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The Genealogy of the White Era, which laid the foundation for the current history of the automobile... The GX-71 Mark II with manual transmission A real hero of the times...! The atmosphere of the Showa era This low-mileage, high quality car has been finished up with a new exterior finish, and is now ready to bring a show title to its owner. This low-mileage, high quality car, which still retains its Showa-era atmosphere, is now ready to bring its owner a show title...!

Although it was a small car with a 5 license plate number frame, the mechanism that manufacturers at that time invested development costs like hot water in the engine hood was installed…. The most important part was the luxurious interior, including the fluffy rear seats made of “moquette,” which was synonymous with the era. These cars with “high society” features that were clearly different from family cars were called “Hi-So Cars” in Japanese, a term that remained popular in Japan until the eve of the collapse of the bubble economy. There was a time when the streets of Japan were filled with “white cars” until the eve of the collapse of the bubble economy.

Background of Japan’s economic development and the popularity of white cars

It is no exaggeration to say that the background that gave birth to the “white car” was a time when Japanese manufacturers pursued automobile performance based on vast amounts of development funds that are unimaginable today, and the technological innovations that we can be proud of today are the result of the day-and-night research efforts of our predecessors.

In the 1970s, the image of luxury cars, such as company cars with chauffeurs and official cars, was all jet black, as in the phrase “black-lacquered luxury cars. Against the backdrop of a gradually improving economy, the third generation Crown was introduced to the market with the catchphrase “White Crown” in order to cultivate demand for luxury cars among individuals…. The improving economy also triggered a “one car per family” car boom, and bright colors reflecting the economy gradually began to be favored….

In the 1980s…an era of hope for a bright future and explosive sales of home appliances and other products with an image of further upward mobility…the Series 10 Toyota Soarer, presented to people who dreamed of an urban lifestyle, was the first car to wear the body color “Super White” and was the first car to feature advanced technology such as Multi-Vision, which was a symbol of the era, and a super high-spec engine. It was equipped with advanced technology such as Multi-Vision, which symbolized the era, and an ultra-high-spec engine, and as a model that presented people with a bright future, it caused explosive sales despite its overwhelmingly high price range.

In the 80’s, on the eve of the bursting of the bubble economy, when everyone was yearning for a new car….

The memories of those days remain in the hearts of the first generation, who had a direct yearning for the future…. And for the second generation of enthusiasts, who were fascinated by the Showa era’s technological innovations and unique boxy, angular design, as well as the luxurious and gorgeous Showa-era “high-society car” interior that has now disappeared, even though they did not know it at the time…. These cars reflecting this era will be passed down in the automotive history as famous cars for a long time to come.


In the end of 2009, I purchased a one-owner car with 5735km running and no accidents. Purchased a car with a top quality interior to create an image of its own.... The car has been freshened up with a manual transmission conversion, and has been inspected and certified...and is now ready to bring home the show title!

I visited the site this time and saw a 1986 Toyota Mark II Grande, carefully stored in a shuttered garage with a soft blanket over it…. It was one of the three GX71 series brothers, Mark II, Chaser, and Cresta, which were introduced in 1984 and made a definitive history of Shiro….

The owner experienced this era as the first generation, and experienced the time when the streets were filled with white-colored hi-so cars in his youth.

He had experienced the time when he was a junior high school student and went to see his school teacher’s car in the parking lot.

When we asked him about his car history, he told us that he had driven several 71 Crestas, starting with a 10 Series Soarer…!

He is an enthusiastic enthusiast who told us about the wonderful craftsmanship of Toyota cars of that era, saying, “I couldn’t drive today’s cars once I got to know the quality of manufacturing that put in a lot of cost even in seemingly useless places…. He is an enthusiastic enthusiast.

The owner came across this car at the end of 2009. The mileage is 5735km (!). One day, he happened to find this one-owner, fully normal, accident-free car with stunningly wonderful contents including wine red moquette interior…!

As you can see in the video, there was corrosion on the roof rubber molding and part of the trunk, so he decided to restore the exterior…. He disassembled the car by himself, delivered it to a sheet metal shop, and painted it in the same color as the original, Super White… He also painstakingly applied 2-component surfacer to the surface. The car was finished with a 5-speed manual transmission, and was certified to be used on public roads.

The owner’s maintenance records from 2011, when the car was officially inspected, are all in the owner’s possession, but what really shows the owner’s “love for this car” is the maintenance handbook starting from 2014.

The details of the maintenance booklet are really wonderful, and you can see how the owner has been treating this car with love and care.

The original interior is superb and the exterior is well finished. The car has been lovingly maintained, and has been kept in a garage with shutters as mentioned above. The owners are very careful not to start riding until the calcium chloride that has been sprayed on the road twice each spring has been completely washed away.

Now that the season has begun, the owners are ready to dress up their cars like heroes…! (*Refer to the photos at the end of the event) The vehicle was set up with dampers and fitted with 14-inch SSRs on the attractively lowered chassis…! He mainly enjoys participating in events, and has participated in the “Nagano Nostalgic Car Show” held in May for 7 consecutive years in recent years……and is the one who comes home with a trophy……and usually ends the season by participating in the “Hachimaru Meeting” held in November as the last event of the season…. They usually end the season by participating in the “Hachimaru Meeting” held in November, the last event of the season, and begin hibernation under a soft blanket in the garage. Naturally, it is not ridden in the rain, and has only been hit by rain twice so far.

It is a wonderful machine that can bring home a show title at an event, but it has been 36 years since it was manufactured and is still battling with missing parts…. The owner sincerely told us the following “parts that are not original” and “points to be reviewed in the future”….

The air conditioner, which was repaired by Denso Japan in 2013 and is r134 compliant, is currently not producing cold air, perhaps due to gas loss.

The front shock absorbers are missing in the original condition as shown in the current photo.

The original wheels in the photo are in the original condition, but there are no wheel caps.

The C-pillar crystal cover without emblem is currently installed. The original one has been removed and stored.

The horn has been replaced with a Mitsuba horn (original is stock).

The air vent on the upper right side of the dashboard may open due to wind pressure or over bumps.

The rear fenders have been folded to dress up the car. The chrome arch moldings are not included.

There is a part of deteriorated rubber around the rear window that has been repaired with caulking.

A maintenance hole is provided to allow access to the nut from the inside of the trunk for cleaning the back of the license plate.

The front mat guard has been cut to prevent rubbing, assuming that the vehicle will be lowered by installing dampers.

The door mirrors do not retract. The driver’s side mirror is fine, but the left mirror’s mirror surface adjustment is not working properly.

The rear trunk molding has a drainage hole where water collects.

The following are the details….

And for more detailed information…

The manual transmission that has been replaced and certified by the owner has been kept in the donor car, and the owner’s detailed maintenance handbook (see photos and video) will be handed over to the new owner along with the 13-year maintenance record book.

The car is a safe and reliable car with a well-maintained engine that can be driven home as is if the owner has liability insurance and brings a temporary license plate number.

This Toyota Mark II Grande is a representative of Shiro’s 80’s high-sophisticated cars and was often commented by many people at events.

We hope that the current owner will dress up the car with a set of his/her favorite wheels to make it more attractive to the second generation of enthusiasts who have no direct knowledge of the cars of this era.

For more details, please check out the video edited by the author….


1986 Toyota Mark II Grande post-coverage report...

When I am interviewing and writing about rare cars on a daily basis, I often wonder about them.

Owners who have decided to let go of their cars for various reasons, but who, when we interview them, have a twinkle in their eyes as if they were our own children, and have absolutely no mood of letting go of their cars….

They have been struggling for a long time to collect valuable parts that are almost out of stock…. Of course, if there was a problem, they would work on it in the garage night and day, and finally let go of the finished car….

Why are you giving up your Mark II, which was finished so beautifully? The owner said with a laugh, “Because it was finished…….except for the missing parts, there was nothing left to work on…….” I understand.

I think I understand…

The owner of the car, dreaming of showing off his precious car at an event, enjoys the process itself. In fact, it is too good to drive on a regular basis….

I am sure that there are many enthusiasts who can imagine this….

We felt that it is the greatest merit of private sales to introduce valuable cars to new owners who will cherish them and directly communicate the history of their hardships.

The GX-71 Mark II, converted to a manual transmission, was a real hero of the times…! This low-mileage, high quality car, which still retains its Showa-era atmosphere, has been finished up with a new exterior and is now ready to bring a show title to its owner…….

You will not be able to find this car even if you look for it…….you just have to wait for a momentary encounter…….. Once you get it (this time…), you will never part with it, and it will be a lifetime Hachimaru Hero that will greatly enrich the enthusiast life of new owners who read this…!

Please come to Nagano Prefecture to hear about the owner’s hardships.

This very good condition "1986 Toyota Mark II Grande Restored Manual Transmission Conversion" is It is currently located in Nagano, Japan.

Since this is a private sale, no sales tax or other fees will be charged.

The owner has kindly agreed to pay the recycling deposit, so there will be no settlement.

Therefore, the only settlement is the price of the vehicle.

The vehicle on this page is a private sale of a vehicle.

The vehicles on this page were listed on “Enso-no Mori,” a private car sales information site.

The vehicles listed on this site are not car dealerships, but rather advertising agencies, and are for sale only after being interviewed at the owner’s request.

We interview the current owners in detail, including past maintenance records and repair histories, and whether or not the vehicle has been in an accident. If the vehicle has been involved in a major accident, or if the current owner’s ownership history is extremely short and we do not know the details, we decline to cover the vehicle.

The content of this article was written based on an interview with the owner of the car on June 19, 2022, from 1:00 p.m., under clear skies, in about three hours of interview time. Although we have conducted in-depth interviews as described above regarding past restoration history and other details, due to the nature of classic cars with vast histories, we may not always be able to provide 100% accurate descriptions of the current car’s condition, and the contents of this report are not all verified. Please note that comments on the condition of the car are based on the weather and conditions at the time of the interview, as well as the author’s subjective opinion.

If you have any questions about the listed vehicles, please contact us from the bottom of this page. Please note that this is a private transaction, and to prevent any unsolicited comments, the vehicle inspection is only for customers who are considering the purchase of the vehicle.

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