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1997 model

Porsche 993 Carrera S Exclusive

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Only the Japanese are privileged to be able to enjoy the superb wide body that extends 70mm over the normal body...? The final air-cooled 1997 993 Carrera S with the M64 unit that has matured after 30 years of air-cooling history is the ultimate engine car that resonates with the human senses and is perfect for a "top of the line" car!

The dry sound characteristic of a boxer engine changes dramatically to a sensual straight sound after 4000 rpm… If you have the courage to lock your right foot, you will feel as if you are about to ascend to heaven at once… In contrast to the sharp needle movement of the tachometer, which climbs up in an instant, the slow refrain like a runner’s lamp, an image that burns into your brain…! That unique Porsche engine pulse” is similar to the one I felt when I was in my mother’s body a long time ago…. The “taste that transcends mechanics” expressed in such a “mystical” way has addicted Porsche freaks all over the world to a wonderful degree, and now that the world is finally going to be all about EVs, the last 993 model with the M64 air-cooled engine has been made available for the first time in the world. I think this is the reason why the car was described as “the most beautiful air-cooled Porsche” and brought it to a high pitch….


About half a century until just before the millennium…. The sensuality of the Porsche 993 equipped with the final M64 unit, which is the only Porsche in the world to continue to focus on, and which has been refined to the point of super maturity by the secrets of German craftsmanship, and which resonates with “human sensibility” far beyond the realm of precision machinery, is a product of the human senses. The more you know about this car, the more you realize that you can only experience the joy of driving freely through the land…! The ride quality that resonates in people’s hearts is the greatest attraction of the air-cooled Porsche, and there will never be another car like it in the world again…! It exists with an aura of grandeur.


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The Carrera S, released only in Japan, has a 70mm wider body compared to the normal one, transforming the already glamorous 993 into a super lush body...! This is definitely a beauty...!

The Carrera S is a 70mm wide-body version of the already attractive and glamorous 993. Since this model was released only for the Japanese market at that time, it has been regarded as “the model that the world is drooling over”… A quarter of a century has passed, and the 993 has been sublimated as a fascinating neo-classic… Today, it is the subject of hot attention from all over the world.


The animal-like form, which has been extended to the point where it could be mistaken for the turbo look of the past, is the final form of the evolution of the air-cooled rear engine….


The form is the result of the evolved multi-link suspension that allows anyone behind the steering wheel to deeply enjoy the rear-heavy, rear-engine RR Porsche’s dynamic characteristics and “that behavior” that only a few skilled Porsche enthusiasts were able to fully demonstrate. In addition, in order to match the sound of air-cooled Porsche to the modern environment, a large silencer system has been installed under the “ample” rear fenders.


When you touch the body of this car with your hand during car wash, you can understand very well that the surface of the body feels flat without any bumps…. In addition, the polyepisode headlights, which are only on the 993 model, are used, and the design of the low and flat fenders is very air flow friendly……. This German-made industrial product is a masterpiece of artistic beauty, not to mention the excellence of its craftsmanship…!


This last air-cooled model was released 29 years ago… Over the six years from 1993 to 1998, approximately 27,900 units of the 993 Carrera Coupe, 17,900 units of the Carrera Cabriolet, and 4,600 units of the Targa were produced for a total of about 50,000 units…. Ironically, today, when all European car brands have announced that they will stop producing engine-powered cars in recent years and shift to next-generation models, Porsche has put its prestige on this industrial product of the era, full of craftsmanship, and has been able to deliver it to the world. The “last of the best of the air-cooled era,” it has evolved into a neo-classic that is treasured today…!


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Bringing out the best in the all-around player Porsche... The "Tiptronic S Porsche" option to satisfy the ensuing mindset...

I have always felt that there is no other car as attractive as Porsche as a versatile sports car….


Just by sitting in the tight cockpit with its distinctive metallic “clink” sound, you can feel the history and world view that has continued from the 356. It will make you “feel like it” before you know it, and will take you over the bumps of convenience stores, freely drive on highways and winding roads, and even on circuits if you so desire…! It is a true all-around player that allows us to do things that the Italian cattle and the rosso horses can never do.


Driving this Porsche with the Tiptronic S….


The Porsche Tiptronic, created by Bosch and ZF, is not just an automatic transmission, but also a transmission that is highly regarded for its durability, and it uses sensors to detect G-forces applied vertically and horizontally to shift gears, and intelligent shift control to adjust accelerator opening, acceleration, and deceleration. It is a system that matches Porsche’s sporting performance, which is controlled by a program….


It is a crystallization of the advanced technology of the time that enabled both casual enjoyment and high performance….


This is the reason why Tiptro is said to be faster on the circuit, unless you are very skilled. I think…


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Fully air-conditioned garage for your Porsche... Porsche enthusiast owner and exclusive specs, wide-body final 993 Carrera S...!

The owner, who loves the quality and solidity of German-made industrial products, is a German car enthusiast from the very beginning, and has enjoyed collecting a wide range of cars from each series of successive BMWs to classic and neo-classic Porsches. Especially, when he owned a 356, the representative of classic Porsche, he completed a house with a fully air-conditioned garage, and he is enjoying Porsche life with a very nice living environment….


He has a deep attachment to the last air-cooled 993 model and has been driving it for a long time… He switched from a normal looking 993 to this Carrera S a few years ago, which has a more dynamic wide body that he had been looking for for a long time, and he is deeply enjoying the last air-cooled model….


A wonderfully cool individual that I got carried away filming...! Please take the time to watch the video as well...!

I could look at it for hours…it has a really cool exterior composed of curved surfaces that change expression every time you look at it from different angles…!


Any enthusiast will surely be struck by its appearance…!


The final 993 Carrera S, with its beautiful black exterior and exclusive red leather interior with carbon trim, is a truly contrasting and contemporary car, and is fitted with a large turbo wing that perfectly matches its lifelike wide body…! The turbo wing further accentuates the voluminous rear view from the top, and you will be struck by the aura of the overwhelming impression of driving at the same time…!


And more…!


The owner set Bilstein shocks and Eibach springs to balance the ride height with exquisite and mature taste…!


Rear 285/30R19(!) The ultra-thick Pirelli P-ZERO tires and 19-inch mesh wheels are set to fill the wheel houses to the brim, almost to the point of stroke…! It is full of charms that will pierce the hearts of men!


And what’s more, the sound of air-cooling is fascinating…!


The “exhaust with variable valves,” which can be said to be a feature of this unit, further enhances its attractiveness…!


As you can see in the video, the sound can be changed from normal to edgy large sound by operating the switch on the console, and the starting sound in large mode is exceptional…! It also produces a high pitched, numbing Porsche sound from around 3,000 RPMs…! The owner usually drives in this mode, and when we filmed the video as a passenger seat passenger, the interior was filled with a cool sound with no unwanted frequencies, and you could feel the goodness of the exhaust at high rpm…!


The owner has already had polymer treatment done to the body, the stone guard has been replaced, the rubber molding around the sunroof and the rubber seals on the door knobs have been done by his doctor who has been with him for over 30 years, and he usually uses an air-cooled The engine is kept in excellent condition with only frequent engine oil changes, which can be said to be essential for the engine.


The owner of this car is a Porsche enthusiast, and his care for his car is wonderful……..


Even though he is extremely busy with his work, he can reset himself when he drives his Porsche…. He enjoys “the lifestyle with a nice Porsche” such as driving on highways with a little time as a special space…….


However, due to the fact that he had to be transferred to another company for a responsible job, he could hardly drive the car for a long time, so he made a decision to let go of it. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


As you can see in the photos, the car is in very good condition with only a few front skipping stone marks, which no one can avoid….


As you can see in the photos, there are only a few stone chips on the front, which no one can avoid, and the car is in very good condition.


1997 Final Porsche 993 Carrera S, Post-Coverage...

The last air-cooled 1997 Porsche 993 Carrera S… Exquisite body style and fascinating M64 engine….


It was really a fascinating and wonderful car….


I had a chance to take a good look at the car, and I could not help but marvel at the fender molding, the thickness of the panels, and the feel of the aforementioned flat glass and body surfaces, which are incomparable to modern cars, and the high manufacturing precision.


I twisted the key and idled… The dry but gentle 993 air-cooled sound is clearly different from the air-cooled sounds of the past that I have heard in the past, and is a gentle image that matches the modern age. I am very happy with the result.


Porsche is still attractive to enthusiasts. I have been thinking of getting a narrower car someday for more than ten years, but I found myself very much attracted to the best model of the endangered engine car as we enter the era of the all-around EV.


Only the Japanese are privileged to be able to enjoy the super wide body that sticks out 70mm compared to the normal body…? The final air-cooled 1997 993 Carrera S, equipped with the M64 unit that has matured after 30 years of air-cooling history, is the ultimate engine car that resonates with the human senses and is the perfect “up car”!


A lifestyle with the best air-cooled Porsche is sure to make a big positive difference in the lives of those who own one…. It was an interview that was titled as above, as the appearance of an individual that you cannot find even if you are looking for it…you have to wait for the encounter.


Please come to Gunma Prefecture to see the supreme air-cooled Porsche.

This very rare and wonderful "1997 Porsche 993 Carrera S Exclusive" is It is currently located in Gunma Prefecture.

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