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2014 model

Dallara SF14 Super Formula

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It could be a supreme 1/1 scale car... Or a private Sunday racing machine with a big bike engine. or a private Sunday racing machine or a private Sunday racing machine with a big bike engine? You can buy the Dallara SF14, an engine-less super formula machine The Dallara SF14, an engine-less Super Formula machine, is available for purchase. The adrenaline in your brain will be pumping with the shocking truth...!

The author gulps in front of the SF14 Super Formula car manufactured by Dallara, which has been in actual competition until the 2018 season.

Although the name of Super Formula has changed from the former F3000 to Formula Nippon, it is still the highest racing category in Japan, and was said to be the gateway to F1.

As the category to determine the world’s “fastest Japanese car,” the world’s giant works, Toyota and Honda, put their top-secret racing technology into the NRE (Nippon Race Engine) 2L straight-four turbo engine. This is the category that attracts the most attention from domestic racing fans as a series that explodes with the most exciting racing technology.

This is the crystal of Giant Works’ top secret…. The 2L straight 4 turbo engine, transmission gears, and ECU had been removed from the Dallara SF14 in front of me. I wanted to take a peek at it once…! The “left and right chimneys” that were said to be used for cooling the engine and turbocharger, which is a unique feature of the Dallara SF14, were of course also in a state of top secret after being removed…

The baton was handed over to the successor, Dallara SF19, and the No.8 fought in the real world until 2018, the final season, with a blue livery…. The blue livery of the No. 8, which fought until 2018, the final season of the season, is like the color of a flower of the Sal tree, and even with the body of the car with all the top-secret information removed, everything about it is still vivid.

I can only imagine that the SF14 is still in a very clean condition today after the hard work of the crew to maintain it, but the patina of the decals created by the countless winds that caressed the body at high speed…. Even the strong carbon has traces of small stepping stones left by the high speed battle…. The most impressive part of the car is the tight cockpit, the high nose, the foot space where the legs are lifted up, the battlefield… The rough atmosphere remains without mercy, and the beauty of the car is breathtaking….

全長 5,268mm全幅 1,900 mm全高 960 mmホイールベース 3,165mm

Racing chassis manufacturer Dallara (Italy) The SF14 was produced by Dallara (Italy)...

The SF14 is a chassis manufactured by Dallara Automobili of Italy that was used in Super Formula from 2014 before being succeeded by the current SF19 from the 2019 season…. The aerodynamic design of the car is reminiscent of modern Formula 1 design, with its high nose, suspended wing, and large narrowed side pontoons….

“Dallara Automobili is an F3 chassis constructor established in 1972 by Giampaolo Dallara, who has worked in automotive design at Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, and De Tomaso. The company invested in equipment such as carbon molding and wind tunnel testing from early on, ahead of other constructors, and expanded its market share to include F3 series around the world. Dallara is a manufacturer with powerful know-how that has practiced the formation of a one-make market.

Japan Racing Promotion asked Dallara to develop the SF14 with a concept of “quick and light” in order to make the race more exciting with more overtaking….

In fact, the SF14 debuted as “a terribly fast machine that obeys the will of the driver….

Speaking of its speed, in 1990, Ayrton Senna set a record of 1 minute 36.996 seconds at Suzuka Circuit, which was said to be “a dream in the 36-second range…” In the first test run of 2013, Loic Duval, a driver of Team Le Mans with a Toyota engine, suddenly set a record of 1 minute 36.475 seconds. That’s as good as F1 a few years ago…. The SF14 was a car that could corner and battle at a speed as fast as the F1 cars of a few years ago…!

For those of you who have been reading this article with interest, I will introduce the chassis specs and whether or not it will fit in your garage.

Chassis: Dallara sandwich carbon/aluminum honeycomb construction

Suspension (Front) Pushrod type with torsion bar

Suspension (Rear) Pushrod

Overall length 5,268 mm

Overall width 1,900 mm

Overall height 960 mm

Wheelbase 3,165 mm

Vehicle weight 660 kg

Brakes Brembo 6-pot, carbon calipers and carbon discs

Tires Wheels Front: 250/620R13, Rear: 360/620R13

And so on….

According to the person in charge, SF14 has many parts in common with its successor SF19, and many of them were used as “parts collection vehicles”, so there are few SF14s in good condition that remain in their original form today….

Yes, as you may have already noticed, this is indeed a very valuable individual…!


The ways to have fun are inexhaustible. Depending on your ideas, you can bring back to life an incredibly valuable chassis. A valuable chassis that can be brought back to life...!

As I explained at the beginning of this article, the engine, transmission gears, ECU, and other top-secret black boxes have all been removed for “adult reasons…”. Of course, even if such a car exists, it will never be sold on the market like the McLaren MP4.

Also, please note that the tires shown in the photo are not included in the kit, as the customer is required to provide new tires for safety reasons…. The wheels shown in the photo are included, so please purchase matching wheels separately. The wheels shown in the photo are included, so please purchase matching wheels separately.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The chassis is ready for display once the tires are set….

You can also try to put the engine of a Japanese big bike on it…. For example, the Suzuki Hayabusa engine, which became the talk of the town with the Ariel Atom and Lotus Exige, could be modified with two V8s to produce 400PS and a 91kg engine (the NRE engine weighed 85kg).

After that, you can take it to the track on weekends for private use, or enter it in closed public road hill climbs… I think the ways to enjoy it are inexhaustible…

Cosworth logo on the steering wheel... or is this just another adult thing?


Enjoying a racing machine in private…

A proposal for ultimate adult enjoyment… In Europe and other parts of the world, historic racing car culture is loved by men and women of all ages, which is why motor sports are considered thrilling and supreme fun to watch and participate in….

“In recent years, we have been receiving requests to sell such wonderful vehicles as “Estate Sale®︎” to new owners who can bring them back to life, and we hope that the essence of automobile culture will take root from the private level, even in Japan where motorization has become a mass of market economics. I just hope that the essence of automobile culture will take root from the private level in Japan, where motorization has become a mass of market economy….

In my garage, there is a dream that will never end….

A life with a Super Formula car by your side will give you a good secretion of adrenaline in your brain, and will enrich the life of the new owner with a lot of creativity…!

Please come to the foot of Mt. Fuji to see the supreme.


This very nice “2014 DALLARA SF-14 Super Formula” is currently located in Shizuoka Prefecture.

This vehicle has been requested for sale by a corporation, so the price shown includes consumption tax.

Please understand that the car will be delivered on site as-is. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please contact us if you have any requests. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also, since the car comes with tires for transportation, it is possible to load it. Please feel free to contact us.


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