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1996 model

Rover MINI Mayfair

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It turns a basic lifestyle into an exciting one! You can turn a basic lifestyle into a...! If you are an enthusiast A must-have for every family! The most fun go-kart driving, primitive and The Mini is full of fun go-kart driving and primitive charm. A real up and coming car...?

In the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally, the Mini Cooper overtook the large displacement Porsche from behind on the special stage of the Cherni Pass, which was the most difficult part of the rally, and won the overall victory, which no one could have imagined at the time, and went on to win the rally for three (actually four) consecutive years. Against the backdrop of the oil crisis and the need to develop small cars, Sir Alec Issigonis left behind a revolutionary invention for the modern age. About 60 years have passed since the legend of the Mini. In this day and age, when the world is full of cars that have been turned into home appliances that run on a switch, the classic Mini can turn your favorite winding road into a Cherni Pass if you want it to…! Not only for enthusiasts, but also for people of all ages, men and women, it has become a unique icon that cannot be replaced by anything else.


A 1996 Rover Mini Mayfair... But still, fun...! It's really fun! Fun to drive is the word for this car...!

“I’ve been driving a lot of British lightweights, from Midgets to Super 7s to Lotus, and I’m finally trying to reduce my own weight (laughs). Rover Mini Mayfair in excellent condition. This was the last injection model before the airbags were installed and before the Honda parts were used from the following year onwards.

Basically, it’s a well maintained stock car, but it has been changed to the more classic three point headlights and clear colored indicator lenses, giving it a more classic Mini look….

The almond green exterior, which is still new and has only been repainted for a few years, and the tartan checkered interior really rock the British taste! The well-maintained classic Mini Mayfair with its dignified appearance was a real eye-opener. Even during the interview, I kept saying, “Oh no…! It’s really … delightful … exhilarating! The car was practically brand new.

This car is practically a one-owner car from new. It was her father’s favorite car, and her daughter inherited it and loved it for many years.

A few years ago, the car was painted from the bright metallic color “Night Fire Red” to the more subdued “Almond Green”, but some of the Night Fire Red was intentionally left in the interior, and the green base & red tartan check, red seat belts The interior of the car is intentionally left with some Nightfire Red, and the green base and red tartan check, and red seatbelts are really well coordinated.

The exterior of the car seems to be in good condition overall. The car is currently garage kept with a great collection of classic cars by a classic car collector owner.

The car has been taken to the doctor every 3 to 4 months for maintenance and has a clear history of maintenance. Even the slightest step of the right foot from the center single sports muffler will produce a small, relaxed, and mature sound that resonates in your heart.


In the middle of summer, with air conditioning on You can enjoy the classic taste... 1996 Rover Mini Mayfair

On the day of the interview, it was a hot and humid summer day with the temperature rising rapidly after the rainy season…. Of course, classic cars don’t have air conditioning, but this was a pleasant disappointment…! Coupled with the fact that it has a compact interior, the 1996 Rover Mini Mayfair was very comfortable even on a summer day…! It’s no wonder that the air conditioner installed in this generation of Mini is made by Unicla of Japan, and only well maintained cars have air conditioners that work well enough to keep the car cool.


The owner has changed the small diameter motorita to his liking, and you can enjoy the grip of the classic small diameter motorita. …! Here is a pedal that says, “Heel and toe! The pedals are positioned as if the car is telling you to heel and toe…! There are fascinating effects all over the place that will make enthusiasts roar…!

The genius Sir Alec Issigonis was astonished at the poor ride quality of the prototype Mini finished with conventional metal springs, and came up with the idea of rubber dampers and rubber cones in a flash of inspiration.

The car weighs about 720kg, has almost no front and rear overhangs, a low center of gravity, and rubber cones that absorb energy with material elasticity. Although it bounces a little at the gap, it hardly rolls from there… The ultimate direct and quick handling made the racing drivers of those days roar, and it was chosen as the rally car of Monte Carlo as a Porsche killer….

From the 1997 model year, airbags were finally adopted in the classic Mini, and the trend toward safety became stronger, but the 1996 model from the year before was the last model that could be called “the last model that still retains the vitality of the Mini.

The tires on the four corners of the car are offset as if to tell the driver to adjust to the car, and the small-diameter motorita steering wheel that makes the driver hold the car like a truck, including the “kickback” that can no longer be experienced in modern cars, can truly be felt. And then…!

That’s why it’s not only fun to drive around town…! You can ride it downhill on your favorite winding roads, within the speed range legally allowed in Japan… without feeling guilty at all… and enjoy 200% of its performance…! This is the real appeal of the Mini…!

That’s the greatest appeal of the primitive Mini…!

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The garage is filled with classic cars from the 1950’s, including a Mini Mk-I Cooper S. It’s like a car lover’s paradise, and the owner, who loves classic cars, takes great pleasure in collecting and appreciating them. The owner of this car is a 1996 Mini Mayfair.

The owner likes everything to be in beautiful condition, and the only thing that has been bothering him about this Mini is the cracked wood panel.

He loves this Mini with its almond green exterior and three-point headlights, classic exterior and tartan check interior. Of course. Of course, the pending wood panels will be replaced with new ones at ・・・・.

It’s a great way to turn a basic lifestyle into a more exciting one! You can change your basic lifestyle into a more exciting one…! A must-have for every enthusiast! The most fun go-kart driving, primitive and full of charm, Mini could be… a real up and coming car…!

This was my post-interview report, and I felt that this well maintained car, including the owner’s “desire for the next inheritor,” will surely provide the “new owner” reading this with a wonderful “life with a Mini”.


This very nice 1996 Rover MINI Mayfair is currently located in Gunma Prefecture.

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