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1994 model

Mercedes-Benz W140 S500


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Wonderful ultimate neo-classic... I feel the overwhelming presence of the '94 W140 S500...!

The W140 series is known as one of the most unique and distinctive S-class models of all time. The W140 Mercedes-Benz S500, introduced here today, was born in 1991 as the third generation of the S-Class, the flagship of Mercedes, the highest level of the premium saloon….

In the Japanese market, where the myth of high-value-added luxury cars was deeply ingrained in society due to the bubble economy, big-sized Mercedes-Benz cars that incorporated plenty of cutting-edge technology were extremely popular, and while the W220, the successor to the W140, spoke of the struggle between quality and cost, the famous Mercedes-Benz saying Das Beste The W220, the successor to the W220, is said to be the last car produced based on the philosophy of “making cars without any compromise,” symbolized by the famous Mercedes-Benz slogan “Das Beste oder nichts,” (The best or nothing).

At the time, Mercedes’ presentation was very unique and forward-thinking, and in line with the global increase in average height, the new S-Class to be used in the millennium will have a much larger interior and body dimensions, with a 15cm increase in overall length, 5cm in overall height, and 7cm in overall width compared to the previous generation. The W140 series will be the largest saloon in this category, weighing more than 2 tons….

The size of the W140, which is not too large when viewed today in the context of today’s larger sedans, was an overwhelming size that surprised everyone when it was launched in 1991…!

The new S-Class… The W140 project started in 1982 and was scheduled to be announced in the late 1980s.

However, the V12 engine in the BMW E23 7 Series, which was launched in 1986, was the reason why the project was delayed until 1991. “The decision was made in a hurry by the top management: “We can’t have BMW with a 12-cylinder engine and Mercedes with an 8-cylinder engine. The decision to install a V12 engine was made in a hurry by the top management, and the car was added to the lineup as the 600SEL (S600 from 1993)….

When people saw this big W140, they were amazed. People who see this big W140 are surprised to see the first flush surfaced body line of Mercedes…! The basic design of the W140 was an interpretation of the aesthetics of the original W116, but it was a work of art with high quality details never seen before in a car, such as flush fitting windows and a body without bumps. It was a work of art…!

The W140’s weight of more than 2 tons was the result of a drastic increase in body rigidity in pursuit of supreme comfort and safety, and everyone was astonished by the car’s interior, which was quieter during driving than ever before…. One of the major contributors to this comfort is the double-layered door glass, which consists of two pieces of 3mm thick glass with air in between to block external noise.

With the overwhelming quietness that people potentially sought in the S-Class, the overwhelmingly high level of comfort created by the expansion of the body size, and the suspension that employs a ride height adjustment system and dampers, the W140 series has become a large saloon that offers superb ride comfort and luxurious space. In the first year after its launch, the W140 series became an unprecedented success, ranking first in its class in Europe in terms of sales volume….

Unfortunately, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in October 1990, the W140 series was affected by the economic turmoil after the reunification of East and West Germany and had a short life of only 7 years until 1998. Today, the W140 is a rare car, and I feel the philosophy of “making cars without any compromise” symbolized by the slogan “Das Beste oder nichts,” (the best or nothing). It is a model that you can feel the overwhelming presence of Mercedes-Benz….


If something goes wrong, we fix it...! Lovingly kept by the current owner... 1994 w140 s500...

First registered in Japan in 1994 (1994), officially imported right-hand drive medium model, the format is W140-050, chassis number WDB140050-2A199930, engine type M119 type V8, the original midnight blue paint remains in excellent condition, actual mileage 38256km, completely The owner is a classic car enthusiast.

The owner is a collector of classic cars….

The owner is a collector of classic cars. Due to the sheer number of cars (!) However, all of them are kept in good condition as you can see in the photos and videos.

“As you can see in the photos and videos, he keeps his collection in very good condition. He told us that he looks at his collection with a lot of love, and if necessary, he can ask his doctor to get the past repair history….

Please take a look at the current condition of this W140/S500 with 50 photos and detailed video…!


The very friendly owner, who keeps his W140 S500 in a fully enclosed garage, said, “It has the S600 and V12 emblems, but this is a popular emblem tune at that time…! This is the emblem tune that was popular at that time…” He said with a smile. Looking at the condition of the engine and the color and shine of the paint, we felt that it was not an ordinary effort by the owner.



Unfortunately, in Japan, where the “new car policy is absolute, the average ownership is 7 years, and the government policy makes it difficult to maintain old cars,” the number of vehicles in service is drastically decreasing even if they are in good condition. However, in Europe, especially in Germany, a true automotive powerhouse, 60% of the vehicles are still in service 30 years after production, including the W140.

The W140 S500 that I had the pleasure of interviewing this time was surprisingly modern as well as in good condition.

The people who saw them 30 years ago would have been astonished, no doubt. The W140 series had a larger body and higher rigidity to accommodate the new features.

In this sense, the title of this article is…

“Wonderful ultimate neo-classic… I feel the overwhelming presence of ’94 W140 S500…!

I’ve changed the title to….

The majestic styling of the W140 is handled in a modern and cool way in today’s society….

This is the value of this car’s existence.

That is the value of this car….

Please come to Gunma to see the best of the best.

▲This very nice “1994 Mercedes-Benz W140 S500” is currently located in Gunma Prefecture.

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