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nissan skyline 2000gt 2nd hardtop kgc100

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Ultra-rare... Only one C10 in the world, considered to be a phantom, existed in its original form...! This is the only one that was ordered in a special color, and was "hand-blown" by a craftsman off the production line at the time.

In 2007, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. held a nationwide event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Skyline, inviting the product development managers of the first-generation Skyline, including Shinichiro Sakurai and Shuji Ito, as legends who created the good old days. The event looked back on each era and introduced the appeal of the “Skyline” to a wide audience both inside and outside Japan.

Naturally, many Skyline enthusiasts drove their beloved cars to the event, but the car that caught Mr. Sakurai and Mr. Ito’s attention was a C10 Skyline 2000GT with a GT-R front grille and side drafters, which was a special-order upgraded version of the original olive green color of the car. It was a Skyline 2000GT….

The current owner of this car had experienced the aforementioned event as a party member before he acquired this special car, and he said, “I was surprised that the president of the company at that time (the late Mr. Kato) would go to the trouble of removing this car from the Skyline line, which was selling well, and have a craftsman hand-blow the paint on it. There is a special episode that surprised Mr. Sakurai and Mr. Ito, “Even the president of the company at that time (the late Mr. Katsuji Kawamata) could not have done it.


Startability, drivability, and the image of the interior and exterior that remains as it was in those days...! A fully original unit that will take you back half a century in a time warp. Let's take a closer look at the whole process....

The current owner of the car, who has covered almost all the Skyline models, especially the GT-R, can say that the history of the Skyline itself is his automotive career…. Of course, as an enthusiast, he has a wide collection of European cars, from Italian bouncing horses to German pedigree cars, but “there was nothing better than the Skyline in Japan”, he said. The car was stored only on sunny days from May to November every year, and of course, it was never rained on.

The first thing that catches everyone’s eye when they see this special car is the olive green exterior, which was hand-painted by a craftsman using a custom color…. As shown in the video, there is no rust or corrosion on the underside, floor pan, and under the side sills, and although there are some caulking spots on the corners of the window moldings, the soft rubber parts still retain their elasticity. It stands in front of your eyes in an astonishing condition, showing no sign of the fact that half a century has passed. Looking at the inside of the trunk room, which was kept in very good condition, we could certainly see traces of hand-painted paint (confirmed by a professional), and the tasteful, original appearance made us pause.

Who was the person who ordered it at that time?

The front grille and side drafters are GT-R’s. The special hand-blown color was carefully applied by hand. The rear garnish is a 2000GT garnish, but it has been removed due to the current owner’s preference. Of course, the GT features can be seen everywhere, and it was very fascinating to be able to observe the original seats, interior and details of the GT including the antenna….


In the long history of the Skyline, the existence of the 3rd generation C10 was too important to mention... The significance of keeping a famous car in Japanese automobile history alive in its original form for the future...

The third generation and Nissan’s first boxy Skyline C10 was a very successful model. 310,447 units were produced between 1968 and 1972, which is a considerable number considering the historical background of the early days of domestic automobiles…. The number of cars that still exist today is not only high, but many have been modified to look like the GT-R. If we take into account the state of preservation, the existence of the original 2000GT equipped with the famous L20 is truly precious, as it is somewhere between a sports model and a sedan.

The owner has a deep-seated feeling of “I don’t want to let it go so easily” in front of this very valuable car, but he is determined to introduce it widely, including the fact that it existed, and to make his positive mind up by saying “I want this car to be a car that can tell the story of Japanese automobile history. He is also thinking of passing the car on to someone who will take good care of it.


After the interview...

When I am interviewing and writing about rare cars on a daily basis, I often wonder about them.

Owners who have decided to let go of their cars for various reasons, but who, when we interview them, have a twinkle in their eyes as if they were our own children, and have absolutely no mood of letting go of their cars.

They have worked very hard for many years to keep their precious cars in the best condition…. We are very sorry to let go of such a precious piece that has been cherished like our own child for so many years….

Why are you giving up such a wonderful and historically valuable Skyline? I was very impressed when he said with a laugh, “It’s time to pass on the baton….

Please also check out the video he filmed himself….


The original C10, which is considered to be the only one of its kind in the world, existed…! Only one C10 was ordered in a special color, and the craftsman “hand-blown” it off the production line at that time…! This is an astonishing car that instantly transports one’s surroundings back to half a century ago….

You can’t find this one even if you look for it… You have to wait to meet it… Once you get it, you will never let it go… A car that can tell its history will change the life of the new owner who is yet to be seen reading this…!

It is a precious car that can tell its history….

Please come to Nagano Prefecture for a rare test drive experience.

This very valuable "1971 Nissan Skyline 2000GT 2dr Hardtop KGC10" is currently located in Nagano, Japan.

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