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Rolls-Royce Corniche I Coupe, Mulliner Parkward, coachbuilt.

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Only 437 units produced... The owner wanted to revive this very rare right-hand-drive car.... Iron bumper early model Corniche I coupe with BG exterior and Connolly leather interior has been restored! This car has been garage kept for a long time in a collector's garage....

I had been nervous before the interview when I heard that it was a right-hand-drive Rolls-Royce Corniche I with iron bumpers and the top-of-the-line Mulliner Parkward chassis.

The name “Corniche” is beautiful even from its name. The name “Corniche” was originally a beautiful name first used for a Bentley prototype car made in 1939. The name is derived from the name of a beautiful bay road in the Cote d’Azur in southern France. It is a sublimation of the 19th century Victorian image, a moving mid-century interior space that wonderfully expresses the high dignity of the era….

The body and interior are all handmade by the skilled craftsmen of “Mulliner Parkward,” the premier coachbuilder in the U.K. that has wowed the royal aristocracy, and the Rolls-Royce chassis, which is a myth that cannot be broken. The fusion at a miraculous level with the Rolls-Royce chassis, which is an unbreakable myth, is show-fer-driven and can give blissful moments not only to the passengers in the back seat but also to the owner-driver who takes the steering wheel away from the show-fer and takes the steering wheel himself. Today, nearly half a century after its production, it has become “the last classic Rolls-Royce that can be driven at a high level without worry”…!

It was impossible for my heart not to be touched….


A Lost British Tradition...Top British Coachbuilder,
What is Mulliner Parkward, Inc.

In the modern Bentley models, there is a lineup called “Mulliner package” because of the existence of the surviving craftsmen of those days, but in the era when the voice of the millennium began to be heard and the rational and cost-oriented modern business model became commonplace, there were cars that disappeared, although they were greatly regretted, and they were British cars. There were cars that could speak of the true British culture, which were handcrafted by traditional craftsmen and handmade by artisans.

The history of the British up to the 20th century, which started from the harness manufacturing in the 16th century to the carriage manufacturing in the 18th century and respected the traditional craftsmanship, has disappeared in today’s rational manufacturing by the electronically controlled robot industry, and the manufacturing method called “artisanal handcraft coachbuilding” has become the usual method in the luxury car manufacturing. This was the norm in the manufacture of luxury cars. This method, which was completely different from the standard model, was based on the customer’s requirements, and especially at Rolls-Royce, there was a clear division between the machine builders and the body builders (coachbuilders)….

Mulliner and Parkward, two of the top two coachbuilders in the U.K., merged in the course of history and became the leading coachbuilders in the postwar period with their aluminum body construction techniques and interior finishes that could never be imitated by any other coachbuilders. Mulliner-Parkward went down in history as the top British coachbuilder, and continued to satisfy the needs of royalty and aristocrats around the world….


The Corniche I, with its iron bumper and Rolls-Royce OHV V8 6748cc ultra-quiet Big Torque engine managed by twin SU carburetors, is a Victorian beauty...truly elegant and beautiful....

We are told that the exterior and interior of this early model ’74 Corniche I, which has been kept in a very nice indoor environment, were refreshed a few years ago during the previous owner’s time. The current owner, who has inherited this valuable early model that has been sitting in his garage for several years, has asked us to take over his will and let him drive it on public roads once again.

The first thing that instantly strikes you is the majestic appearance of this early right-hand drive Corniche I, which has a British Green body color that was repainted a few years ago…! The body is handcrafted by artisan craftsmen with a miraculous balance of straight and curved lines, which cannot be achieved by machine production. The texture of the body, which I can feel through my cornea, is so wonderful that I can’t help but exclaim, “・・・・! I could not help but exclaim through my corneas…!

Opening the massive door and moving my eyes to the interior, I found an interior space that had been reupholstered with leather by Connolly a few years ago.

The tan-colored leather seats, whose thickness can be felt even without touching them, are so entrancing with their stitching work…. The comfort on the car was as wonderful as a high-end European sofa that would satisfy the world’s royalty and aristocracy….

The prestigious coachbuilder, Mulliner Parkward…. The craftsmanship of the master coachbuilder can be seen everywhere, such as the woodwork arranged by carefully selecting only the beautiful grain of the very finest walnut, which is present as a stunning interior accent, as if one were looking at antique furniture by Chippendale. The beauty of the door knobs…. The beauty of the woodwork, which has been carefully selected and arranged using only wood grains, is like looking at antique furniture by Chippendale, and the form of the door knobs.

The mascot “The Spirit of Ecstasy,” a.k.a. “The Flying Lady,” created by sculptor Charles Robinson Sykes based on the Nike statue atop the Parthenon, is a dignified and graceful guide as she moves along the road. The “Flying Lady” mascot, a.k.a. “The Spirit of Ecstasy,” is a car lover’s dream come true as she leads the way with her majestic grace. Sitting in the driver’s seat with a slightly elevated view, you will notice that the view is so clear that it is hard to believe that this car is over 5 meters long….

The graceful and flowing aluminum bodywork is truly a Muriner-Parkward specialty, a traditional craft that transcends the realm of an industrial product. At first glance, it may look similar to the Silver Shadow, a mass-produced model with a steel body, but in fact, they are completely different…. The Corniche is handmade by skilled craftsmen who beat the aluminum panels by hand, and it takes twice as long and twice as much process as the Silver Shadow to produce.

Therefore, the sensation you get just by sitting in this unique car is something you can never experience in today’s high-spec cars made by robots. It is a feeling that only “handmade by classic craftsmen” can give you. It is exactly the same as the “feeling” that resonates in your brain when you see the wonderful glass artworks of Lalique, Galle, Dome, and others, which were manufactured in the same historical background…!

And then… turn the key and ignite the engine! The 6748cc traditional OHV engine with aluminum-silicon alloy block, aluminum cylinder head, and cast iron wet cylinder liners wakes up instantly without any fuss, and after a momentary roar, the engine shifts to idling in absolute silence. There was a peacefulness itself, a “rich silence” if I may describe it….

Please take your time to watch the video to get a better sense of the richness of the sensation.


We would like to bring a classic Rolls-Royce back to life by someone who has the will to do so. The sincere wish of the current owner...

Unfortunately, we were not able to enjoy that truly mellow, “thump! and the enormous torque of the OHV Rolls-Royce V8 engine that accelerates like a magic carpet…….

This car is currently registered for cancellation. However, the brakes are still a little sticking due to the fact that the car has not been driven for a while, so it will require some maintenance work before it can be fully inspected and driven on public roads. However, it seems that it will require some maintenance work in the future to get it inspected and driven on public roads.

The entire body, which was refreshed in British Green a few years ago, is clean and rust-free, but there are some rust spots on the chrome parts (left light cover, front bumper, rear bumper, door handles, trunk lid handle, and sashes), except for the right light cover. Although it does not affect the running of the car as it is, it is necessary to re-plated the classic Rolls-Royce in order to drive it majestically and elegantly….

Please take your time to watch the video.

I would like to see a classic Rolls-Royce brought back to life by someone who is willing…” This is the sincere wish of the current owner. We felt this very much during this interview….


1974 Rolls-Royce Corniche I Coupe Mulliner Parkward Coachbuilt Interview Afterword...

Founded by Sir Charles Stuart Rolls and engineer Sir Frederick Henry Royce, who made British automobile history in the late Victorian era, the Rolls-Royce Company has become synonymous with the finest cars in passenger car manufacturing today.

The traditional OHV, V8 6230cc unit with aluminum-silicon alloy block, aluminum cylinder heads, and cast iron wet cylinder liners is very efficient and sturdy, and is said to be “unbreakable unless the mechanics or driver take extra care…. It is a famous unit that has become a proof of the myth that “Rolls-Royce will never break down unless the mechanics or driver do something too hard.

This engine has a mysterious image like Rolls-Royce, and the detailed specs of the engine have been “undisclosed” from the time of its launch to today, and even if you look for the spec data of the time, it is only described as “ENOUGH”…. ….

You should definitely get on it, it will change your life...

I was once told by an enthusiast who has owned a Rolls-Royce for 40 years….

You don’t need a reason to restore a precious Rolls-Royce and drive it in today’s environment…. If we can incorporate in our limited lives the feeling of joy that comes from the heart when we own a Rolls-Royce, our ideas and thoughts will become richer and richer…. The Corniche I with the most maniacal iron bumpers is truly a “one for life” that expresses rich sensibility….

Only 437 units were produced…. The car has been garage kept for a long time in a collector’s garage and is very close to making its public road debut…!

If there are any enthusiasts who would like to own this car, we would be very happy if you could take over the current owner’s will….

Please come to Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture, to meet this very rare car….

This very nice "1974 Rolls-Royce Corniche I Mulliner Parkward Coachbuilt" is currently located in Gotemba, Shizuoka, Japan.

This vehicle is being requested by a private individual, so no consumption tax or other fees will be charged.

Also, the vehicle is currently registered for temporary cancellation, so there is no need to pay the monthly automobile tax.

The buyer is responsible for the transportation of the car, but I am also responsible for the transportation of classic cars. If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us.

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