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1952 model

Mercedes-Benz W136 170Vb

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Precious pre-war and post-war designs. I'm fascinated by the W136 170Vb, a historical masterpiece of Mercedes-Benz that can be driven normally. I'm fascinated by ・・・・!

The Mercedes-Benz W136 is a valuable model of the very history of the Mercedes-Benz four-cylinder automobile that was produced from 1936 to 1955 and became the basis of production when Mercedes was rebuilt after World War II.

W136 is a name that uses the manufacturing plant number of Mercedes at the time. This car, which was released in early 1936 before World War II, was called the “Mercedes-Benz 170V” and was the first car in the world to use independent suspension. In terms of design, it was the first car in the world to adopt independent suspension, and in terms of design, it had a streamlined, rounded body that was popular at the time, and was the most popular Mercedes-Benz model up to that time.

The “V” in the name stood for “Vorn” (front), and as the name implies, it was equipped with the most advanced side-valve four-cylinder engine of the time in the front, boasting a maximum output of 45 PS at 3,400 rpm, as well as fuel efficiency of 10 km per liter. In addition, the transmission was upgraded in the 1940 specification change, and later synchromesh was incorporated in all four forward ratios, leading to the most advanced Mercedes technology of the time.

Eventually, World War II broke out, and the Mercedes-Benz plant, which had been used as a weapons factory, was severely damaged by bombs, but production resumed in May 1946 after the war ended, and the 170V was responsible for Mercedes’ recovery.

In May 1950, the 170V’s safety was dramatically improved by incorporating telescopic shock absorbers and powerful brakes. In May 1952, the luxury saloon version, the Mercedes-Benz 170Vb, was further upgraded with a single-piece bumper to improve safety and comfort, and remained in production until August 1953.

The Mercedes-Benz W136 170Vb is a valuable car that is known today as a representative of the classic Mercedes that retains many remnants of the classic and pre-war models.


Great condition in the Peachtree Garage! W136 170Vb!

The owner collects a wide range of art from modern art to classic paintings, and has a beautiful classic saloon in his garage that he admires like a painting.

This owner’s car is truly a blessing. The owner is very happy with his cars, and has kept them in excellent condition by entrusting the spare keys for each car from the duplicate keys in the garage to his doctor, whom he has known for many years, and taking care of any problems before they occur. He is a person who has been practicing “the pleasure of loving” every classic saloon in excellent condition for many years.

This is a proof of his love and trust for each car, and in addition to that, the owner’s friendly personality made him say, “Since I’m going to have Mr. Horikawa write the article, please take your time to drive this 170Vb! And what a surprise! He entrusted this precious post-war Mercedes to me for about an hour…!

First of all, I took a look around the 170Vb, which was in excellent condition and had been fully restored a few years ago…

The first thing that jumps out at me is the wonderfully coordinated olive green and chocolate brown color scheme. It’s a very elegant match, and it fits the car’s personality perfectly! In addition, the classic horn on the badge bar (check out the video to hear the sound!) In addition, the gold of the classic horn on the badge bar (please watch the video to hear the sound!) gives the car a very special classic saloon feel!

The mid-century, European classic streamlined body is just the right size, and the wonderfully tasteful pre-war design is completely captivating! The semaphore direction indicator and the handcrafted shapes of the parts are beautiful artifacts that will never be reproduced in today’s motorized world.

When you open the door, which opens in a very unique way… the interior is mid-century itself! The seats are made of a high quality brushed moquette fabric that matches the exterior color scheme and shows almost no signs of use since the restoration. Yes! It makes me smile!

Finally, it’s time to start the engine! Turn the key under the beautiful olive green instrument panel to the far right. And… the starter! Yes! Step on the tubular starter switch above the accelerator pedal with your right foot! (*see photo) This precious post-war model 170Vb wakes up easily and starts idling gently with a dry four-cylinder sound!

Let’s get it going! Press down on the organ pedal, put the very long linkage shifter in first gear, and start the car. Then… this wonderful 170Vb starts to accelerate very smoothly, into second gear… into third gear… into top gear! That’s right! It may be hard to believe, but this historic car of the soon-to-be-old age of humanity drives straight, with almost no o-rings, in the flow of modern cars, with great grace and elegance!

As people looked back at me, I muttered loudly to myself, “This is fun! I thought to myself with a big smile on my face.

I believe that unless a car is well maintained, no matter how famous it is in history, it will never be able to run with the flow of modern cars. It is only through full restoration and daily care that we can experience such a wonderful fact, and I admire the magnitude of their love.


Blissful test drive - After the shooting...

This 1952 Mercedes-Benz W 136 170Vb made me realize that the concept of “time” is something that we humans have decided on our own, and that old, tasteful things can give us a taste of the “one-of-a-kind world view” that can be obtained by carefully reproducing them. I came to understand that giving the owner of the car a complete and extraordinary experience of seeing, touching, and riding the car naturally brings a fresh surprise and a big smile to one’s face. This is the W136 170Vb, the “one and only” one-of-a-kind car that will leave its name in history.



Why would you let go of such a wonderful and historically famous Mercedes-Benz W136 170Vb?

The owner laughed again and said, “It’s a prenatal liquidation.

Today, the general public tends to think that “prenatal liquidation” means “tidying up,” but in fact it is not. The original meaning of “prenatal care” is to “organize your mind for a positive life, for the culmination of your life. The most important “memories” are kept in the heart, and the wonderful “car” that is finished to the fullest is passed on to the next person who will cherish it.

What do you think, the Mercedes-Benz W136 170Vb that I felt during this interview has “fun” that will make you smile. Today, we can enjoy a famous car whose name clearly remains in the history of automobiles from prewar to postwar periods. This 1952 Mercedes-Benz W136 170Vb is so wonderfully “unusual” that it has been finished with a lot of love and care.

The ordinary time of traveling by car will be transformed into a special time of bliss. This is the most attractive thing about the enthusiast life! This is the most attractive thing about enthusiast life!

If you read this, you may be fascinated by this historical masterpiece of Mercedes-Benz, the W136 170Vb, with its precious pre-war and post-war design that can be driven normally.


This wonderful vehicle is currently located in Gunma Prefecture.

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