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1965 model

Austin Mini Cooper
1275S Mk-I

Racing Modified

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Chassis No. C-A2S7-676519 Original Engine No. 9F-SA-Y.36447 The most powerful and best way to enjoy...

You'll need a lot of courage to do it now... A real classic Mini Cooper 1275S. The best and most exquisite way to enjoy...

The go-kart-like Mini is a wonderful car that is always fun to drive and tickles the fancy of men…! No matter what year it is, whether it’s a stock car or one that has been customized to be unique, it’s rare to find a car that makes you think that “driving a car” is so much fun! It’s rare to find a car that makes you feel like you are having so much fun….

It is no wonder that many enthusiasts who have driven many enthusiast cars choose the special “Mini” as their last car in life.

The 1275S Mk-I that John Cooper worked on from 1964 to 1967 is one of the rarest of all the “Minis”, and with all the original parts from that time, you can drive it on your favorite mountain passes and winding roads without worrying about it breaking down. Today’s vehicle is a dream come true for enthusiasts…!

Simple and racy bumpers have been changed, original bumpers front and rear are included.

A 1965 Austin Mini Cooper 1275S Mk-I that has become a collector's item...

As we all know, the Mini is the masterpiece of its developer Sir Alec Issigonis, who has been capturing the hearts of enthusiasts all over the world for almost half a century since its birth in 1959, producing 5,387,862 units until the end of its production in 2000.

The Cooper 1275S won the legendary battle with Porsche on the Cerni Pass of the Monte Carlo Rally….

The ultimate Mini Cooper “S” was the object of worship for enthusiasts around the world, who were enthralled by the legend of the “Giant Killer”, a small car that could outrun a large-displacement supersport from behind. Only 27,206 of these cars existed in total, and only 14,313 of the MK-I were built in the three years between 1964 and 1967. Today, 54 years after its production, its scarcity, including the decrease in the number of existing units, has been increasing all over the world, and it has become an object of admiration as a collector’s item, including its price….

Motolita Racing is chosen, valuable steering wheel included, including the original

This is the ultimate collector's item. Mini Cooper 1275S Mk-I...

“I would love to be able to take this classic looking “real Cooper 1275S Mk-I” with the “S” badge on the front emblem and modify it in my garage at night to my heart’s content for weekend winding roads, mountain passes, and ultimately classic car racing. I wish I could race classic cars!

I’m sure there are a lot of enthusiasts around the world who would love to do just that…!


However… it takes a lot of courage to work on a “precious unit” that has already become a collector’s item.

However, it takes a lot of courage to work on a “precious piece” that has already become a collector’s item….

Minis do rust, but with proper garage storage, there is no rust, no major dents or scratches. No major dents or scratches.

A truly priceless value. An individual that the previous owner has been dealing with for 25 years...

Today, I’d like to introduce you to an enthusiast’s 1965 Austin Cooper 1275S Mk-I, a real fun-filled car that will turn your life’s dreams into reality. I’d like to introduce you to a 1965 Austin Cooper 1275S Mk-I….

This is exactly the kind of car that over time has become so valuable that even if you wanted to do this, you couldn’t…! Enjoy weekend mountain passes in a real Cooper Mk-I with a slightly unusual “S”, admire the many valuable original parts in the garage including the matching 1275 engine, and if you want, you can always return it to the original MK-I. It’s the ultimate finished racing Cooper 1275S Mk-I…! That’s what this is…!


1965 Austin Mini Cooper 1275S Mk-I Racing Modified... About this car.

The previous owner acquired this “1965 Austin Cooper 1275S MK-I” 25 years ago…. When he got it, it was in original condition. As you can see from the magazines of that time, the price of classic cars was not as high as it is now, and it was an easy time to get one.

The previous owner enjoyed driving the car in its original condition for about 10 years, but about 15 years ago, he decided that driving on public roads was not enough, and moved on to circuit driving.

What he was aiming for was to drive the car to a circuit near his home town and enjoy driving it as much as possible, while at the same time aiming for a machine that would not break.

Over the course of 15 years, this “machine that has been built and enjoyed over time” has been fully upgraded to the specifications to be able to compete in the classic car races held at Tsukuba Circuit…! (JCCA specifications)

The engine has been swapped out to the most reliable Rover 1300 engine of recent years (certified by JCCA), making it safe to run and unbreakable.

The straight cut gearbox is also very unique and out of the ordinary…!

The carburetor is also a masterpiece, with twin 45-diameter webers and a split…! Set up

The carburetor is also a masterpiece.

The linkage from the accelerator pedal to the split weber is linked in an amazing way, without the use of wires, and reacts instantly to even the slightest movement of the right thumb… The gas pedal response is superb…! It’s something that makes you think…!

The high-powered starter and dynamo have been changed to a recent Japanese alternator, and the cooling system has also been changed to a more recent one, not to mention the synchronous ignition system.

The sliding side windows and the side windows that open and close with a latch have been replaced with polycarbonate windows for racing safety and weight reduction.

The suspension is also fully armed with a Cusco limited slip differential, reinforced stabilizers, and 4-pod disc brakes. The lowered body, the blacked out Minilite 10 inch wheels, and the 165/70R10 Advan-032R wheels give the car a very aggressive image.

And… the center muffler produces a really great sound with a boosted mid-range…!

The sharp sound of the tachometer is so sharp that it makes the Smiths tachometer needle dance up to 10,000 rpm, and the sensual high note is so sensual that it makes even the best music seem unnecessary. It sounds so enthymematic that you think, “I don’t need…!

It is truly delightful and exhilarating that these wonderful elements can be expressed through the nostalgic and classic mood of the original MK-I body…! I can’t wait to see how powerfully it stands with a super aura around it that attracts the eyes of all who see it…!

And then I realized…

Now, I’m not sure if I’m mentally prepared to do this much work on this precious car, but…

The time the previous owner put into this car is priceless…

The time the previous owner spent on this car was priceless.

“You can enjoy the extraordinary feeling of a well-finished classic racer, and keep the superb value that can be restored at any time…!

This is exactly what I thought, “Classic Mini Cooper S, the strongest and best way to enjoy…” …!


This special, authentic Mk-I...
I got to ride it...!

I want to pass on the great classic cars to future generations… That’s what I’m trying to do here, and I’m very happy when people say, “Since you’re going to write this article, please enjoy it and write your impressions! It makes me very happy to hear people say, “Since you’re going to write this article, I hope you enjoy it!

As you can see from the photos, the exterior of the car is in beautiful condition. Needless to say, it’s been 56 years since it was manufactured, so it’s a prerequisite that it’s been restored and finished, but according to the history from the previous owner, it’s been kept in a completely sealed garage, so there’s no rust, no dents, no scratches, etc., which is typical for a Mini. The sway bars and dampers are also beautiful and did not look like they were abused in racing.

The sway bars and dampers are also beautiful. The roof, painted in black, was also recently finished, and you can see the condition in the photos and video with beautiful reflections of green trees.

https://youtu.be/ABywcWnP_Mo (exterior video)

Open the door with its unique hinges and get into the car. When you sit down on the classic bucket seats, you’ll instantly notice that they’re set lower than the standard Mini’s for a more racy position. With the standard steering height adjuster, the position is perfect…! The shifter is in a natural position with the left hand down, and you know you’re in an unusual Mini….

Aside from the mandatory Smith’s tachometer, the classic Mk-I center gauge gives a sense of calmness, but the sound of the engine waking up when the ignition is turned on reminds me that I’m driving an unusual Mini… again!

The engine starts exceptionally well, and the Rover 1300 modified unit wakes up without a hitch…!

What is noteworthy is how sharp the pickup blows up…!

The 45 caliber split weber responds to the accelerator pedal exquisitely… exquisitely! Although it is set up to prefer high rpm, the idle was stable without any hitches….

But…it’s a man’s heart, so enjoy the blipping (lol), and when you quickly engage the clutch, the car starts up with a painful acceleration that will take your head off…!

What’s not normal is the running sound…!

The straight-cut gearbox produces a unique sound…!

This unusual feeling is wonderful…! You can be intoxicated by this unusual feeling…!

https://youtu.be/PwBolsTBUg0 (Driving video)

“Fast…! Light…! Fun…! These were the words that came to my mind later….

As the LSD setting is now designed for the circuit, the car feels like it is going in a straight line. This is the image I had when I got out of the car… (laughs) I was able to really concentrate and enjoy the drive for a while.

“(laughs) I really enjoyed the drive for a while, concentrating on what I was doing. I’m sure it would be great fun…!

“The value is priceless…! Everything is from the period, an overview of the parts that come with it…”

All the valuable original parts that the previous owner had replaced over the past 25 years have been preserved. All of the precious parts that the previous owner had replaced over the past 25 years have been preserved, enough to fill the back of a light van.

Of course, this also includes the original parts that the previous owner collected from time to time…

It would probably cost several million dollars to collect all these items today…!

For more information about these parts, please check out the explanation video by Mr. Horita, the president of Horita Motors, who is the doctor of this car.

https://youtu.be/wbid33C3omU(explanation video of attached parts)


Original engine included About No. 9F-SA-Y.36447...

According to British documents, it was engine No. 32378 or later, and it had a closed-circuit breathing oil light switch with a Purolator filter.


However, the A-type engine at that time was limited to 1071 cc, and it was Daniel Richmond of Downton who came up with the idea of increasing the displacement of the A-type engine, which was thought to be limited to 1,071 cc, to 1,275 cc by shifting the bore pitch. The original BMC A-type OHV four-cylinder 1275cc engine, with twin SU carburetors and a compression ratio of 9.7, produced 76ps/5900r.p.m. and 10.9kg-m. It is a stock racing unit that can take a 650kg light weight Mini to a top speed of 160km/h….

The previous owner used this unit until 15 years ago, and swapped it to the current Rover 1300 unit because he didn’t want to break it by heavy use such as racing, etc. The original engine was put on a special cart and displayed in a special garage. Do you want to display this engine in your garage…? Or……do you want to replace it and enjoy the original Mk-I?

The ultimate fun exists in this car….



“If I had a girl like this in my garage… I bet it would be a lot of fun at night…”

That’s what I honestly felt during this interview.

“This is a car that I’ve spent 1/3 of my life enjoying to the fullest, and I’d like to give it away to someone who can bring out its full charm.

This is the perfect life project for those who have a different value system and don’t enjoy the usual….

As the car of your life, the unusual “Genuine Classic Mini Cooper 1275S” will provide you with a colorful and wonderful extraordinary life….

“If you have the courage to do it now, you will be able to enjoy the real classic Mini Cooper 1275S.

The best and most exquisite way to enjoy…”

Needless to say, this title immediately came to mind after the interview.

Please come to Gunma Prefecture for a “blissful visit”…




This very nice 1965 Austin Mini Cooper 1275S Mk-I Racing Modified is currently located in Gunma Prefecture.

It’s currently out of inspection, but we’ve been told that it can be delivered to your doctor’s office for inspection.

As this is a private sale, consumption tax and other fees will not be charged, but you will be responsible for the recycling deposit. Please make your own arrangements for land transportation.

The vehicles listed here are privately owned, and are listed as FOR SALE after being interviewed at the request of the owner.

The content of the article is based on the owner’s comments and what I saw and heard during the interview time of about 3 hours, so it may not be 100% accurate description of the actual condition of the car. Please note that comments on the condition of the car are based on the conditions at the time of the interview and the subjective view of the person in charge of the interview, and may differ from the photos and articles after a period of time has passed.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the vehicle or if you would like to check the vehicle. If you have any questions about the vehicle, please contact us from the bottom of this page. Please note that this is a private transaction, so in order to prevent people from getting cold feet, we only allow people who are considering buying to check out the vehicle.

The content of this article is based on the owner’s comments. The content of the above article is based on the owner’s comments and has not been verified by this website regarding maintenance history, restoration history, etc.



52662 Mile
Indicated at the time of acquisition (unknown)