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It's been almost half a century since its birth. The Celica Liftback 1600GT, which captured the hearts of the young people of that time, is a car full of charm that still turns people's heads...!

The temperature was over 30 degrees Celsius and it was a very hot day after the typhoon….

“The owner of the car said, “It’s in great shape, so come and drive it around…!

This is the 1973 Toyota Celica Liftback 1600GT, also known as the TA27, which is equipped with the famous 2TG. It is one of JDM’s representative cars.

The name comes from the Spanish word for “heavenly” or “heavenly”.

In December 1970, Toyota debuted the Celica as Japan’s first specialty car.

The specialty car genre had already been established in the US, but the Celica was the first to bring it to Japan….

At the time, there were grades such as LT, ST, GT, and ET, but the 2000GT, which was released later and became the highest model in the catalog, tended to be more like a Gran Turismo due to the increased weight of the engine and transmission. The 1600GT is the most powerful model, combining a 2T-G inline four-cylinder DOHC engine with twin Solex carburetors, a T50 five-speed transmission, a light weight of 990kg, and characteristics specialized for driving that won the hearts of young people….


Very funny story...! Self-restored 1973 Toyota TA27 Celica Liftback 1600GT...

The owner is the president of a local auto repair shop that does everything from sheet metal work to mechanical repairs, and is a very pleasant person to talk to. A few years ago, he came across this Celica as if he was being summoned, and since then, he has been working on restoring it whenever he had time to repair his customers’ vehicles.

The engine, which was the biggest problem at first, was replaced by a 2TG that was in great shape. Toshiba headlights (!) and a muffler (!) from that era. Even on a hot day when the temperature is over 30 degrees Celsius, the air conditioner, which was a genuine option at the time, works perfectly, and according to the owner, “It’s a ’73 Celica Liftback 1600GT that can be driven normally without any hesitation…”!

The Celica is one of the most popular old cars in Japan, and there are many aftermarket parts available including OEM parts, but for the rear hatch, door area, and rubber parts including weather stripping, there are many alternative parts that can be used. As for the engine, the 2TG engine, the T50 transmission, and the undercarriage including the brakes can be seen in the undercarriage video at 

As you can see in the video below, the car has been well cared for by professional craftsmen.


An owner full of customer love ...! Rust will come out even if you fix it, so I'm leaving it alone for now ... Your personality is so refreshing ...!

I was also surprised to hear that… The owner, who is full of love for his customers, used this car as…!

He used this car as a loaner car for a customer who brought it in for repair. He used to lend this car to customers who brought it in for repairs as a loaner car (!), saying, “Anyone who wants to drive it, go ahead and drive it” (Gunma dialect)…! However, I can only imagine the feelings of the person who told me that. In fact, there were two people who had used it as a substitute car in the past… (surprise)

The exterior of the car, including the engine compartment, was completely painted a few years ago, and the body looks clean at first glance, but as you can see in the picture, rust has started to appear on the tip of the engine hood. “As you can see in the picture, rust has started to appear on the engine hood. The owner said, “It will come out even if I fix it, so I’m leaving it alone for now…” This was because he wanted to prioritize his customer’s car….

“The factory is busy all year round, so unfortunately I can’t put this Celica in the garage… That’s my biggest problem…” That’s my biggest problem…” I asked him. A half-century-old Celica liftback that he has been working on for years and years, and can now drive normally. “I want to keep it with me and continue to work on it, but I can’t seem to get to it…” This is actually the reason why we are publishing this article….

The owner normally uses this Celica Liftback as his transportation vehicle. Even when he is parked for a while, he is surrounded by people of all ages who have fond memories of this car.

“I hope that someone who loves this car will take it over and put it in a garage soon…. I want someone who loves this car to take it over and put it in a garage as soon as possible… I also want them to enjoy it by giving it a perfect finish on the exterior…”.

It is a survivor of history that has survived various environments and social backgrounds for about half a century. The current condition can be seen in the 50 photos and detailed description below….

The Celica Liftback 1600GT is a very attractive option to touch the Japanese old cars…….



“It’s in good shape, just go for a ride around…” With these words, I was invited to take a long drive through the rich countryside with the air conditioning on. The comfort of the carburetor, the light and responsive 2TG engine, the lightweight body, and the snappy 5-speed transmission….

It was a very pleasant drive, and I couldn’t help but smile at the “scales from my eyes” experience.

As you can see in the detailed description below, there are still some parts left to be touched, but these are the parts that can be enjoyed by exploring with your own ideas. I think this is the part of the “final makeup” that I look forward to the most, the part that I can dye with my own colors.

“It’s been about half a century since the birth of this product. The Celica Liftback 1600GT, which captured the hearts of the young people of that time, is still a car full of charm that makes people turn their heads…!

The “never-ending fun in the garage” will surely sublimate your life to a much richer one….

I truly believe that the existence of a single car is a great thing….




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