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1994 model

BMW E34 520i

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You'll be shocked to know that the car has only 18,000km on it... Endangered species, the last four round eyes.... E34 BMW 520i is sublimated as a neo-classic where you can enjoy the sensual mechanical silky six. The E34 BMW 520i is sublimated as a neo-classic that allows you to enjoy the sensuality of the mechanical silky six..."

In Europe, and even here in Japan, the BMWs of the maturing period with straight 6 mechanical engines, called “Silky Six”, which the old engine brand BMW has been sticking to, are attracting a lot of attention.


In the midst of a modern society where cars have become bloated and home appliances, the compact and sleek body of these cars is already an endangered species. They are so wonderful that you can’t help but say, “This is really nice…isn’t it?” They have become a new sense of value, a “neo-classic” that makes the daily life of the owner who chooses them rich and full of flavor.


The E34 5 series sedan, which dominated the streets from the bubble era to its end, is now very difficult to find in Japan because most of them in good condition have been found by discerning buyers in Europe and returned home. Nowadays, it has become very difficult to find a good one in Japan, as the first owner has spent a lot of love and money on it, and the original one has been taken care of. It has a terrifying aura about it….


The E34 520i, which was produced from 1988 to 1996 during the maturing period of mechanical BMWs, is a model that is full of rich charms that can only be experienced in the bare model.


"One of the largest cost investments in BMW vehicle development history... 120 prototypes and 500 test vehicles. "The E34 and 520i, developed with 120 prototypes and 500 test vehicles, covered a total of 7 million kilometers. The E34 and 520i are the last mechanical cars that have survived to resonate with human sensibilities. A rare existence..."

The BMW E34 is one of the most globally acclaimed cars in the series and has become an icon of the 5 Series that continues to this day….


The development period lasted from July 1981 to the end of 1987, and was one of the most costly in the history of BMW vehicle development, involving 120 prototypes, 500 test vehicles, and a total of 7 million kilometers.


It was sold from 1988 to 1995, and is regarded as one of the best-built BMWs ever, especially in Europe, as a result of the fusion of BMW tradition and modern technology.


Aside from the aerodynamic design of the 80’s, the ergonomic design that allows the driver to easily reach all interfaces has been promoted, and the simple interior without any excessive decorations is particularly functional and does not feel “old” at all even today.


In addition to a comfortable ride, the car was also equipped with a high level of safety features, including the most advanced airbag system at the time, four-wheel anti-lock brakes, and a highly rigid body structure, making it the safest car of its time.


In addition, the BMW E34 was equipped with advanced electronics for the time, including an on-board computer in the center console and dash cluster that could be set to calculate average fuel consumption, average speed, cruising range, estimated time of arrival, and remaining distance to destination….


The late model 520i had 148hp…not an amazing amount of power…in fact, compared to today’s high spec cars, it was rather modest…. However, I can’t help but believe that it’s the “mechanical flavor of the engine that resonates with human sensibilities” that keeps me from feeling that way….


Yes…! This is gone today….


The texture of the BMW’s organ-style accelerator pedal being pressed down slowly, the quick rise of the tachometer in response to the amount of power commanded by the right foot, and the truly muscular mechanical sound of the Silky Six blowing smoothly and without stress all the way up to the red zone at 7000 rpm…! That’s it! The uplifting feeling of the exhaust note with its mid-bass sound that comes from the Silky Six instantly penetrates the brain and stimulates the driver’s right brain. It stimulates the driver’s right brain…!


Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll be addicted to it, a mind-blowing attraction. ・・・・


The seats are as comfortable as those of a sports car, and the cockpit is as simple and unpretentious as a man’s world. In the 1990’s, this luxury middle class sedan flying down the Autobahn with unprecedented smoothness must have been an astonishing image….


It still remains in the hearts of European enthusiasts and is surprisingly highly regarded….


It's like going back in time to the 90s. 18,000km at the time of the interview...! Cherished by the family Late model last model 1994 BMW E34 520i".

The earlier model 520i was equipped with an M20 SOHC engine, but this time, the model change in 1990 changed the timing belt to a timing chain for improved reliability, and also added variable valve timing (VANOS) to the intake camshaft.


The owner, who is an enthusiast family, has been sharing several neo-classic German cars with his father, brothers, and other family members, and most of their conversations are about cars. As you can see in the detailed video, this 1994 BMW E34 520i has been treated with great care and I felt a great deal of love for it….


When I took a test drive in the passenger seat, I was impressed by the gentle way he handled this neo-classic 520i, operating the automatic selector “slowly” so as not to put too much strain on the transmission, and slowly depressing the accelerator pedal….


It was a while ago that the owner’s family came across this superb car. As a collection car that had been kept indoors for a long time, they were so astonished and impressed by the excellent condition of the car that they decided to buy it right away.


Although it was a collection car, it was maintained and used for daily commuting as “a car is something you can only appreciate when you drive it…”.


This amazing condition…! Please take a look at the 50 photos and detailed video at the end of this article….


No matter where you look in the photos, you will be amazed at the beauty of this E34 520i in superb condition….


I took more than 300 photos, and after careful observation and interview, I was told that there are no defects at all….


As I looked at the E34 520i in front of me, I asked myself, “Why would you give up a car in such great condition? The owner replied with a laugh, “I love German cars so much that I found myself with too many cars in my garage. That’s what the owner said to me….


This is a great opportunity! It’s up to you enthusiasts who have read this far to decide if you see this as a “great opportunity”…!


The goddess of fortune has only bangs…!


The moment it passes, you will not be able to grab the back of her hair.


By all means…! Please know that….



Whenever I interview and write about rare cars, I always wonder about something.


When I interviewed the owners, they really loved the neo-classic out-of-print cars, their eyes sparkled, and they never seemed to be in a mood to let go of their cars… they were all smiles and proud of their cars.


Dreaming of finding a precious car and having it in their possession, they pursue and enjoy the process itself….


I’m sure there are many enthusiasts out there who can relate to this….


The owner said, “I’d like to give this car to someone who understands its value…” This interview made me realize that the greatest merit of private sales is to be able to introduce a valuable car to someone who understands its value.


I was astonished by the appearance of a superb car with 18,000km on the odometer…! The E34 BMW 520i, an endangered species and the last round-eyed 4-light series icon, has been completely sublimated as a neo-classic that allows you to enjoy the sensual mechanical silky six…!


It was a truly wonderful car….


You can’t find it, you have to wait to meet it, and once you get it (this time…), you will never be able to part with it.


Please come to Kanagawa Prefecture to see the supreme….

This very nice 1994 BMW E34 520i is currently located in Kanagawa Prefecture.

As this is a private sale, no consumption tax or other fees will be charged.

Please pay the monthly car tax and recycling deposit when you purchase this vehicle.

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