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1963 model

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III P.J.Evans LTD Supplied

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Fully restored by a hardcore enthusiast owner who has been a Rolls-Royce enthusiast for over 30 years. The 1963 Silver Cloud III... a life-changing, deep taste you must experience...! Superb condition. You will be intoxicated by the classic Rolls-Royce..."

The two-toned glossy paint job and the elegant blue interior that can be seen through the clear windows…. I had a chance to interview the owner beside the fully restored 1963 Silver Cloud III in excellent working condition.


The owner started driving Rolls-Royce when he was in his 40’s….


The owner, who has been driving classic and contemporary Rolls-Royce for more than 30 years, said “It’s like marrying off your daughter…” The following words pierced my heart….


You should definitely get on it, it'll change your life..."

Founded by Sir Charles Stuart Rolls and Sir Frederick Henry Royce, the engineer who created the history of the British automobile in the late Victorian era, Rolls-Royce has become synonymous with the most luxurious cars, not to mention passenger cars.


Today, Rolls-Royce is synonymous with the most luxurious cars ever made.


When a gentleman licked a crankshaft spline on a mountain road in Switzerland during a trip to Europe, he called Rolls-Royce to ask them to send the necessary parts.


When the gentleman returned home and called Rolls-Royce to find out that he had not been billed for the repairs, he was told, “There is no such thing in our records.


The gentleman insisted, “But I actually had a crankshaft damaged in Switzerland and had it flown in for repair…” The gentleman persisted.


“Sir, a Rolls-Royce never breaks…” was the reply.


This episode shows the great spirit of Rolls-Royce’s craftsmanship at that time.


"Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III: The last model produced by Rolls-Royce with its own body and chassis.

The Silver Cloud series was produced from 1955 to 1965, evolving from I to III with each passing year…. The 1963 Silver Cloud III that we are fortunate enough to be able to introduce here today is the last model produced from 1962, with dual headlights instead of the previous single headlights, and the radiator grille with the Parthenon Palace motif lowered by about 3.8cm compared to the previous model. The radiator grille, with its Parthenon Palace motif, has been lowered by about 3.8cm compared to the previous model, giving it a more intrepid design while retaining the “majesty” of the Silver Cloud series.


The Silver Cloud III, with its fearless, well-balanced and majestic body style, is the final model of Rolls-Royce’s in-house production of both the body and chassis, and it is the model that represents the classic Rolls-Royce that still captures the hearts of enthusiasts and collectors around the world more than half a century later…!


The engine is so robust and serviceable that it has become a myth…


“Superb drivability…” (more on that later)


“A majestic, elegant body design of the highest caliber…”


“An enthralling, high quality, mid-century interior space that sublimates the 19th century Victorian image….


The miraculous combination of these elements has elevated the car to the status of “the last … and most valuable classic Rolls-Royce that can be driven at a high level with confidence” more than half a century after its production, which can provide a blissful time not only to the back seat passengers but also to the owner-driver who takes the steering wheel from the showfer and holds it himself…!


The Silver Cloud III is not only an elegant and graceful body style, but also a model with a high level of technology that even impresses today, more than half a century later….


One of the most notable features of the Silver Cloud III is the legendary V8 engine, which was newly designed and adopted from the previous Cloud II model and further developed in the Cloud III….


The V8 6230cc unit, made entirely of aluminum alloy, is very efficient and sturdy, and is said to be “unbreakable unless the mechanic or driver does something wrong.


This engine has a mysterious image like Rolls-Royce, and the detailed specs of the engine have been “undisclosed” from the time it was launched until today. Even if you look for the specs data at that time, it is only described as “ENOUGH”….


"1963 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III... The fully restored interior is truly a blissful space.... As beautiful as an antique... Fascinated by the wonderful handcrafted artifacts..."

I have been importing antiques for a long time, and I am most familiar with the British Victorian period and its manufacturing….


This 1963 Silver Cloud III has a background of the most turbulent period in modern British history, from Art Deco to Mid-Century and the end of the World War II, when “manufacturing” itself changed to modern industrial products, but the Rolls-Royce company’s “uncompromising” pursuit of customer satisfaction at the world’s highest level can be seen everywhere, which is a major factor in satisfying the owner.


In addition, this 1963 model has been fully restored in Japan, both inside and out, and the engine has been fully restored.


After enjoying the exterior of the door area where even the handwritten pinstripes have been beautifully recreated through the meticulous restoration, open the massive door and enter the interior space. Once you take a step inside, you will find yourself in a “blissful and exquisite space”.


The very heart of the interior…. The Silver Cloud III leather seats have been carefully restored and recently reupholstered with Connolly leather, and both the front and rear seats are in excellent condition.


You can feel the thickness of the leather itself from the surface due to its moderate hardness and texture to the touch, and the very elegant stitch work by hand is impressive.


The shape of the switches, the shape of the room lamps, the way the bar walnut book matches the picnic table, the wonderful anodized aluminum design from the 1960s, the delicate slim steering wheel…. The elegantly arranged British Smith’s instrument panel. I could look at any one of them forever…. Yes! It enriches your heart…!


The interior space of Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III even changes the air…! The air in the room is taken into the body through breathing, and the positive air in this space becomes oxygen in the blood, circulates in the body, and reaches the brain….


That’s right! The “right brain” of the rider is stimulated with a stick called “sensitivity”….


This unique feeling of euphoria can never be experienced in modern high-spec cars made by robots. This is the kind of atmosphere that only classic handmade products have.


It is exactly the same as the euphoric feeling you get when you see the wonderful glass artworks of Lalique, Galle, and Dohm, which were manufactured in the same historical background…!


"The owner's drive through the city with elegance... It is truly magnificent to see it running through the city like a fish out of water... 1963 Rolls-Royce, a fully dynamic collection car Silver Cloud III is a fun car to drive..."

During the interview, there was a scene where I was following the owner’s Silver Cloud III through the streets of Nagoya in order to move from place to place….


I’ll go slowly…”


The owner said, “I’ll go slowly…” But when we started driving, it was fast, fast, fast…! The owner said, “I’ll go slowly…” But when he started driving, he was fast… fast! The owner’s Silver Cloud III drove through the city streets so gracefully and smoothly, like a fish out of water…. This was a scene that really left an impression on me….


This 1963 Silver Cloud III was ordered from P.J. Evans in 1963 by a female owner in the Birmingham area. The original color was silver.


From the photos taken at the time, we can see that the original color was a silver monotone, and the car was in the UK until 1993.


This car was then imported to Japan, and the first owner in Japan changed the body color to the current two-tone silver and gray at a famous Rolls-Royce specialty store in the Kanto area, and had a full restoration including the interior and exterior engines….


After the restoration, the car was running in Tokyo for a while, and the current owner inherited the story of the car. 


At the current owner’s place, the engine has been carefully adjusted and polished for normal daily driving.


It is often said that classic Rolls-Royce 8-cylinder cars are difficult to start in the winter, but the engine has been adjusted to prevent it from turning over. This is a classic Rolls-Royce that you can also enjoy the “warm-up ritual”.


On cold winter mornings, I’m sure Schofer must have performed at least a few dozen minutes of “ritual” when he picked up his master in this car…. This interview was in mid-January, just in time to experience the “ritual”….


When it’s cold in the winter, you first step on the gas pedal and turn on the auto choke, turn on the key, don’t ignite, and wait for a couple of minutes. After taking time to relax and enjoy the wonderful interior, twist the key one more time to ignite…. The all aluminum alloy V8 unit, managed by twin SU carburetors with the benefit of an auto choke, immediately wakes up…. Gradually, the pulses of the 8 cylinders come together and the engine revs up, but don’t panic, let it warm up “just enough” and once you step on the gas pedal to release the auto choke, you’ll hear a really sharp and crisp “SHUBANG! The total aluminum alloy V8 unit will idle steadily and gently for a moment with a really sharp and crisp V8 sound…! Of course, this “ritual,” which is simplified in the summer, is wonderful, and it is a privilege for the owner to be able to enjoy the deep flavor of the classic Rolls-Royce, a mixture of the latest and the classics of the time….


In order to shoot the video, I rode in the navigation seat, and the engine and transmission were very smooth. The engine and transmission were very smooth. I was impressed that he was enjoying his life with the Rolls-Royce in an incredibly dynamic state.


It is often said that a classic Rolls will stop slowly when you step on the brake, but this was not the case with this well maintained car…. The Silver Cloud III, equipped with the latest brake servo technology of the time, uses exhaust air pressure to stop the vehicle with a very stable “gulp” even with little pressure. It’s a very unique large capacity drum brake that gives you strong stopping power without worry…!


Put the shifter on the wonderfully designed steering column into 4D. The shifter on the wonderfully designed steering column is put into 4D, and the automatic transmission moves this majestic and superb Victorian forward without shocks in a natural rhythm.


The car is 5.3 meters in length and has a superb moving space, but it is very easy to drive with a clear view and no blind spots in all directions.


The “Flying Lady” mascot, a.k.a. “The Spirit of Ecstasy,” created by Charles Robinson Sykes using Nike as a motif, stands on the Parthenon Palace in front of you.


Please watch the driving video! This Silver Cloud III drives impressively…!


This Silver Cloud III runs impressively….


"Afterword by the author..."

It was an impressively clean car, but the owner still polished it the day before the interview….


The owner said, “It’s like giving your daughter away as a bride…”


The owner said sincerely….


The owner said, “It’s just like giving my daughter away as a bride…” He wants to keep the memories in his heart and pass it on to the next person who will take good care of it because he enjoyed it so much.


“You should definitely drive it, it will change your life…”


A regular Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III in excellent condition…


Anyone can get the latest, but when it comes to the classics, you just have to wait and see….


The existence of this car, “ultimate bliss”, along with the thoughts of this owner, will needless to say positively change the life of the next “new owner yet to be seen”….


Only 2555 Silver Cloud IIIs were produced at that time…


Today, more than half a century has already passed….


It is the privilege of the new owner to enjoy owning it in the best condition and to be able to drive it from time to time and take in its transcendent air to the fullest….


A fully restored 1963 Silver Cloud III from a hardcore enthusiast owner who has been a Rolls-Royce enthusiast for over 30 years… a life-changing experience that must be experienced to be believed! In excellent condition, you will be intoxicated by the classic Rolls…”


Please come to Aichi Prefecture to feel the owner’s love and to see the supreme….

This very nice “1963 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III” is currently located in Aichi Prefecture.

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