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A powerhouse that overwhelms its surroundings...! 2000 Ford Econoline Hot Rod Custom Van...! A full size van that can be customized to your liking....

The current Ford E-series Econoline, which was introduced in 1961 as the Falcon Econoline (a.k.a. Falcon Van), was the first full cabover van developed by Ford to compete with the Type 2 vans that Volkswagen exported in large numbers to North America. It was the first full cab-over type van developed by Ford to compete with the Type 2 vans that Volkswagen exported in large numbers to North America.



The Falcon Van at the time was about the same size as a Volkswagen Type 2, and was too small for the average American family, so Ford continued to increase the size with each subsequent model change. It is now called a “full-size van” that is more than one size larger than domestic vans such as Hiace and Caravan….



This time, I’m going to show you a very powerful (!!!) What I’m going to show you here is a custom hot rod van with an American flair, a 4th generation Ford Econoline with a 4.6 L (281 cubic inch) Triton V8 engine that was sold from 1997 to 2002!



The first generation Falcon van and the second generation Econoline from the 1970s are of course popular as custom base models because of their angular design, but the 2000 4th generation Econoline that we’re introducing here has had a dynamic makeover…! The hot rod looks like a Matchbox hotwheel, and it really overwhelms the viewer with its cool looks…!



The first thing that jumps out at you is the sharp grill that sets the impression of the face, and it gives the front area a complete makeover…! The bright green coloring and the pin stripes hand painted by the artist conveys the atmosphere of a unique custom….



The most impressive feature of this custom Econoline is that the rims are 8J front and 10J rear. The most impressive feature of this custom Econoline is that the front 8J and rear 10J (!!!) rims are so deep that you can almost put something on them…! Polished and shiny American Eagle wheels with 285/70R15 Goodrich tires on the rear with over fenders…. This gives the rear of the car a lifted, drag racer-like hot rod style that really tickles the fancy of men…!



In addition, to match this hot rod style, a dummy muffler of the same type was intentionally set on the left side for a dynamic rear view with dual exhausts on both sides.

From there, the sound of the American muscle V8 bounces out…! Delo-delo-delo-delo ・・・・! If you are a car enthusiast, it is very difficult to keep a normal mind when you hear the dynamic sound of the V8. It was a custom hot rod van…!


Further customization is natural aging...! Sensitive owners enjoy the aging process of their custom vans...

You may have seen this custom Econoline at various tracks…. The owner is an amateur motorcycle racing champion. He has been using a Hiace to transport his race bikes to the various circuits, and the first American car he bought was this custom Econoline….



The owner fell in love at first sight with another Econoline he came across while working. Since then, he has been searching for it in every possible way and happened to come across this custom Econoline with hot green coloring and hot rod style…. When he went to take a look at the car, the moment he saw the car with the dynamic sound of the V8 engine “delo-delo-delo-delo-delo…”, he instantly decided to buy it. He instantly decided to buy it….



Since then, he has been working on the car as a DIY project, decorating the roof with lights, welding a trailer hitch to put a carrier for racing bikes, and other things that are possible based on his own experience. He has been practicing the ideal “lifestyle with a custom van….



In addition, as if to say “shining is not the only value,” he actively considers the aging process as one of the design elements. The natural peeling of the hand-painted pin stripes on the engine hood was a sign that the car was ready to go. Good, good, good! It’s getting better and better! It’s getting better and better!



This is just a sign of his love for the product itself…



I can’t tell you how many times he said, “It’s so cool… I really want to keep it…” during the interview and filming. However, due to various changes in the life stages of the whole family, “I’m really sorry, but I’ve decided to let it go…” This is the reason why we decided to publish this article….


The owner drove us around the neighborhood for a while...!

Please take a look at the detailed video as well! With the benefit of injection, the engine starts very easily, and the V8 unit starts dynamically with the ignition key on…!

The V8 unit starts dynamically with the ignition key on. With the immense torque that only an American V8 can provide, it was very impressive to see how it drove like an ocean cruiser with plenty of room to spare.



The second row captain’s seats and the third row bench seat’s high quality fabric is like a luxurious American living room sofa. The car runs very richly.

I could feel the love and history of the owner as he listened intently to the engine and stared at the rev counter installed on the car, just like a race bike. I was also impressed by his affectionate comments about the V8 engine, “It’s been cold lately….



As I write and interview rare and one-of-a-kind cars, I often find myself wondering about them.

Although they must have made the unavoidable decision to let go of their cars at some point in their lives, when I interview them, their eyes sparkle as if they were my own children, and I don’t get the slightest sense that they are letting go.

They have a long history of taking care of their cars as if they were their own children. It’s a wonderful thing to hear this…! I also feel that the greatest merit of private sales is that you can directly pass on this fact to the next new owner who will take good care of it….



This 2000 Ford Econoline Custom Van, with its overwhelming power, will surely bring endless fun to the next new owner, who will be able to customize it freely.



Please come to Gunma Prefecture to see this supreme vehicle that will greatly expand your dreams.










This very nice “2000 Ford Econoline Custom Van

“is currently located in Gunma Prefecture.



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