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MG MGB Roadster

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The origin of the most loved sports car by people all over the world... Even after 44 years, the basic and beautiful appearance of the 1977 urethane bumper is still graceful. The basic and beautiful appearance of the 1977 urethane bumper is very impressive.

Eighteen years after its birth in 1962, 520,000 MGBs were shipped around the world until the last model left the factory in Abingdon in 1980. In order to comply with the strict safety regulations in the U.S., which was the main market for the MGB, nearly 80% of the cars were exported, the car’s height was raised and urethane bumpers were added as a desperate measure. It was 1977….

The MGB was the most beloved sports car in the world until 1989, nine years after it was discontinued in 1980, when the Mazda Roadster, which copied the concept, took its place.

In addition to its basic beauty, simplicity, mechanical simplicity, and affordable price, what people all over the world wanted from this car was “the pure fun of driving with the wind in your face”…. And that “fun” has not faded at all even now, 44 years after the end of production, and it has been handed down from generation to generation as a “basic classic car entry model”… or, because of its basic nature, as a “car that lifts your life”…


Abingdon plant running at full capacity for 18 years The root of MGB's appeal is...

Looking back on those days, it is not difficult to understand why the MGB was such a huge success….

The MGB’s predecessor, the MGA, had already been a huge success, with over 100,000 units produced and about 80,000 of them sold in the U.S., but it was full of classic pre-war styling. The MGA was full of classic pre-war styling, no door handles, no side windows, and if it rained, you had to put up with getting soaked.

The MGB, launched in 1962, did away with the body-on-frame of the MGA and adopted a monocoque chassis to provide users with a spacious cabin and luggage space. In addition, the handling was greatly improved due to the greatly increased rigidity of this chassis, which greatly enhanced the inherent fun of driving.

It has roll-up side windows…!

No need to pull out the top bone like the MGA, just unlock it to open the top…!

Things that we take for granted today were revolutionary at the time.

This new generation wanted to be able to “open the top to enjoy the scenery on sunny days, and close the top to shut out the rain on rainy days…! It was the revolutionary evolution of the MGB that made it a sports car that anyone could easily enjoy open-air motoring to the fullest…!

These practical improvements won the hearts of customers all over the world, and the Abingdon factory then began full-scale production, producing 520,000 MGBs….


The owner and this '77 MGB...

I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner of a ’77 MGB, who leads an enviable lifestyle in the foothills of the Northern Alps, surrounded by nature, and in an environment that feels cool even during the day.

I often feel that everyone I interview for the Supremacy is a very strong person…! I’ve often felt that they are all very strong people, but this owner’s saga is also very distinguished… Starting with the Galant GTO in Japan, to a handmade 117 coupe, and even a Berrett GT…! Over the same period of time, he has been immersed in the charm of the flat-4, and has driven 15 Beetles in his lifetime alone…! After that, it goes without saying that he sublimated to the Flat 6, and then to the 911S, Carrera CS, and 911 Turbo in the 80’s. He knows the essence of the appeal of cars, both the sour and the sweet, and from his way of life, he is a very attractive owner full of human power…!

Such an owner used to drive a British light weight MG Midget about 35 years ago, and let it go in the flow of the times, but he has long been attracted to that “simple fun…” and has been looking for “a good condition MGB next…” for many years… He has been looking for a MGB in good condition for many years.

In recent years, by chance, the relationship came around, and you will have a MGB that was recently repainted in “Vermillion”, a color between red and orange, which I will introduce today….


Vintage 70's MGB livery...! Vermillion is also a vivid 77 MGB roadster Let's take a closer look...

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, this vehicle is a model from 1977, when MGB production reached a record high. The first year of registration was 1978, and the VIN number on the inspection certificate is 18GH-XXX-LJ, indicating that it was an officially imported vehicle by Japan Leyland at that time.

The first thing that caught my eye was the original urethane bumper. The 5-mile bumper, which had to be installed due to American safety standards, was so voluminous that when it was released, it was ridiculed as “Sabrina,” the nickname of Norma Ann Sykes, a very glamorous British actress in the 1950s. But now, 44 years later, its rarity has made it so original that I dare say it’s “graceful…! But now, 44 years later, it’s so rare that we dare to say that its original appearance is “graceful…! The Sabrina bumper was removed in the days when bumperless and chrome conversions were popular, and now I’m deeply impressed that it’s still here. I am deeply moved.

The next thing that caught my attention was the condition of the body, which had been repainted in vermillion. Although you can see the mustard yellow of the original color in the engine bay and trunk, the exterior is finished with no rust, scratches, or dents, giving the car a fresh aura that you wouldn’t expect from a 44-year-old car.

The front lower arms are set horizontally, which creates a crisp and original handling, and the original Sabrina model’s 1 inch taller style can be seen. It’s a car full of survivor feeling…!

The original top, which has not deteriorated very much, is still in great condition, and the transparent parts are still very clear.

It’s very rare…! I’m sure there are many people who have experienced that the tonneau cover that comes with the car is rarely used, and it deteriorates and shrinks, and you can’t reach the clasp.

Except for the steering wheel, which was replaced with a Motolita steering wheel from the UK, the interior is still in its original condition, and the original oatmeal-colored driver’s seat and navigator’s seat are still in amazingly good condition, thanks to the vinyl seat cover that was installed. The original oatmeal-colored driver’s seat and navigator’s seat are still in amazingly good condition, giving the viewer the feeling of a true survivor…!

Now… let’s start the engine! Please check out the video…! When the key is turned on, the sound of the electromagnetic pump echoes quietly and dynamically. Ignite the gas pedal in the partial position and the BMC-B type engine fires up! The BMC-B type engine responds well to the owner’s blipping and produces a light exhaust sound that resonates throughout the area. One of the features of this car is the side draft weber conversion and the stainless steel exhaust pipe, which gives this car a great pickup that the original SU3/4 cannot offer…!

We spent about 3 hours with the owner talking and laughing about the various aspects of the car, and we were able to confirm that there are no problems with the engine, exterior, or interior, and the car is ready to go once it is inspected. It is a precious individual that you can enjoy the time with a deep taste of “enjoying the open air motoring while enjoying the conversation with the car….



MGB… My abiding love for the best-selling British sports car…

In fact, I was one of them… When I was in the U.S., I had a great admiration for MGs that sometimes ran around town with open tops, and I finally bought a cheap midget through a private sale, even though I was still a student, and I restored it and drove it at night. It was the beginning of my life of riding light weight sports…. After returning to Japan, I bought without hesitation a car for everyday use, a 78 MGB with urethane bumpers, the same as this car… I think it was a natural progression to the straightforward and fun appeal of MG….

This MGB was also thoroughly driven from daily commute to Sunday drive, but many people

The appeal of the MGB is not for power, handling, or comfort, but for its simple “fun-to-drive appeal … and classic taste …”, which resonates with the sensibility of “enjoying the ultimate in inconvenience” when compared to modern cars, and “the little things don’t matter …! I don’t care about the little things…! I think it’s because they had such a nostalgic appeal that people thought, “I don’t care about the little things…!

Today, the fact that nearly 40,000 cars have survived in the United Kingdom alone, has realized the supply of abundant and inexpensive parts, from a single bolt to the entire body, including reproduction items exist in abundance, by knowing this area, you can easily touch the British classic car culture really deep. I think it is also a big attraction of MGB ….

The owner is very fond of this MGB, and is planning to get it inspected and drive it on a daily basis while enjoying his hobby of garage life.

However, if there is a good match with a new owner who likes this “precious survivor” and wants to take care of it ・・・・, he hopes to “pass it on to the next generation by all means…”.

A very positive way of organizing one’s life…

This is what I felt in the heart of the owner in my interview.

After 44 years, the “Survivor of the Ages” has survived in its precious original style, and is sure to shine brightly under its next owner’s care, who will use it as a means of daily transportation, transforming the owner’s lifestyle into something to savor…!

“The origin of the most loved sports car by people all over the world… Even after 44 years, the basic and beautiful appearance of the ’77 urethane bumper is still graceful and impressive…”

You may come to love cars even more…


This very nice 1977 MG MGB is currently located in Nagano Prefecture.

As this is a private sale, no consumption tax or other fees will be charged. Also, since the car is currently registered as temporarily cancelled, there is no monthly car tax to pay, and the owner will also pay the recycling deposit. The vehicle is currently in the process of being registered for temporary cancellation, so there is no monthly car tax to pay.

The vehicle is privately owned, and we have interviewed the owner at his request, and posted it as FOR SALE.

The content of the article is based on the owner’s comments and what the author saw and heard during the interview time of about 3 hours, so it may not be 100% accurate description of the actual condition of the car, and the content of the article is not all backed up by this site. Please note that comments on the condition of the car are based on the conditions at the time of the interview and the subjective view of the person in charge of the interview, and may differ from the photos and articles after a period of time has passed.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the vehicle or if you would like to check the vehicle. If you have any questions about the vehicle, please contact us from the bottom of this page. Please note that this is a private transaction, so in order to prevent people from getting cold feet, we only allow people who are considering buying to check out the vehicle.

The content of this article is based on the owner’s comments. The content of the above article is based on the owner’s comments and has not been verified by this website regarding maintenance history, restoration history, etc.



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