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1964 model

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III

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A deep taste that will change your life forever... You will be intoxicated by the superb condition of the Classic Rolls.

Rolls-Royce was created by Charles Stuart Rolls and engineer Frederick Henry Royce, who created the history of the British automobile in the late Victorian era. Rolls-Royce has become synonymous with luxury cars, not to mention passenger cars. One of Rolls-Royce’s identities is that there are many myths about its unbreakable cars due to the high level of technology that goes along with its luxury image. 

A gentleman licked a crankshaft spline on a mountain road in Switzerland during a trip to Europe. The gentleman called Rolls-Royce and asked them to send the necessary parts. When the gentleman returned home, he called Rolls-Royce to find out that he had not been billed for the repair, and was told, “There is no such thing in our records,” to which he replied, “But I actually broke a crankshaft in Switzerland and had it flown in. But I broke a crankshaft in Switzerland and had it flown in.” This episode is a true testament to the wonderful vehicles Rolls-Royce produces.


"Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III" The last model that Rolls-Royce released to the world The last model that Rolls-Royce produced its own body and chassis

The Silver Cloud was produced from 1955 to 1965, evolving from I to III as time went by. The Silver Cloud III, which I am very fortunate to be able to introduce here today, is the last model produced from 1962. The single headlights were replaced with dual headlights, and the radiator grille, which was inspired by the Parthenon Palace, was lowered by 1.5 inches to give it a more intrepid design. The Silver Cloud III, with its fearless, well-balanced, and majestic body design, and as the last Rolls-Royce model to be produced in-house both in body and chassis, is a model that still captures the hearts of enthusiasts around the world more than half a century later.

The Silver Cloud III is a model that not only has an elegant and graceful body style, but also a high level of technology that is so impressive that it can still be touched today, half a century later. The engine is so sturdy and easy to maintain that it has become a myth. The miraculous combination of the dignified and elegant body design and the enthralling high quality Victorian interior space, which I will describe in detail later (!), is the last thing that will make the back seat passengers as well as the lucky drivers behind the wheel feel blissful. The Silver Cloud III is a rare classic Rolls Royce that can still be driven at a high level today with confidence.

One of the most notable features of the Silver Cloud III is the legendary V8 engine, which is a new design from the previous Cloud II model and has been further developed in the Cloud III. The V8 engine, 6230cc, made of all aluminum alloy, is so efficient and sturdy that it is said to be unbreakable unless the mechanic or driver does something wrong, which confirms the former myth. This engine has a mysterious image like Rolls-Royce, and the detailed engine specification is “undisclosed” even in Japan, and even if you look for the specification data at that time, it is only described as “ENOUGH”.


A blissful space, as beautiful as an antique. Wonderful handmade crafts....

When I visited the owner, a man of great sensitivity who cherishes beautiful things such as paintings and art, he said in a very friendly manner, “I’m going to have Mr. Horikawa write the manuscript, so take your time to ride it! He gave me a few hours to take a look at this very valuable Silver Cloud III!

I’ve been importing for a long time, and antiques from the British Victorian period are my specialty, but this owner’s Silver Cloud III is a product of the highest level of customer satisfaction, which is the result of the change in manufacturing from Art Deco to modern industrial products between the end of World War II, Mid-Century, and the swing of British culture. The pursuit of customer satisfaction at the highest level can be seen throughout the production process.

From the exterior to the interior space… Once you step into the interior space, you can feel the thickness of the leather itself from its moderate hardness and texture, and the Connolly leather seats with their elegant stitch work have a taste that exceeds that of high-end Italian sofas. From the shape of the ceiling room lamps to the switches, every single one of them enriches the soul! The air in this interior space is different! The air of Silver Cloud III taken into the body through breathing becomes oxygen in the blood and stimulates the body and the right brain in a circular motion. This euphoria is something that you will never experience in a modern high-spec vehicle, and it’s the same feeling as seeing a classic artisanal handmade product, a wonderful glass art work by Lalique or Galle!


Rolls-Royce engine start ceremony. When I hold the steering wheel...

On cold winter mornings, I’m sure Schofer would have performed at least a few dozen minutes of “ritual” when picking up his passengers in this car. We were lucky enough to experience this “ritual” in early December. In winter, when the weather is cold, you first step on the gas pedal and turn on the auto choke. After a few minutes of waiting, the electric heater will heat up the combustion chamber. The all-aluminum alloy V8 unit, managed by twin SU carburetors with the benefit of an automatic choke, immediately wakes up. Gradually, the pulses of the 8 cylinders start to match up and the RPMs rise, but don’t panic, let it warm up “enough” and once you turn on the gas pedal and release the auto choke, you’ll hear a really sharp V8 sound, “SHUBANG! The total aluminum alloy V8 unit will idle steadily for a moment with a really sharp V8 sound! Of course, this “ritual” is simplified in the summer, but it is a time only for the owner to enjoy the deep taste of classic Rolls-Royce, where the latest of the time and the classic of today are mixed together.

A long time ago, I remember reading in a famous car comic that “old Rolls stop slowly when you step on the brake”. The latest technology of the time, the brake servo uses the exhaust air pressure, so when you pump it, it stops with a very stable “gulp”. It’s a unique high-capacity drum brake, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very safe and gives a lot of stopping power!

Put the shifter on the wonderfully designed steering column into 4D. “Put the shifter on the wonderfully designed steering column into 4D, and the automatic transmission will drive this majestic and superb Victorian forward without any shocks in a natural rhythm. Although the car is 5.3 meters long, it is very easy to drive with a clear view and no blind spots in all directions.

The “Flying Lady” mascot, a.k.a. “The Spirit of Ecstasy,” created by sculptor Charles Robinson Sykes based on the Nike motif, stands on the Parthenon Palace in front of you. The mascot, a.k.a. “The Spirit of Ecstasy,” built by Vinson Sykes, will lead the way with dignity and grace.

Please take a look at the driving video! This Silver Cloud III drives impressively straight with almost no steering correction! The Silver Cloud III is so impressive that it makes most people on the road look back…



Why would someone let go of such a wonderful Rolls Royce?

The owner laughs and says, “It’s a prenatal liquidation. Today, people tend to think that “getting rid of things before they die” means “cleaning up,” but it’s actually not. The original meaning of the term is “clearing out the mind for a positive conclusion to life. The memories are kept close to the heart, and the wonderful car that is finished to the fullest is sold to the next person who will cherish it with such thoughts. I think the best merit of this article is that I can tell you about the Silver Cloud III that was cherished in a very happy environment.

You may have noticed that there were many onomatopoeic expressions in this article, which I don’t usually use. When I reread my interview memo, it was a series of unintelligible memos that I couldn’t read by myself because I was so emotional. The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III is such a wonderful car, and it goes without saying that the existence of this car, “ultimate bliss,” will change the lives of those who own it in a very positive way.

It’s already been half a century, and there will never be another one like it. It is the privilege of the new owner to be able to enjoy owning it in its best condition, and to be able to drive it from time to time and take in its transcendent air to the fullest.

In addition, as many of you may have noticed in the photos, the car is equipped with a beautiful full Mackintosh audio system decorated with traditional full glass illumination. The high-end audio system is a perfect match for everything from classical to contemporary to modern jazz, making the blissful time even more dramatic… what a wonderful pleasure!

The senses and the soul of the person who rides it will shout with joy! Everyday life will become even more wonderful, and your life will become richer and more dramatic every day.


This wonderful vehicle is currently located in Gunma Prefecture.

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