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The Mini Cooper BSCC Limited, a limited edition of 750 custom Mini Coopers, is a revival version of the hottest Mini in history that will remain in people's memories and records...fully original.

Launched in 1959, the Mini quickly made a name for itself as the “Giant Killer” of British touring car racing….


Undeterred by rivals big enough to fill the mirrors behind it on the straights, the small, lightweight Mini dived into corners with daring braking maneuvers that its rivals could never duplicate, and it had the unique and irresistible ability to get into the slightest sweet spot and outrun its rivals on the corners…. The result was a car that was the dominant force in touring car racing in the 1960s.


As a result, the starting grid for saloon car races in the 1960s was often dominated by hot Minis. The driver who captured people’s hearts was John Rhodes, a British driver for Cooper Car Company.


John Rhodes’ works Mini “KDK 320F,” known as the “Smokey Mini,” was intentionally set to oversteer and entered the corner at high speed with a big countersteer…! The car cleared the corner in no time at all with a brilliant 4-wheel drift, instantly turning in with the lightened rear wheels, while spewing white smoke from the front tires as if driving sideways…!


At times, while the cars behind him momentarily avoided crashing due to the smoke from the front tires, John Rhodes would grin and run for the checkered flag, and in the 6th round at Brands Hatch in 1968, he drove a supercharged Ford Escort. For those who witnessed the phenomenal success of the Mini Cooper along with the driving of John Rhodes, who drove the car to a fever pitch as he overtook future world champion Graham Hill driving a supercharged Ford Escort to take the lead in the sixth round at Brands Hatch in 1968, the Mini Cooper of that time that won the BSCC (British Saloon Car Championship) will remain in their records and memories. Cooper’s victory in the BSCC (British Saloon Car Championship) was an unforgettable moment to record and remember….




(see video).


Click here to watch John Rose’s legendary Smokey Mini Sideways 4-wheel drift!


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"Commemorating the 1968 BSCC (British Saloon Car Championship), the last classic Mini Cooper, limited to 750 units, was released 30 years later in 1998, and it's a special one!"

The Rover Mini Cooper BSCC Limited was released in 1998 in a special limited edition of 750 units as the last Mini Cooper to be built in the same image as the phenomenal Mini Cooper of the 1960s, an image that will never be forgotten by those who witnessed its incredible success….


Starting with the hood stripes reminiscent of the Cooper Car Company’s works Mini “KDK 320F” of that era, the double stripes on the body sides, the arrow-shaped wing pit marker signs on the side markers for team identification, and the BMC ribbon mark emblem…. The BMC ribbon mark emblems, the double stripes on the body sides, the team identification arrow-shaped wing pit marker signs on the side markers, and the BMC ribbon mark emblems all add to the ensemble.


The charm of this last Mini Cooper, which pays homage to the era, is not limited to the exterior, as the traditional Old English style can be enjoyed with the truly austere Mosquito Green genuine leather on the seats, steering wheel rim, shift boot, parking brake grips, and the rear seats. The well-balanced total coordination of the seats, steering wheel rim, shift boot, parking brake grip, and interior door panels creates a very calm and gentle atmosphere.


It is a truly unique way to bring back the atmosphere of those days to the present day…….


MK-2 grille, two fog lamps, genuine muffler with muffler cutter, and genuine door mirrors in the same color as the roof color give this Mini Cooper a truly intrepid look.


In addition, this BSCC Limited is a modern take on the 1968 racing Mini…!


The 13-inch Minilite wheels with wide 175/50VR13 tires, KONI reinforced dampers, and wide over fenders are all updated to match the modern driving conditions and the contemporary deformed and authentic image. The result is an authentic image with contemporary deformation and functionality that matches modern driving conditions…!


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The owner of this 1998 Rover Mini Cooper BSCC Limited has given it a supreme customization called originality...!

The owner is an iron-clad Mini freak.


Starting with his first Mini 1000, which he actively enjoyed thorough customization, he has incorporated a variety of Minis, from carburetors to injectors, into his lifestyle, enjoying classic Minis to the extent that he declares, “I want to have a Mini all my life…” ….


All of the Minis have been in production for more than 20 years, and have spent time with owners with various tastes and preferences… It would be extremely difficult to find a genuine stock car, especially with the large number of custom parts that exist in Minis. We were looking for a car that we could believe to be a non all-repairable car, and we were willing to accept a little bit of wear and tear as an indication of its true condition.


The only way to find a car like this is to wait for the right one. It was a 1998 Rover Mini Cooper BSCC Limited with a rare solid black body color that had been finely customized but remained in good condition.


He said, “This is it…!


He bought it without any hesitation and started to customize it as much as possible to “return it to original”.


Stock air cleaner, stock fog lights, stock antenna, stock mirrors (without extension holes), stock 3-color tail lenses, stock muffler…and the one thing that really shows the owner’s passion is the stock ROVER cassette deck…! The owner says with a laugh, “I’ve never listened to it…” but you can feel his commitment to return the car to its stock condition….


Only one…


Although the original leather shift knob is still in place, the owner says, “Actually, it’s not the original one…” The original shift knob has a mosquito on the side.


The original shift knob has Mosquito Green leather on the side, but the one installed is a black leather type, which he has been patiently looking for.


Perhaps he will find it when he comes to visit us….


After work, the owner took the car out for a drive at sunset, and truly enjoyed the atmosphere of the authentic Old English Mini….


I can’t help it, it’s so cute…”


The owner of the car, who was taking the car out for a drive, was really enjoying the atmosphere of an old English authentic Mini.


The 1998 Rover Mini Cooper BSCC Limited, with its good engine and no rust on the door sides, which is common to Mini cars, is a 1998 Rover Mini Cooper BSCC Limited that can speak of the times, with the owner who is a supreme believer in the originality of the car and the natural patina of history as its character and flavor.


We felt that this is exactly the kind of car that enhances the owner’s sensibility and allows them to actively enjoy their lifestyle with a Mini…….


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When I am interviewing and writing about rare cars on a daily basis, I often wonder about them.

Owners who have decided to let go of their cars for various reasons, but who, when we interview them, have a twinkle in their eyes as if they were their own children, and have absolutely no mood of letting go of their cars.

They are in agony and endure the days of not being able to see their children, leaving them in the hands of mechanics…. Of course, if there is a problem, it is immediately taken care of and the car is finally finished to their liking….

Why are you giving up your Mini Cooper BSCC Limited, which you have taken such good care of? The owner said with a laugh, “Because it’s finished…”….

I think I understand…

The “limited revival version of the hottest Mini in history that will remain in people’s memories and records… A tasteful Mini Cooper BSCC Limited with the supreme update of the original” is surely a car that will stimulate the senses of new owners….

A simple lifestyle with an original Mini Cooper with a sense of history at hand is very attractive….

This very nice 1998 Rover Mini Cooper BSCC Limited is currently located in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

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