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alfaromeo spider veloce (Car in the process of restoration)

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A classic beauty with a modern twist, a rare Series 3 Spider, a joy to restore in the garage...! The 90 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce, with a fully painted body, overhauled engine and transmission, and approximately 70% restoration in progress, is nearing completion and is in urgent need of a new restorer...!

The Alfa Romeo Series 3 Spyder is a precious car that brings a bygone era comfortably back to the present day….

For more than 30 years since 1966, the Alfa Romeo Spyder series has provided the quintessential Italian roadster…. The early models had a distinctive boat-tail style, and the young Dustin Hoffman drove it hard in the movie “The Graduate,” in which he starred, making it a famous car that has been immortalized in automotive history……..

The Spyder series, the most beautiful of Pininfarina’s designs and clearly of Latin zeal, has been a timeless expression of unique beauty … moderately relaxed sportiness … and elegance, series after series.

The legendary styling and packaging by the Italian Carrozzeria Pininfarina has remained virtually unchanged since the Series 1 in the 1960s, and has been modernized with facelifts in each series. The designers of Pininfarina have cleverly and effectively redesigned this classic model, and the Series 3 in particular retains the Coda Tronca design technique, with its steep rear end….

This matured Series 3, especially in the North American specifications, has evolved to be more easily handled with the fuel injection style……It is clearly different from the Series 4, which was digitized in 1991 and became the final model, in the flow of the times, and its charm is clearly different, with the warmth of the 1960s in the modernized design. It can be said to be a neo-classic with great charm….

The Series 3 DOHC 4-cylinder engine, managed by Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection, is a little more powerful at 115 hp in stock form, but it is still an engine that has a Latin pedigree running through its veins. The high rpm range from 3000 rpm to the red line at 5800 rpm is really interesting and soul-stirring…! Enjoying the open-top Spyder while listening to this rich engine sound……in other words, “a Spyder for enjoying the engine sound…! This is the real pleasure that can only be experienced with this car….


About 70% of the restoration work has been done. The engine and transmission have been overhauled, and the 30-year-old body has been painted and the underside rust-prevented. The car has been painted and the underbody has been rusted out....

The garage is lined with a variety of famous European classic cars. All of them have been restored by the owner over a long period of time as a hobby. When he returned to Japan after his retirement, he imported all of his memorable collection and has been enjoying the maintenance work in his garage. This was a request from a person who enjoyed the maintenance work in his garage….

This 1990 Series 3 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce is a North American spec car that came to Japan from an authorized import route, and was owned by a friend of the owner, and was taken over by the current owner for restoration. The restoration work started in 2016, and the overhaul of the engine, transmission, etc. has been completed, the suspension, shock absorbers, etc. have been newly replaced, the brake system has been overhauled, and the chassis and body have been completely repaired. The chassis and body have also been professionally painted, and the chassis has been treated to prevent corrosion.

Facing the Italian manual, he purchased all the necessary parts directly from Germany and the U.S., where the prices are more reasonable than in Italy. He even made his own jig to tilt the car body to work efficiently on the lower part of the car body. He has a great passion for mechanics and has spent many wonderful hours enjoying his creativity and ingenuity.

However… Changes in life stages come to everyone….

The engineering work I had been looking forward to doing required a great deal of physical strength, and I gave up the idea of continuing to work any longer…. We would like someone who has the strength and energy to take over the project…………………………………

The current point is that this car is a North American spec injection model, and the restoration work has stopped due to the wiring of the electrical system to the injection…. He said that if he could find an English manual or a similar one, it would solve the problem…. We have plenty of parts to deliver, and as mentioned above, the parts are abundantly supplied in Germany and the U.S., so we can rest assured, but we do not know which specific parts are missing in the future assembly process. The new owner is looking forward to ordering the necessary parts one by one from overseas while looking at the parts list at night….

For a detailed description of the current condition of the car, please refer to the attached photos at the end of this document and the introduction video with explanations. We hope that the new owner will take over the ownership of the car and enjoy the stylish Alfa sound on public roads….


After the interview...

The moment this car went on sale is unforgettable for me…. It is no exaggeration to say that the NSX was the talk of the town at the height of the bubble economy, and I still clearly remember how excited I was at the sight of the low-slung figure driving on public roads.

It was NSX that was released overseas as Acura brand and became a big hit especially in the U.S. However, it is a part that I feel proud as a person who knows from those days that the right-hand-drive Honda brand is attracting hot attention from all over the world as a very attractive JDM because the 25-year rule was lifted….

The best part of this unit is… I want to upgrade it to this level so attractively…! The good thing about this piece is that it is so valuable that people hesitate to upgrade it even though they have the desire to do so.

The original parts have been carefully preserved and can be returned anytime you want….

It is an attractive and good conditioned machine.

The early NSX3.0 (NA1), a real sports car that perfectly fused man and machine and that surprised the world and resonated with the senses of people born in Japan, has descended into this world wearing a new veil of nostalgia that is loved by everyone after 30 years have passed since its release.

Isn’t this the best car for you to enjoy your life, a car that can put into practice the passion of your youthful days?

Please come to Gunma Prefecture for a supreme visit.The engine and transmission have been overhauled, the 30 year old body has been professionally sheet metal painted, the underbody has been rust proofed, and the brakes have been overhauled and the dampers have been replaced. We were told that the amount of money invested in this car was immeasurable.


I have known the owners for a long time, and their personalities are wonderful, and I learn a lot from their stories of how they have dynamically developed their overseas locations. I am always grateful for the opportunity to hear about their experiences.


This time, too, he decided to sell a car that he had enjoyed finishing in his garage so much that he felt the key word “lavishly…” was perfect in terms of price.


The joy of revitalizing a rare Series 3 Spyder in a garage, where the beauty of a classic can be enjoyed in a modern way…! The restoration of the 90 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce, which is about 70% complete with a fully painted body, overhauled engine and transmission, is nearing completion and we are urgently looking for someone to take over the restoration…!


If you are interested in taking over the restoration, please come to the foot of Mt. Tsukuba in Ibaraki to hear the restoration experience of the owner.

This 1990 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce" in the process of restoration is currently located in Ibaraki Prefecture.

No consumption tax or other fees will be charged as this is a private sale.

Please make arrangements to pick up this vehicle by the purchaser when you purchase it.

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