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1963 model

PORSCHE 365B Super

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Fascinating white body with red interior color! A rare Kalman body 1963 356B Super Coupe that was restored in San Francisco. This is a rare 1963 356B Super Coupe with a Karmann body that was restored in San Francisco and traveled across the ocean. You'll be delighted to see a 356B with matching numbers in its final year of production...!

The Porsche 356 was the 356th project of Porsche Industrial Design, the “starting point” for the design of the latest Porsches on the streets of Japan today, which, despite being the cutting edge of the 21st century, have an aura of tremendous presence that changes the atmosphere around them.

The social context in which Porsche created this car reflects a time when people were beginning to look toward a brighter future after the end of a long war. The organic curves and pop colors achieved by new materials and technologies are the main characteristics of this modern and stylish mid-century industrial design, and its presence will continue to grow in inverse proportion to the evolution of the times, and its rare existence will only continue to shine brighter in the future!

What appeared in front of my eyes during this interview was a “late model 1963 365B Super” in excellent condition, with a combination of white body color with a sense of presence and red interior that showed the owner’s superb taste!

The organic design of the car, including the “seductive smile” created by the stunning curved surfaces…. The richly designed steering wheel made of bakelite and aluminum…. All the interfaces, including the gauges that fuse function and design, are mid-century design itself…! The essence of mid-century design, which is still loved by the people of Germany, can be seen everywhere in this wonderful work of art!


From San Francisco to Japan in recent years! Great body condition and pop color scheme! Great body condition and pop colors make this late 1963 356B Super!

Mid-century design bloomed in the United States, the victorious nation at the time. Naturally, exporting countries were very aware of this, and manufacturing was carried out with dreams of a future in postwar reconstruction. Porsche was no exception, and as a result, most of the cars, including those with pop and glamorous specifications from the originals, were exported to the United States, especially the West Coast. The dry climate of the west coast of the United States, with little rainfall, was very blessed for the preservation of the cars, and even today, classic Porsches are very popular in the United States, and there are many specialty restoration stores scattered around, and most parts can be found in the United States. That’s right! In the United States, there is still a unique classic Porsche culture.


Let's take a closer look at this classic monster right away!

This body number and engine number of 700,000 confirm that it is a 356B Super with a “Super Engine Matching Number” with an original engine that produced 75 PS at 5000 rpm.

The fresh paint job from a few years ago shows its taste well, and combined with a little bit of work, the car has a very nice atmosphere. After being imported to Japan in recent years, this car has been carefully kept by a classic car collector owner and has been under the care of a doctor who knows this car very well. It has been continuously maintained and kept in excellent condition. It’s truly a Porsche collector’s and enthusiast’s dream come true!


Late 1963 Porsche 356B Super T6 body.... Historic Background

The Porsche 356 was created by Ferdinand Ferry Porsche, the son of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche.

The first Porsche prototypes were designed to be more fun cars that resonate with the human senses: a small car with enough power can provide a better driving experience for the driver than a large car with too much power, and above all, it feels great to drive. The project begins.

Production began in 1948, shortly after the war, and the first cars used aluminum bodies manufactured in Austria, where they were evacuated, but production moved to Germany when Porsche commissioned Reutter Coachworks (now Recaro) to manufacture the 356 bodies.

In the second half of 1955, the 356 A, Porsche’s first road-going model with a curved windshield, was introduced with great attention to aerodynamics. The final version of the 356 C, just before it was replaced by the 911 body, was almost the same as the late model T6 B, but with disc brakes instead of drums. The final version of the 356 C, just before the change to the 911 body, is almost identical to the late T6 B model, but with disc brakes instead of drums.

“Light and exhilarating. After World War II, it was the officers of the victorious United States who first noticed the appeal of the Porsche. After World War II, it was the officers of the victorious nation of the United States who first noticed the appeal of the Porsche, and the Porsche 356 quickly became popular among the officers of the defeated nation of Germany. The class win at Le Mans in 1951 also helped, and thanks to the efforts of Max Hoffman, the American importer at the time, the Porsche 356 was a big hit with enthusiasts across the Atlantic in both countries.

The 1582cc base engine produced 60 hp at 4500 rpm, which was adequate for the time, but more sport-minded customers could upgrade to the super version. According to U.S. data, only 2229 Super models were produced, and they are still highly sought after by collectors all over the world.


The owner is a classic car collector... This 1963 Porsche 356B Super is one of his treasured cars.

The owner, who collects a wide range of art from modern art to classic paintings and truly enjoys art in his daily life, has extremely beautiful classic cars such as Rolls-Royce and pre-war Mercedes-Benz in his clean and comfortable garage. The garage, a car enthusiast’s “paradise,” is truly a “private classic car museum!

Also, the exquisite classic cars here are a blessing in disguise. He keeps the cars in excellent condition by entrusting the spare keys for each car from the duplicate keys in the garage to his doctor, whom he has known for many years, and taking care of any problems before they occur. And every time, he truly enjoys the time he spends traveling in his classic car that suits the situation each time!

As usual, the owner said to me, “Since I’m going to have Mr. Horikawa write the article, please take your time to drive it! Thank you for your kind words! I was able to enjoy this classic Porsche for about an hour!

I’ve always been really impressed with the body rigidity of Porsches, but I can confirm that body rigidity is also firmly in this early 356B Super. Even the sound of the door closing is similar to recent Porsches, and it’s truly impressive! It has a stable volume and this size! I’ve touched many classic cars in my life, but I can’t help but admire the basic design and German craftsmanship of the “quintessential Porsche” that I feel from the early models of this era…!

The engine, managed by twin webers, wakes up easily even from a cold state and emits that unique and very powerful flat-4 sound! Listening to this “roar from the back” while gazing at the wonderful interior space is truly a special feeling! It’s a blessing to be able to touch this car while savoring its mid-century design! It’s a timeless and truly exceptional experience!


Mmmmm... Once you taste this, it's the last thing you'll ever want... I'll never be able to look at anything new again..." I mumbled to myself as I shifted into first gear. And off we go!

Lightweight, yet stable! It was only for a short time, but even so, the deep taste you get when you start driving…! This is the place where the exceptional feeling is certainly, deeply present! The more you know, the more you know, the more you know, the more you know, the more you know, the more you know, the more you know, the more you know. The more you know, the more you taste. If I could drive on a winding road in this… it would be profound! It was a wonderfully enriching experience while fantasizing about it…!

The only drawback I can think of is…. The only drawback I can think of is that I’ll never be able to go back to a modern car again. ・・・・・



As much as I am impressed by the wonderful classic cars, what I am always impressed by is the history of the cars, which the owners have spent a tremendous amount of time, effort and money to care for.

“A deep relationship of trust between man and car…” I feel a deep sense of significance in the fact that good cars and great collectors’ cars are passed down from generation to generation, even if the owners change, expressing this to the best of their ability!

I wrote this article based on my experience in the U.S. and my understanding of the classic car culture in America. Classic Porsches built and exported in the early post-war period are a true culture in the United States. As time goes by, they become rarer and rarer, and their appeal continues to grow! The “never-ending fun” that comes with it will surely make your life bigger, deeper, and more colorful!

The “meaning of owning and nurturing a classic Porsche 356B” will surely make the new owner’s life more wonderful and richer than ever before.

“White body with red interior color. A rare Kalman-bodied 1963 356B Super Coupe that has been restored in San Francisco and has crossed the ocean.

Why don’t you raise it under your care?


This very nice 1963 Porsche 365B Super is currently located in Gunma Prefecture.

I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I think it’s a great idea. Please make your own arrangements for land transportation.

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25608 Mile (unknown)


Vehicle restored in San Francisco


Left-Hand Drive