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The early NSX 3.0 NA1, the perfect fusion of man and machine, a true sports car that resonated with the senses and surprised the world, was born in Japan. 30 years after its release, it has descended into the world under a new veil of nostalgia that is loved by all.

1991 early model NSX NA-1…

Wearing a new veil of nostalgia, the car was standing quietly in front of me with its aura of being built to the highest level at the time, and with its beautiful red body that never fades, receiving the full force of the dazzling summer sunlight.

Even today, 31 years after its release, it still has an amazing air about it, and while I took the trouble to prepare a temporary license plate number for the interview, and had the opportunity to drive it on public roads for the four hours of the interview, it clearly showed a real head turner that made the cars around it and the people on the road look back at it. What a surprise!

The steering wheel of the early NA1 is more comfortable than the late model, and the heavy and moist feel of the steering wheel is really formulaic and wonderful, and the sharper and sharper front end gives a very good impression to the whole car…. It is fun enough to drive lightly, but when the gas pedal is turned on without hesitation aiming at the moment when there is an opening in front, the characteristic changes in an instant……. In no time at all, it was a car full of charm that lured me to a speed range where my eyes could not follow…!

The owner, who readily said, “It’s a lot of fun, so take your time…! The owner of the car is a well-known collector of classic cars in the neighborhood, and he has a shuttered garage with a wide collection of European and North American cars, which he admires as if it were a painting.

The owner of this NA-1 was given to him by an NSX enthusiast who had all the original parts but had evolved the charm of the NSX to a wildly new level, and he added it to his collection. All the original parts are kept in the garage so that it can be returned to its original condition anytime. The external exhaust system, which is very appealing, has a good boost from the bottom to the mid range, and has an appealing adult sound that elevates this car to a high performance car. The original steering wheel has been carefully preserved, and the OMP racing D-type steering wheel reflects the F-16 Fighting Falcon’s image in the cockpit in a truly attractive way.

The original steering wheel is a very attractive reflection of the F-16 Fighting Falcon’s cockpit, which has been kept in a very safe place but is still very valuable. The good arrangement that I felt like that caught my attention, and the driving was really aggressive and attractive….


The crystallization of an engineer's dream of the future... Honda's early NSX NA-1 was a car that echoed Japan's technological prowess to the world and captured the hearts of many enthusiasts....

It was more than 30 years ago…. The NSX was announced at the height of the bubble economy, and at the moment of its release, there was a three-year waiting list for delivery of the car.

Around 1984, Honda engineers began experimenting with various engine and chassis layouts to test the feasibility of future products…. The engineers built a prototype of a car with the engine mounted in the middle of a modified city chassis and tested laps in their parking lot to confirm its dynamic driving characteristics.

The company then commissioned Pininfarina to design the first concept car, the HP-X (Honda Pininfarina eXperimental), which was later changed to the acronym New Sportscar eXperimental and developed into a prototype called the NS-X…. …

Honda’s initial target for the performance of its new sports car was the Ferrari 328 and later the 348, but as the design neared completion, it became clear that the car had to be as good as or better than those Ferraris. The decision was made to install a more powerful 3.0L VTEC V6 engine, which was slightly oversized for the size of the car, and it was mounted in the lowered chassis, which was tilted back about 5 degrees…. This method of mounting the engine was used continuously until the final production of the NSX….

The exterior design was specifically determined by chief designer Shigeru Uehara, who studied the 360-degree view in the cockpit of an F-16 fighter jet, and the view from the driver’s seat, which is similarly reminiscent of a fighter jet cockpit, is unique to the NSX. Wonderful…! The view from the driver’s seat, which is reminiscent of the cockpit of a fighter jet, is unique to the NSX….

The NSX is the first production car to use an all-aluminum semi-monocoque incorporating a revolutionary extruded aluminum alloy frame and suspension components. The use of aluminum reduced the weight of the car by approximately 200 kg compared to the use of steel for the body alone, and the use of aluminum suspension arms further reduced the unsprung weight by 20 kg.

At the time, Honda had a large development resource due to its strong motorsports division, including F1, and the development of the NSX made extensive use of this resource… F1 world champion Ayrton Senna was also responsible for the development of the NSX’s extremely rigid chassis…. …. With Senna’s precise advice, the NSX was brought to the Nürburgring, where the chassis was meticulously polished over several months. The engineer would immediately weld aluminum braces to the necessary areas by hand, and Satoru Nakajima would drive the car again to check. This process was repeated over and over again, and the data obtained from this process was sent directly to Honda’s headquarters, where it was input into Cray’s supercomputer and converted into data for the aluminum monocoque reinforcements. The chassis of the NSX is completed.

The ultra-rigid and ultra-lightweight aluminum monocoque chassis, front and rear double wishbone suspension, and forged control arms are the result of such innovative technological development in the practical field. The transversely mounted 3.0-liter Honda C30A V6 engine, the world’s first production car engine with titanium connecting rods and forged pistons, was installed in the NSX as a super high-revving engine with a redline of 8,300 rpm.

Furthermore, the exterior of the NSX underwent a total of 23 processes, including aircraft chromate coating to chemically protect the aluminum body and water-based paint for the base coat to achieve a clearer, more vivid top color and a smoother surface finish.

The 1991 Honda NSX NA1 presented here is a legendary JDM that defied conventional wisdom and was born more than 30 years ago, leaving behind an iconic status that is unrivaled today, and a truly fascinating car that exudes an aura of allure to those who own it.


After the interview...

The moment this car went on sale is unforgettable for me…. It is no exaggeration to say that the NSX was the talk of the town at the height of the bubble economy, and I still clearly remember how excited I was at the sight of the low-slung figure driving on public roads.

It was NSX that was released overseas as Acura brand and became a big hit especially in the U.S. However, it is a part that I feel proud as a person who knows from those days that the right-hand-drive Honda brand is attracting hot attention from all over the world as a very attractive JDM because the 25-year rule was lifted….

The best part of this unit is… I want to upgrade it to this level so attractively…! The good thing about this piece is that it is so valuable that people hesitate to upgrade it even though they have the desire to do so.

The original parts have been carefully preserved and can be returned anytime you want….

It is an attractive and good conditioned machine.

The early NSX3.0 (NA1), a real sports car that perfectly fused man and machine and that surprised the world and resonated with the senses of people born in Japan, has descended into this world wearing a new veil of nostalgia that is loved by everyone after 30 years have passed since its release.

Isn’t this the best car for you to enjoy your life, a car that can put into practice the passion of your youthful days?

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