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PORSCHE 911E 2.2

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In stunning fully restored condition...! Enjoy the beauty of the factory and its original flavor to the fullest! Narrow Porsche 1970 911E 2.2L. It's a car that will change your life, a car that will change your eyes...!

In the decades since its birth, this car has gone through many eras until it came to be called a classic car… It has survived… As a survivor of the times… What was it like when it left the factory?

I’m sure every enthusiast has thought about this at least once.

The reason why we are so moved by the beautiful classic cars that appear before our eyes as if we have traveled back in time, defying the flow of time and the word “aging,” while retaining the important identity of “original,” is not only the necessary elements of time and effort that went into it, but also the generous investment. We are impressed not only by the time, effort, and investment, but also by the “great passion” that went into making it happen.

The one that I am fortunate enough to be writing about this time is a special one that has that very “moving” beauty.

It is a 1970 911E 2.2L narrow Porsche in “concours condition”, restored from the bolts and nuts up, with a beautiful burgundy red body color that reminds me of the car as it left the factory…!


1970model year PORSCHE 911E 2.2

Moving on from the 356 series, the Porsche 911 was introduced in 1964 and was a big hit upon its launch. Although the model had some imperfections when it was first introduced, Porsche steadily improved the design over the years to achieve its goal of producing the perfect luxury performance car. By the end of the 60’s, the 911 model had won many fans around the world, and the market was waiting for a new, improved, better, lighter, and faster model. In September 1969, Porsche launched the 1970 911.

In September 1969, Porsche introduced the new 2.2-liter 911 for the 1970 model year as the C-series. The three versions of this series were the 911T, 911E, and 911S. The entry-level 911T boasted 125 horsepower, the 911E with its luxurious interior and exterior boasted 155 horsepower, and the flagship 911S boasted an overwhelming 180 horsepower.

A major feature of the C-series was the improvement in handling performance. The mounting position of the front struts was moved slightly forward, resulting in lighter steering and less kickback, resulting in that light handling.

The engine cover of the 911E and 911S will be made of aluminum instead of steel.

The 1970 Porsche 911E, dubbed “Zuffenhausen’s secret weapon,” switched from Weber carburetors to Bosch mechanical fuel injection, which significantly altered the flat-six at low revs where the torque band was more pronounced. It was the fastest accelerating model in the series at the time.


Fully restored 1970 Porsche 911E 2.2. Please take a look at the detailed video...

This stunning numbers-matching 1970 Porsche 911E has been completely restored in recent years and is in concours condition. During this restoration, the body was finished in the original color of Burgundy Red and almost all the outer parts were refreshed with what appears to be genuine parts.

The interior has been completely refinished with Recaro leatherette seats, perforated headliner which is now a rare material, original carpets, and original factory door pockets. The original matching numbered engine and transmission have been fully rebuilt.

Detailed Video


Unfortunately, there are no records of this project, but from checking the underside of the car, it is apparent that the car was restored from its donkey-eaten state to its factory finish. The engine has been fully overhauled and is in good condition, including the mechanical oil pump. Of course, all the shocks, springs, and bushings have been replaced with new ones.

For more information, please check out the detailed video of the undercarriage.

Undercarriage video



You're going to write for Mr. Horikawa, so get on...!

The sound of the door opening and closing is enough to make me happy…!

The burgundy red color really shines beautifully in the evening…. The body is beautiful without a single scratch, except for a small stepping stone mark on the front window shield.

The narrow design, the front air inlets, the distinctive round indicator lenses, the headlight rings, the cloisonné Stuttgart emblem, the Durant mirrors, the engine hood mesh grille, and even the gold rear emblem of the 911E. All of these parts have been refreshed with what appears to be genuine parts.

What was also very impressive was that the outer door handles were replaced with new ones, but the inner hooks for the fingers were still used. This is where the weight of history really shines through.


I opened the door, which was perfectly in place in the chili, and stepped into the tight space…. After meditating and enjoying the “click” of the door closing, I turned my attention to the interior. There are genuine leatherette seats made by Recaro, just as they were when the car was new…! The hardness and comfort of the seat is just like the new car… or even better than the new car when you add in the atmosphere!

And here… the door inner panels, the intricately opening door pocket vanity cases, the inner handles… everything is new!

The most impressive part is that only the ash tray, side brake lever, and seat belt buckle are still the same. After all, there’s a bit of history in there… such a nice touch!


Twist the key with your left hand and finally start the engine!

The engine, managed by Bosch mechanical fuel injection, wakes up easily and moves instantly to a steady idle with “that” air-cooled flat-six sound at its back.

This warm-up time is great, until the oil warms up…! It’s truly a blissful time to put yourself in this tight but very comfortable blackie space and take a good look at the traditional Porsche five meters, including the large diameter tachometer right in front….

“Now… it’s time to start driving!

Although the stroke is long, I depressed the organ-type clutch pedal that follows the sole of my left foot, and shifted into the first gear on the far left…!

As soon as you start driving from the very user-friendly meet point, you will feel that everything is impressively “solid and light! That’s it!

What impressed me the most was the lightness of the steering! Of course, there is no power assist, but the weight balance and the changes made to the C series in ’69 made it so much more advanced! And you can remember those days!

The next thing that impressed me was the “wonderful brakes…” Of course, they are non-servo, but they are moist… more like those of a racing car, and the more you step on them, the more stopping power you get. …!

The evolution to the C-series in 1969, with its thorough weight reduction, superior handling, and braking performance, the classic narrow Porsche 911E is an eye-opening experience that made Porsche’s reputation known around the world, beating more powerful rivals in Europe and North America!

Of course, this is only possible with a fully restored car, and the fact that you can experience it as it was released from the factory is irreplaceable… you’ll be hooked…!

The 1970 911E is ready to enjoy on your favorite winding roads or take a trophy at the Concours…. This is the one that you can’t find, you have to wait to meet it….



Before I knew it…

I took more than 300 photos to publish 50…

Three videos…

My interview notes were a string of words that made no sense when I reread them later…

I told the owner, “I’m sure you’ll see it in your dreams,” and we parted ways after the interview.

I was completely captivated.

There are so many cars out there, but what do you want from a car that you can meet in life?

Something that can polish my sensibilities, express myself, and create the lifestyle I want….

A tool to enhance your value and enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime life with a positive attitude…

And isn’t it something that gives you a blissful feeling of pleasure to own it?

“Amazing fully restored condition…! The 1970 911E 2.2L narrow Porsche with its factory beauty and original flavor is an eye-opening car that will transform your life…”

I think that the classic narrow Porsche is the best place for adults who don’t want to be vain.




This very nice 1970 Porsche 911E 2.2 fully restored car is currently located in Gunma Prefecture.

As this is a private sale, there is no consumption tax or other fees, but we do ask that you pay the monthly car tax and recycling deposit. Please make your own arrangements for land transportation.


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10670 Mile
Indicated at the time of acquisition (unknown)


Full Restore


Left-Hand Drive


Chassis and engine number matching car