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Landrover Defender 110 TD5

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The Royal Warrant is backed up by a clear nostalgia reserved only for defenders...! More than 70 years of passion for adventurers around the world The unchanging charm...lovingly cared for and cared for for a lifetime of riding.... The 23-year-old Land Rover Defender is a neo-classic that has been lovingly cared for a lifetime. The 23-year-old Land Rover Defender is a neo-classic that is the perfect partner for enjoying an urban outdoor lifestyle. The 23 year old Land Rover Defender is now a neo-classic, the perfect partner to enjoy the urban outdoor lifestyle...!

The basic design has remained unchanged since its birth in 1948, and the model introduced here, named “Defender” in 1984 when it was redesigned, has already been on the market for 23 years and is already a neo-classic…. The most attractive part of the Defender is the “joy of driving”, which has been lost without being noticed by “modern cars” that have been conquered by the latest electronic controls and comfort…. The “joy of driving” and the “fear of getting stuck” are two sides of the same coin… (Note: “joy” for enthusiasts). It is a car that clearly retains the fundamental appeal that touches the human senses….

From the very first Land Rover, the Series 1, introduced in 1948, the Defender has been used not only as a tough military vehicle, but also as a vehicle to accompany adventurers on expeditions around the world, from the coldest glaciers to the hottest deserts… and even the entire Amazon River, where it has been used to drive through the roughest forest roads and then into the most urban and dignified places. The depth of feeling that only the Defender is allowed to have, which allows it to drive into places of high urban elegance, is the reason why it seems to be the one and only car whose history confirms the elegance that exudes from its essence….

The exterior of the body is made of aluminum alloy because aluminum, which was used in aircraft manufacturing, was more readily available in the United Kingdom after World War II than steel.

The reason why the spot welding and riveting used in aircraft manufacturing were also used to join the aluminum alloy panels is that the Solihull plant, Land Rover’s home in the UK, was originally an aircraft manufacturing plant, and the Defender body produced at this plant using a manufacturing process almost unchanged from the Series 1 is the same as that used for the Series 2. Most parts, including the characteristic riveting, are handmade by skilled craftsmen, and the basic structure of the body of aluminum alloy panels on a strong ladder frame continues to be produced in a manufacturing method that directly touches the human senses.

The quality of the product, backed by the long history and the Royal Warrant of Great Britain, was now exuding a stately character, overflowing with universal appeal, as if to say, “Truly good things never change.

After 67 years of continuous production, the Land Rover series and the Defender were finally discontinued on January 29, 2016, after 2,016,933 units, due to difficulties in meeting the latest crash safety standards and emission regulations….

Its character is rugged, yet truly solid and sturdy….

With an approach angle of 48.7 degrees, a ramp breakover angle of 28.5 degrees, a departure angle of 30.3 degrees, a minimum ground clearance of 250 mm, and the physical ability to cross a river 500 mm deep, it is a vehicle that, while it is no match for the latest SUVs, is more important than any of these in that it is a vehicle that people can feel with sensitivity and instinct. It has more than enough physical ability to deeply experience the “joy of running across the land”, and with its dignity, it can be said to be a very precious original SUV model that gives great satisfaction to those who drive and own it….


The owner has been searching for a Defender of a lifetime... After an investment of more than three digits, including preventive maintenance, at a well-known specialty store, the 1999 110 (one-ten) Td5 was recently The 1999 110 Td5 is the best choice for a long time to come. The best choice for a long time to come...!

Epson Green Metallic stands tastefully on a quiet forest road at a high altitude.

The first year registration on the vehicle inspection certificate is January 2015…….Based on the mileage meter and the 3-year record of the first year new registration, this vehicle was imported from the UK by a specialty store in Japan…. The owner of this car is a special person who works with nature.

The owner is a rare person who has a special job dealing with nature. He is an enthusiast who embodies a very attractive “lifestyle with 4WD”, including his work and the locality.

Having been familiar with British cars since he was a young man, he considered a Defender of this age as the ultimate 4WD. He spent several years searching for a car that he would drive for the rest of his life, and after he got it, he took it to a famous Defender specialist in the Chubu region of Japan, and invested more than three digits in it, including preventive maintenance. The car has been finished with a lot of love and care, and has invested more than three digits including preventive maintenance parts.

The clear engine hood and the press lines on the side of the body…

White steel wheels with a rusty taste.

The exterior of this Defender looks so cool and shabby chic. The owner’s “air of care” that overflows with a sense of “I love it…” is the part that he values the most, and I felt the richness of the honeymoon with this neo-classic Defender…. I felt that the owner’s love for the neo-classic Defender is the most important part of his business.

Some of the details of the preventive maintenance that has been carried out in recent years are as follows

Review of fuel system
Fuel tank removal and replacement with a new rear crossmember and painting in the same color.

Fuel pump – fuel filler hose, breather hose, related hoses and gaskets replaced

Fuel filter bracket replaced

Knoxdoll installation

Review of cooler
Replace condenser with a genuine one

Exterior modification
Front door hinges replaced and painted

Replaced door lock knobs, bases, and escutcheons

Replaced waterproof vinyl

Wiper arms replaced

Rear ladder removal (ladder is in storage)

Review of electrical system
ECU replacement (replaced with a used original ECU in good condition)

Removal of immobilizer (as it was thought to be a cause of malfunction)

The Defender 110 is now in such good condition that you can fully enjoy its unique flavor without any worries for the time being….

The Td5 diesel turbo engine, with its toughness and deep sense of security that seems to take you to the far reaches of the earth, is a BMW built engine developed by Land Rover and owned by BMW since 1999. It is a BMW built engine…. We are happy to report that the engine model of this car was “10P” until 2001, before it was changed to 15P in 2002 to comply with European emission regulations, and it delivers 122 HP/30.6 kg/m. The power and torque that came out of the car were a real treat to experience.

The owner says that the sensation of operating this dynamic 4WD with the skillful use of manual shift is “truly enjoyable…”.

The owner said, “It is the root of fun to pursue inconvenience, and the Defender’s great charm is that it accepts it willingly and accepts it all. In fact, I was able to experience dynamic driving on a forest road from the passenger seat during the photo shoot, and the view from the high eye-point window was something that only the Defender can provide, and I felt that the airy feeling was truly luxurious.

After the interview, I drove the Defender on the same forest road course in my research vehicle (Hiace), and I could clearly feel the great running performance of the Defender. This was an interview that deserves a special mention….


After the interview...

When I am interviewing and writing about rare cars on a daily basis, I often wonder about them.

Owners who have decided to let go of their cars for various reasons, but who, when we interview them, have a twinkle in their eyes as if they were our own children, and have absolutely no mood of letting go of their cars….

They have been looking forward to meeting their ideal Defender for many years…. He was in agony and patience while he was looking for the ideal Defender… He had spent a lot of money on the Defender, and now he had to let it go.

In fact, during the interview, I felt his feelings and frankly asked him, “Wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t let him go? I was so moved that I asked him, “Wouldn’t it be better not to let go of it?

Why would you let go of a Defender 110 that has been finished so beautifully and is just about to be ready? The owner said, “Now is the best time…I think it is the best time for the next owner to enjoy the original riding experience…”….

I think I understand.

The owner enjoys restoring his precious car to its original state with full of love… He dreams of the finished car and enjoys the process itself…. It is truly the human behavior of a person who takes care of the repair of a valuable car that will remain in the history of the world.

I am sure there are many enthusiasts who can imagine this….

I felt that the greatest merit of private sales is to directly convey the history of the hard work to the new owner who will cherish it and introduce the precious car to the next owner.

The Royal Warrant is backed up by a clear and unmistakable sense of nostalgia that only the Defender is allowed to have…! The 23-year-old Land Rover Defender, lovingly cared for a lifetime and with all the little things that matter, is now a neo-classic, the perfect partner for enjoying the urban outdoor life…!

It’s a neo-classic that’s not just any neo-classic…. What is even more exciting is that it is a “NOx/PM compliant vehicle” that complies with regulations and has a 3 license plate number. It is a rare find that can be registered in Tokyo and other areas that are subject to the regulations. Once you have this Defender 110, you will never want to part with it.

Please come to the scenic Nagano Prefecture for a fascinating experience of driving on forest roads….

This very nice Land Rover Defender 110 TD5 is currently located in Nagano Prefecture, closer to Gunma Prefecture.

No consumption tax or other fees will be charged as this is a private sale.

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