousine with the same engine and basic components as the 300SL Gullwing… Mercedes-Benz W183 300C is a dream come true for restorers!

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1942-45 model

FORD GPW (Jeep, model CJ3BJ31 on vehicle registration)


This is truly a legacy not only of automotive history, but of history…! The Ford GPW, a U.S. military vehicle retired from the Korean War that has been kept in dynamic storage for 50 years by the current owner, has survived in Japan as a Mitsubishi J3 on the vehicle inspection certificate…? Excitement is maxed out over the appearance of a rare museum-class vehicle…!

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2006 model

GM HUMMER H3 Type-S Adventure Package


The Hummer H3 is a highly maneuverable multi-purpose vehicle that can climb over a 40cm vertical wall, cross a 70cm deep river, handle a 60% gradient and 40% side slope, and easily overcome rough roads.

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1959 model

Chevrolet Corvette C1


Chevrolet Corvette C1 1959 model. ・・・・
In the history of the automobile industry.
It was born at a time in the history of the automobile industry when it was possible to make truly beautiful cars.
The bliss of having a historic car in your hands….

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1995 model



The original SUV with a rare development history, turning the city into a resort…! The most fun car for open driving…! The last lot of Kajiva Mork is a car for the collector’s mind…

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1995 model



No Roadster no life…! The secret child of a roadster owner, the M2-1028 that has been carefully nurtured for 15 years is being let go…. How many are left now from the rare 300 units…! Adrenaline is running high at the arrival of an endangered species…!

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2004 model



The British royal family…
The luxury of using the world’s best SUV for everyday driving…
The third generation Range Rover is a mature and angular vehicle.
The third generation Range Rover is a superb vehicle that enhances your senses…!

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1994 model

M2-1015 Autozam AZ-1


Gullwing doors are no mean feat… You’ll really understand it when you drive it…! After the ban on the 25-year rule was lifted, the ultra-rare and genuine M2-1015 was elevated to the status of a JDM Super K that has enthusiasts around the world nodding in agreement…!

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1965 model

Austin Mini Cooper
1275S Mk-I

Racing Modified

You’ll need a lot of courage to do it now… A real classic Mini Cooper 1275S. The best and most exquisite way to enjoy…

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1991 model

W463 Gelandewagen


A presence that overwhelms those around you…
and a charm that has remained unchanged for over 40 years since its birth…I love the essence of the Mercedes-Benz Gellendewagen, which has become a luxury icon.
I feel love for the essence of the Gellendewagen….

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2009 model

TOYOTA Century


Handmade by skilled craftsmen and the fruit of cutting-edge technology…!
Powered by the world’s highest quality and Japan’s only precious V12.
Powered by the world’s highest quality and Japan’s only precious V12, the second generation Century wears an aura of overwhelming reliability.
aura of overwhelming reliability…!

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1996 model

Rover MINI Mayfair


A must-have for every family! The most fun go-kart driving, primitive and The Mini is full of fun go-kart driving and primitive charm. A real up and coming car…?

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1964 model

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III


A deep taste that will change your life forever… You will be intoxicated by the superb condition of the Classic Rolls.

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1967 model

Porsche 912


Classic Porsche enthusiasts all over the world drooling Introducing the rare model “early Porsche 912”! I’m really excited about its exceptional birth story…

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1970 model

Porsche 911E 2.2


“A proposal to enjoy without hesitation the famous car that created the golden age of British open-top sports cars.”

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1970 model

Lotus Europa S2 Type-54


What it’s like to drive a vintage Lotus Europe…

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1974 model



The bright yellow color of the water-cooled Honda Z GT, which is in excellent condition and the last lot of the car, is something that transcends time and space…

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1952 model

Mercedes-Benz W136 170Vb


Precious pre-war and post-war designs. I’m fascinated by the W136 170Vb, a historical masterpiece of Mercedes-Benz that can be driven normally. I’m fascinated by ・・・・!

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1990 model



The original SUV with a rare development history… With a one-of-a-kind look you’ll never find anywhere else. It’s a one-of-a-kind look that you’ll never find anywhere else, and it’s a lot of fun to drive. I’m so excited…!


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1977 model

MG MGB Roadster


The origin of the most loved sports car by people all over the world… Even after 44 years, the basic and beautiful appearance of the 1977 urethane bumper is still graceful. The basic and beautiful appearance of the 1977 urethane bumper is very impressive.

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1958 model

MG MGA1500


British-made open sports car A proposal to enjoy without hesitation the famous car that created the golden age

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1995 model

Porsche 993 Carrera


Porsche’s masterpiece. Enjoy the precious final air-cooled model to the fullest! Suggestion

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2006 model



A classic style car “The dream of driving a classic style car day in and day out without any worries”… The production hardware and jigs for the famous MG-TD traveled from England to America… And then the dream of Australia, and then all over the world…? It was an eye-opening experience… The TD2000 is a super classic full of charm that will change your life forever!

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1984 model

Rover MINI Mayfair


Stimulating the Enthusiast Mind!
Rare British-made convertible conversion…
1984 Mini Mayfair Convertible!
I can’t tell you how much my tear glands loosened up…

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1963 model

Porsche 356B Super


Fascinating white body with red interior color! A rare Kalman body 1963 356B Super Coupe that was restored in San Francisco. This is a rare 1963 356B Super Coupe with a Karmann body that was restored in San Francisco and traveled across the ocean. You’ll be delighted to see a 356B with matching numbers in its final year of production…!

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1991 model

Bentley Continental III
Mulliner Park Ward


The last Mulliner Park Ward coachbuilt! Euphoria over the traditionally crafted Bentley Continental III!

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