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MG MGA1500

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British-made open sports car A proposal to enjoy without hesitation the famous car that created the golden age

After World War II, American soldiers stationed in the United Kingdom were fascinated by small, lightweight sports cars such as the MG-TC, TD, and TF. The British economy was suffering from the effects of the war, so they increased their exports to the North American market, which had not been affected by the war, by designing the postwar models so that left-hand drive models could be easily produced. Among them, the MG-TF Midget, a boxy open car, was very popular after the war, and the MGA was announced by BMC as its successor at the 1955 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The introduction of the MGA must have been a shock to the people of that time who had only known the “that” shape of the classic boxy classic car! After the MG-TF, the MGA was the last car that underwent a major transformation to the styling favored by the North American market.

Interestingly, the design of the MGA was an accidental result of aerodynamic considerations during the race car production process. Although the car was streamlined, there was still a problem with the seats being too high, so the chassis was changed to wider side members and the seats were mounted on the bottom of them.

The MGA, described as “First of a new line” in the initial advertisements, made a sensational debut in the history of automobiles, going from a classic style to a modern style.

The MGA’s streamlined style and modern atmosphere, which was a far cry from the TF, which was called the last boxy car, was enthusiastically welcomed by the entire world, and by the time sales ended in 1962, a total of 101,081 cars had been produced. In fact, only 5,869 remained in the UK, and most of them were sold in the world market, mainly in North America, creating a golden age of British open sports cars.


A classic roadster from half a century ago is now available for sale. Just like a modern domestic roadster. It would be great fun to drive the crossed 5-speed transmission It would be great fun to drive it on the winding roads!

The MGA, especially the combination of the early 1500cc BMC B-type engine and 4-speed transmission, has been in production for more than half a century, and as a lover of British lightweights, I have driven several of them. However, this is still a classic car, and even if you can easily get a transmission overhaul kit from “MOSS MOTORS” or the like, it is emotionally and mentally difficult to enjoy stepping on it and turning it from winding roads to highways in modern daily use. I think it’s a fact that it’s hard for people who are over 60 years old to enjoy driving a car.

However! If you’ve read this article so far, you may be thinking, “It would be great fun to drive a classic roadster from half a century ago with a crossed 5-speed transmission on a winding road, just like a modern Japanese roadster! I’m sure there are many people out there who have fantasies (laughs) about this.

I often think that living with an old car is a constant battle against the “000000 conversion” keyword that makes your car conform to society, and the reasoning in the name of originality, but the reasoning always wins out, and your car is kept in excellent condition in the garage, and you always travel in a modern hybrid car. However, reason always wins, and my car is kept in excellent condition in my garage, and I always travel in a modern hybrid car. Today, we are fortunate to be able to introduce you to a 1958′ MG MGA 1500 that has had its engine overhauled and its transmission converted to a modern Japanese roadster 5-speed transmission, making it a dream come true!


The British green and red interior of the MGA captured the owner's heart. and red interior of the MGA.

The owner collects a wide range of art, from modern art to classic paintings, and has a garage full of beautiful classic cars to admire, just like a painting. The owner also keeps his cars in excellent condition by entrusting the spare key for each car from the duplicate key of the garage to his doctor, whom he has known for many years, to take care of any problems before they occur. As a result, he has been able to keep all of his classic cars in excellent condition and has been practicing “the joy of loving” them for many years.

The beautiful streamlined design of the MGA has captured the owner’s heart, and he has owned several of them so far. He has been enjoying each of them in his garage, occasionally participating in events, and fully enjoying the idyllic atmosphere of the half-century-old MGA. The desire to drive an MGA “without any hesitation” came to me.

After the complete restoration of the body paint, engine, and interior was completed, the car was converted to a Japanese roadster 5-speed cross ratio transmission, and the range of motion was increased to the point where he was able to acquire a 1958 MGA.

Let’s take a closer look at the outside!

The first thing you’ll notice is the fresh British Green paint that really stands out against the green and the red interior. The combination has a classic feel to it, and it’s in excellent condition, having been repainted and finished respectively. In addition, the knock-on wire wheels add to the overall character of the form. All of these elements are so faithful to the original that no one will notice that there is a special element hidden. The ivory top and tonneau cover match the body and interior colors perfectly, making this a very beautiful car.

Pulling the wire from the inside to the interior

The combination of the reupholstered red leather seats and the meter panel painted in the same color as the body is very appealing. All the parts are original including the steering wheel which is full of tasteful atmosphere. The Concours d’Elegance level finish is a testament to the good condition of this car.

Engine compartment

The BMC Type B engine with its single weber counter flow throttle management is a sight to be seen in any MG collector book. You can see the bell housing from here, but you can’t see the converted transmission, so no one will probably notice the transmission conversion from this view.

Let’s try to move it!

The fully restored BMC B-type engine starts easily with the smooth sound of the starter motor, which is impossible for a classic car. It’s not a normal SU carb, but a Weber with an awesome intake sound that’s irresistible and makes you feel like you’re driving! This is a car that’s been around for half a century, and while the gauges may be shaky, the behavior is completely different! Weber’s “Govaa! GORE! The car reacts immediately to the intake sound of the Weber, and is dynamic and sharp! Very smooth shifting and control of engine rotation in each gear, the resulting speed range exists in another dimension. “The transmission conversion was a real eye opener! According to the owner, “I can cruise normally on the highway. Double clutch! Heel-and-toe cornering! It’s a far cry from the MGA’s I knew half a century ago, and it’s the very essence of modern driving!



Transmission conversion… After a raging driving experience…


Why would someone let go of an MGA that was finished in such great condition?

The owner laughed again and said, “It’s a prenatal care.

Today, the general public tends to think that “prenatal liquidation” means “tidying up,” but in fact it is not. The original meaning of “prenatal care” is to “organize your mind for a positive life, for the culmination of your life. The most important “memories” are to be kept in the heart, and the wonderful “car” that has been finished to the fullest is to be passed on to the next person who will cherish it.

The MGA is a classic looking car that can be driven whenever you want without any hesitation. In fact, it took quite a bit of work to get it this far. In fact, it took a lot of time and money to get it this far.

Driving a half-century old MGA with a lot of flavor will change your ordinary automobile travel time into a “special blissful time”. This is my post-interview report on what I found to be a deeply satisfying enthusiast life.

This is a proposal to enjoy the MGA1500, which created the golden age of British open sports cars, without hesitation. Even though I am an original supremacist, my heart was greatly moved.


This wonderful car is currently located in Gunma Prefecture.

It comes with the original transmission, cell motor, and clutch kit.

As an individual, there are no fees, but we do ask that you pay the monthly car tax and recycling fee. Please make your own arrangements for land transportation.

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