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2006 model

GM HUMMER H3 Type-S Adventure Package

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The Hummer H3 is a highly maneuverable multi-purpose vehicle that can overcome vertical walls of 40 centimeters in height, cross rivers of 70 centimeters in depth, and negotiate rough roads with ease. The Hummer H3 is a highly maneuverable multi-purpose vehicle that can handle 60% gradients and 40% side slopes, and easily overcome rough roads.

Has there ever been a brand so universally recognized as “Hummer”?


In 1993, when the first generation Hummer H1 was introduced with a novel image, the price of gasoline in the U.S. was less than $1 per gallon (about 3.8 liters). The price of a gallon of gasoline was less than $1. But still…! With the determination to never give up the “joy of driving on the earth” that human beings are born with, the third generation was born as a “high-mobility multi-purpose vehicle that is terribly tough and tickles the rider’s adventurous spirit,” inheriting the DNA of its predecessor, while greatly improving fuel efficiency by adopting an inline 5-cylinder engine and downsizing. The third generation Hummer H3 was born as the “Hummer H3″….


In Japan, the Hummer tends to have a “soft” image as a “fashionable town car for young people”, but in fact, the H3 was redesigned as a “Hummer for the real world”, and is an adrenaline-pumping 4WD machine with physical capabilities that overwhelmingly surpass other mid-sized SUVs…!


The physical capabilities of the Hummer H3, which was trained in boot camp, are incredible: it can run at a speed of 32km/h in 50cm depth water, and 8.0km/h in 70cm depth water…! With an approach and departure angle of 37.4 degrees, and a breakover angle of 22.1 degrees, it is capable of overcoming a vertical wall of about 40cm, a 60% slope, and a 40% side slope…!


It also features traction control, which uses the brakes independently to stop wheel spin and provide the necessary traction depending on the rough road conditions. It is equipped with 4.56:1 axle gears and a heavy-duty transfer case with a low range ratio of 4.03:1.


The full-time four-wheel drive system, which distributes engine torque 60/40 front/rear during normal driving, has four buttons on the center console that can be pressed with gloves: “4 Hi,” “4 Hi Lock,” “4 Low Lock,” and “Rear Locker” on the U.S.-spec Adventure Package. Especially the 4th rear locker button named “Escape Switch” is just the button to escape from the worst terrain…! Equipped with a locking rear differential like this, this is a super hardcore 4WD that can take on rugged mountainous terrain without a hitch…!




The best way to bring out the true off-road appeal of this Hummer H3 is with a 5-speed manual transmission that offers excellent control at low speeds…!


This is a very interesting fact, but in the U.S., where the Hummer H3 makes the most of its natural characteristics, a 5-speed manual transmission is standard, and an automatic transmission is optional…!


In Japan, the Hummer H3 was marketed as a “fashionable town car”, and here we can see that the marketing was the exact opposite.


A wonderful tool to express your lifestyle...! With the arborist owner Hummer H3 with a hardcore 5-speed manual transmission..."

This time, we went to one of the most famous summer resorts in Japan, in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture, where Bill Gates is rumored to have recently purchased a separate house. It was a very (!) attractive place…. The young owner, who responded to our request with a fresh smile despite his busy schedule, is an “arborist” by profession.


An arborist is a specialist who climbs high trees using ropes to avoid damaging the surface of the tree, safely removes problem branches, and manages trees in harmony with nature and people.


This 2006 Hummer H3 with a rare 5-speed manual transmission was chosen as a tool to support the owner’s work and lifestyle…!


Overfenders and wild mud terrain tires….


Overfenders, wild mud-terrain tires, and a surreal LED front mask.


Dual mufflers by Ganador….


Trailer hitch…


And so on…


This is a “practical Hummer H3” that expresses the owner’s dynamic lifestyle of blending with nature, and was chosen for its 5-speed manual transmission to fully demonstrate its capabilities.


If you want to ride around town in style, you’ll probably prefer a shiny automatic transmission….


This Hummer looked like it had just been driven through the woods…! There are no major scratches or dents on this Hummer H3, but it’s not a shiny, overprotected vehicle, and that’s what makes it so appealing…!


There is nothing wrong with the H3 at this time, but the meter cluster display in French, “HUILE A VIDANGER” (check engine oil) comes on from time to time, and although there are no significant oil leaks at this time, frequent engine oil checks are of course a must.


There is no major damage to the interior, but the only thing that needs to be replaced is the leather on the shift boot. There is also a Panasonic DVD monitor, but it has never been used….


The shift boot can be purchased new on ebay for US$10.91 (shipping $17.07), please check it out.




"This Hummer H3 has surprisingly good fuel efficiency..." and "This Hummer H3 has surprisingly good fuel efficiency..." says the owner.... The owner says...

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably a strong enthusiast who has never measured the fuel economy of his favorite car! I’m sure you’re a strong enthusiast, but just in case you’re not…. According to the owner of this Hummer H3, thanks to the 5-speed manual transmission, the fuel efficiency increases to about 10km/L in the city and over 13km/L on the highway….


In fact, this improvement in fuel efficiency is what GM was aiming for in the development of the H3… Based on the concept of realizing a more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient Hummer that is an extension of the H1 and H2 with its huge and strong image, the Hummer H3 is equipped with a 3.5-liter inline five-cylinder engine that produces 220ps of maximum output and 31kg-m of maximum torque at 2800rpm. The Hummer H3 is equipped with a 3.5-liter inline five-cylinder two-engine that produces 220ps maximum output and 31kg-m maximum torque at 2800rpm. This was so well received by customers around the world as the “Hummer of the real world” that it more than doubled the overall sales of GM’s small Hummer division at the time…!


"2006 Hummer H3 with a 5-speed manual transmission... Please read the video and read on...!

Pheasants appear on the roadside on the owner’s drive (!) He drove us on a nice forest road…!


First, let’s get into the car…


From the H1 to the H2, and now the final H3, the refined taste has been added further, and the modernized high quality interior design is even higher quality than the previous generation H2….


The modernized and high quality interior design is even higher quality than the previous generation H2.


Leather-wrapped steering wheel, premium cloth seats, 6-speaker audio system, keyless entry, power windows and door locks, air conditioning, dual front bucket seats, folding rear bench seat, aluminum interior trim, and other very sophisticated equipment are all eye-catching….


Finally, it’s time to start the engine!


As soon as you start the engine and start driving, you will notice the high IQ of this car…!


With the sound of the V8’s large displacement that is unique to American cars, the car doesn’t just push forward with a “delo-delo-delo-delo” sound, it responds to the throttle with agility, the engine blows silky smooth, and pulls the 2.2 ton body smartly. It’s a unique feeling…!


You don’t feel that it’s a large vehicle at all, and the good visibility and turning performance from the high eye point is as expected of a vehicle that holds physical ability…! With a minimum turning radius of 5.5 meters, it is also impressive for its maneuverability.


Very attractive…


This is the true appeal of the Hummer H3 as a dexterous and nimble climber…!



The Hummer was born in 1992 when American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, eager to use the HMMWV (Humvee) M998 manufactured by AM General for the U.S. military for his own personal use, asked AM General to order 10 Hummers for him to use in town. Arnold Schultzenegger, an American actor who was eager to use the M998 for his own personal use, asked AM General to special order 10 of them for him to use in town, which led to the birth of Hummer in 1992. The brand image and DNA of Hummer, which is based on the concept of “Strong and Beautiful America,” the pride of the American people, is still flowing from H1 to H2 to this H3.


When I was in the U.S. until 2000, I had a fond memory of driving a newly released Hummer H1, and as I was writing this article, I remembered my friend in the U.S. who was driving the H1 telling me, “Driving the H1 is….


Driving the H1 is like being a neighbor on wheels, everyone sitting in their own private room, isolated by the wide and long center console…. To communicate, you have to shout over the engine and road noise…. Once I called my daughter on my cell phone while driving the H1…. My daughter was actually in the back seat.” I remembered her telling me in a funny way.


Compared to that time, the H3 has evolved wonderfully and become a Hummer that anyone can drive, while inheriting its DNA.


The Hummer H3 is a highly maneuverable multi-purpose vehicle that can overcome a 40cm vertical wall, cross a 70cm deep river, handle a 60% gradient and 40% side slope, and easily overcome rough roads.


The Hummer H3 is the most powerful vehicle on earth that will greatly stimulate the senses of the new owner and give him or her the “joy of driving on the earth,” whether on land or on rough terrain….


I think it would be very special to wash the car once in a while and take it out for a dashing ride in the city….

▲This very nice “2006 Hummer H3 Type S” is currently located in Nagano Prefecture.

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