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Bentley Turbo R

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The Ultimate Burn Found...! A classic car collector's warehouse where a Bentley Turbo R has been sleeping for 8 years with the engine running every week.... Bentley Turbo R in a classic car collector's warehouse, engine running every week for 8 years...! Well preserved! Engine in good condition! The ultimate neo-classic, the one that the world is looking at with passion, was just waiting to make its public road debut...! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

In a clean and dustproof warehouse, the engine is started every week, and if there is any sign of modification, the doctor is called for immediate attention… The car is carefully stored in a dust-free condition and can make its debut on public roads at any time as long as it is inspected.


In the private museum and warehouse of the owner, who is probably “the best antique collector in Japan,” there are many first-class art works collected from all over the world, as well as “the neo-classic” pieces that would make an enthusiast balk, arranged like works of art. The collection is so well arranged that visitors are overwhelmed from the bottom of their hearts…!


The collector, who is now 74 years old, is a corporate owner who has been working hard since he was young, and his saga is so exciting to hear. I have driven 28 Mercedes-Benz cars including a W112 “Fintail” until today! He still owns several Mercedes-Benz cars as his collection. He is a kind-hearted person who takes the greatest pleasure in keeping and managing the details in a vehicle management ledger.


The British car that first turned the owner’s attention to German cars about 10 years ago has already been on the market for 20 years… Since its release in 1998, the nostalgia for older models has begun, and the Bentley has gained a reputation for being “surprisingly fast and sturdy”. The “1989 Bentley Turbo R” had a reputation for being “remarkably fast and robust” and remained a symbol of the best days of pure Bentley….


The owner looks back on those days with narrowed eyes and says fondly, “I really wanted to experience the dynamic power of the 7L Bentley engine…! He says with a nostalgic look in his eyes.


This Bentley Turbo R is really fast…! It is so smooth and fast that Cadillac’s 5L is incomparable…. There’s nothing else like it when you go full throttle on the highway…. It speeds up with a margin that is mind-boggling, and the seemingly inexhaustible torque makes it go forward effortlessly…! It was truly intoxicating to see such a heavy piece of steel speeding along so effortlessly. It really is an amazing car…”


This “speed with room to spare” and “sports car-like handling” that attracted many drivers was undoubtedly the most appealing part of the Bentley Turbo R. This car became the best-selling car in Bentley’s history. This is the reason why this car became the best seller in the history of Bentley.


The car presented here today is a rare example that was purchased in the mid-2000s when prices were skyrocketing due to nostalgia for purebreds, and has since aged gracefully under the loving care of its owner….


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Similarities and dissimilarities ... the noble royal spirit and the DNA of a pure-bred sports car The endangered Bentley...

Bentley and Rolls-Royce are strikingly similar, yet very different car manufacturing brands. What these two big names have in common is that they were created by pioneers driven by a passion for engineering to create innovative motorization during the Taisho era in Japan and the Art Deco era worldwide….


Bentley, which won Le Mans in 1930 with its famous Speed Six, a large racing car unlike any before, and Rolls-Royce, which focused on the manufacture of genuine luxury saloons, were both received with self-righteousness in Britain at a time when the country lagged behind France and Germany in automobile development. However, the “Great Depression” hit the country.


However, in a historical prank called “the Great Depression,” Bentley was acquired by Rolls-Royce, but in respect for the spirit of the company’s founder, a clause was left in the agreement that says “there will be no permanent impact on each other’s brands” to this day. This is still the case today….


This ensures that Bentley remains a high-performance sports car that enhances the driving experience, just as Rolls-Royce remains a pure luxury car that represents the pride of the Royal Spirit….


A car-loving British friend of mine told me that “Royalty and politicians may choose to sit in the back of a Rolls-Royce… but true car enthusiasts and enthusiasts choose to drive a Bentley themselves…”…. He said….


When I slowly unravel this rare family history, I think that the identity of each of the two companies, nurtured in the British automobile culture, is of great historical value……..




The fine craftsman-like English style was to change in 1998, just before the sound of the millennium, when other ethnic capitals brought the pure lineage to an end.


And unfortunately…


The number of “neo-classics” of good quality in Japan has been decreasing rapidly, and they are on the way to becoming endangered species.


This sad fact is largely due to the historical mischief of the Japanese economy in the 1990s.


Japan was in the midst of a bubble economy…and the Japanese market was a big and attractive market from the point of view of foreign builders. Italian bull and horse stamps and British angels were imported in surprisingly large numbers. After more than 30 years, they gradually appeared on the used car market and were resold at saturated prices that could be called unfair compared to their “product value”….


The noble purebreds in Japan, where the strictest car inspection system in the world exists and money is lavishly spent…. Naturally, buyers from the U.K., Europe, and emerging countries were interested in these cars. Unfortunately, most of the “last purebreds” from the late 1980’s to 1998, called “SZ series”, unfortunately crossed the ocean and returned to their home countries….


Today, the remaining purebreds in Japan are either cherished and loved by enthusiasts and left in excellent condition, or they are restoration bases or parts scrapped vehicles. Naturally, those that have been well cared for and maintained are on their way to becoming “The Neo Classics” under the loving care of their owners.


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A true thoroughbred sports car that will change your driving style and your life...! A true thoroughbred sports car... 1991 Bentley Turbo R was this kind of car...

In 1985, the Turbo R was introduced as the successor to the Mulsanne….


Unfortunately, the suspension of the fast but overly soft and uncomfortable car was fatal to its popularity, and the development of the Turbo R began with a major goal of increasing the roll rigidity by 50%.


The turbo R, whose name was given the initial “R” to emphasize its road-holding characteristics, had its stabilizer rates increased by 60% in the front and 80% in the rear, while the shock absorbers were also tuned to improve cornering stability. Lateral rods were introduced to improve cornering stability, and the car was tuned to be more maneuverable and to allow the driver to feel the increase in speed more strongly, transforming this massive car into a high performance car.


The car is powered by a traditional Rolls-Royce pushrod V8 engine with a Garrett T3 turbocharger, and in keeping with Rolls-Royce tradition, the manufacturer’s stated output is urban legendarily described as “Enough,” but in fact the injected model boasts an output of approximately 300 hp and a top speed of 1,000 km/h. It boasted an output of approximately 300 hp, and showed off its superb handling and addictive acceleration with its bottomless torque…!


The “Turbo R”, clad in the image of a super-dreadnought sports car, captured the hearts of enthusiasts around the world, and with 4,653 units of the short-wheelbase version produced, it became a big hit as a luxury car and at the same time surpassed Rolls-Royce’s sales volume for the first time…. At the same time, it surpassed Rolls-Royce in sales volume for the first time… It succeeded in changing the image of Bentley.


The Bentley Turbo R, which was produced for 12 years until 1998, was the catalyst for the creation of many subsequent derivative models…. The Bentley Turbo R is a rare example of a pure-bred Bentley that has become the starting point of today’s Bentleys, with its unparalleled noble manner that is inextricably linked to its phenomenal acceleration and overwhelming speed, and which now has a significant meaning as it has become a neo-classic.


Well preserved! Good engine! Bentley Turbo R has been sitting in a classic car collector's warehouse for 8 years with the engine running every week. Bentley Turbo R in detail condition after 8 years of storage...

The owner, whom we introduced in the introduction, has been taking good care of this car in the warehouse. The engine is started every week, so when we visited him for the interview, the engine started up from a cold state and stood in front of the warehouse with a steady and gentle V8 sound.


The car was sold at an astonishing price of 35 million yen (!!!) when it was new. The price is very attractive for those who understand the value of this car and have read this far, but we would like the new owner to further modify the car to make it a VERY GOOD neo-classic….


The engine is in excellent condition. There is no major damage to the exterior and there is no problem to drive the car as it is after the inspection, but there are some age-related changes.


There is a small amount of clear peeling next to the molding in the center of the engine hood.


There is a scratch on the center of the front bumper next to the license plate.


There is a small chip of paint on the tip of the right rear door.


There is a fine abrasion on the corner of the rear bumper.


There is a small abrasion on the tip of the driver’s door.


A 5mm hole can be seen at the center of the driver’s seat.


The wrinkles on the driver’s seat should be dyed.


There is a scratch on the left rear seat that looks like something was caught on it.


The car is currently equipped with studless tires.


The above are also shown in the detailed video filmed under sunny skies.


The Bentley’s traditional alloy engine, which has been bench tested for 1.6 million kilometers before being delivered to customers, has just finished breaking in after 58,000 kilometers in storage. The engine is now 30+ years old….


The handling is good, it is fast and furious, and gives the owner a feeling like no other car can…. Enthusiasts will definitely want to try it…!


1991 Bentley Turbo R... After the interview...

Although I described the car as a vehicle in dynamic storage in a warehouse, I realized that “private museum display vehicle” would be a better description of the situation…. The owner is a very dynamic and poignant person, but he is 74 years old and has a positive outlook on life……. He hopes to hand down this historical car to the next generation.


The Ultimate Burn Found…! In the warehouse of a classic car collector, there was a Bentley Turbo R that had been sleeping for 8 years with the engine running every week…! Well preserved! Engine in good condition! The ultimate neo-classic, the object of the world’s keenest attention, was just waiting to make its public road debut…!


Now, let’s go! This “noble sports car” is ready to make its public road debut once it has been inspected, and its gentle style will surely change even the driving style of its new owner…!


Please come to Gunma Prefecture to see this supreme neo-classic….

This very nice "1989 Bentley Turbo R" is It is currently located in Gunma, Japan.

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