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Maserati Quattroporte 4.2 Duo Select

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Warning...! You may get so hooked on this car that you'll sell your soul...! Powered by the world's most powerful V8 dry sump engine The fifth generation Maserati Quattroporte with DUO SELECT has no mass appeal whatsoever...! It was a high-end Italian It is a high-end Italian driving machine...!

Before reading this article, please note the following….

The Quattroporte, a Maserati masterpiece created by a strange fate, was priced at over 17 million yen when new in Japan, just one generation before the Quattroporte. The “world’s best product value” that we will introduce below is priced at “1.8 million yen” (!!!), or about 1/10 of the original price. Is it a paradise or a quagmire? Or is it a quagmire? We hope you will be prepared to sell your soul to the angels…!

From its beginnings as a racing car constructor to the exotic cars of the past…

For those who know the history of Maserati, the name alone is beautiful… The Quattroporte….

In 1997, Maserati became a subsidiary of Ferrari, and under the strong leadership of Luca di Montezemolo, Chairman of Maserati Ferrari, the company’s mission was to once again rebuild itself as a luxury sports car brand, breaking the stereotype of the German-made luxury saloon and bringing back the luxury car manufacturing market to Italy. Maserati’s mission was to break the stereotype of the German luxury saloon and bring the luxury car manufacturing market back to Italy.

The concept of the fifth-generation Quattroporte, which was developed from “scratch” as Maserati’s flagship model, was…

The concept of the fifth generation Quattroporte, which was developed from “scratch” as Maserati’s flagship model, was “a Mercedes-Benz S-Class in overall length, a cabin size equivalent to a BMW 5 Series, driver-first handling, and a high level of dynamic performance and handling worthy of the Ferrari brand…”.

The body of the new car will be produced in a category that had never been seen before.

In the tradition of Maserati, whose name derives from the shape of its body, meaning “four doors,” the fifth generation Quattroporte, especially the “early model,” which was ordered to retake its sacred place in Italy in 2004, was only eight years old, from 1997 to 2005, when it was under the Ferrari umbrella. The F136 dry-sump V8 engine, the best in the world, mounted in the F430, was renamed M139, and despite being mounted in a large sedan, the engine was assembled and mounted at the Ferrari factory without being detuned…. …. The “Duo Select” paddle-shifted semi-automatic transmission, which is derived from the maniacal Ferrari F1 Matic, is directly connected to the transaxle to match the high-revving engine, and the car is born with a modernized Ferrari factory, a strong engineering team, and true Ferrari quality, and is the new Maserati. Maserati’s assassin, proudly declaring war on the German heartland’s luxury segment market…!


A Latin soul and a one-of-a-kind personality... A Modena masterpiece that has captivated enthusiasts around the world. ・・・・! The Fifth Generation Maserati Quattro More on the Porte...!

Italian cars have always fascinated enthusiasts around the world with their Latin soul and unique qualities…. The fifth-generation Quattroporte we present here is unique, one-of-a-kind, and truly fascinating…!

What attracted me throughout the interview was its flowing, curved form and large nose with a classic grille…! In contrast to the styling of the large sedan, the coupe design with flowing lines and shoulders that flow into a truly massive rear end is iconic, and stands before me with an aura around it that mass-produced cars do not have….

The design pays homage to the nose of the F2 racing car “A6GCS/53 Berlinetta Pininfarina”, which was built by Gioacchino Colombo, the maestro designer who created Ferrari’s 12-cylinder engine, when he moved to Maserati in 1952, and was considered the most beautiful Maserati in the world. The designer of the Quattroporte was Mr. Kiyoyuki Okuyama, aka Ken Okuyama, who was working for Pininfarina at that time….

The lightweight 4.2-liter V8 engine, made entirely of aluminum alloy, was placed completely behind the front axle, and the cabin was moved rearward due to the position of the engine. This ideal balance gave the large saloon, with an overall length of over 5 meters, exceptional handling with high responsiveness, agility, and little understeer….

This massive body was equipped with a high-revving Italian V8 engine from Ferrari, the world’s best, which blasts up to 7000 rpm…………sensual and heart-thumping! How could it not be fun?

In the later models, the DUO SELECT was replaced by a ZF automatic transmission for easier handling, the V8 engine was changed to a wet sump, and the engine characteristics were changed to a torque-oriented type….

In other words, the sensual and delicious aspects of the charismatic Ferrari F136 can only be fully enjoyed in the early models….

The appeal of the 4244cc high-revving V8 engine with normal aspiration and variable valve timing that produces 400HP is not only the ultra-agile throttle response produced by the smooth revving performance, but also the sound and sound quality itself, which is truly sensual and resonates with human senses. The world’s best V8 engine is now available.

The world’s best V8 engine can be fully appreciated in the 2005 Maserati Quattroporte, the first model introduced here…!

Please also check out the detailed video of the fascinating sound….

And that’s it…! Once you get into the car, you will be completely transformed by this car’s truly wonderful personality….

Once you open the heavy doors and get inside, you will find yourself in first class manners…. There is a quiet space required for a high-end luxury car, and it makes you feel that this car is not just an ordinary car.

As a result, the Quattroporte has been called the “Sedan Ferrari” and has established a new segment as a driver’s car that is truly fun to drive….

The suspension is a four-wheel double wishbone system with an integrated electronically controlled Skyhook suspension…. The chassis balance is said to be excellent in achieving superb body control by setting the damping firmly, and the moderate weight that responds sharply to steering input conveys the necessary information to the driver’s hands. The cornering performance is so high that the driver is unaware of the huge size of the car, and it is truly neutral, with a sense of going from the nose to the inside at the same time as the steering wheel turns in.

The paddle-operated duo select system, which has the same system as the F1matic, is computer-assisted, except that when downshifting, the driver blips the throttle to match the RPMs perfectly, and in auto mode, the car upshifts as smoothly as any automatic transmission.

And … if you turn off the forbidden stability control switch … you can even power-slide the big car …!

And all this in a first-class interior with no hint of the masses…!

This is the greatest charm of Quattroporte…! Even if you are not a car enthusiast, you will be impressed by the high level of space….

The interior quality of Quattroporte is higher than any high-end saloon and is truly first class….

The seats are made of Poltrona Frau, which has a fine feel to the touch, and the space is made of wood…. The entire cabin is trimmed in leather, and even the dashboard and gauges, engraved to 320 km, are stylish and beautiful…. The center console is a luxurious single piece of wood, the pinnacle of Italian style and craftsmanship…. It was truly an enchanting space with no hint of mass appeal….

This is the car that sold his soul to Maserati. The owner and the details of the 2005 Quattroporte 4.2


The owner of this Quattroporte, whom the author has been indebted to, has been an enthusiast all his life and is in the middle of the automobile culture, including his family business. He has gone far beyond the realm of a casual car enthusiast to plan and create his own original products. The projects he has worked on in the past have been amazing, and he is well known in some circles.

In his garage, there is a wide variety of projects in progress and remnants of past projects, and he faces the works created from his free ideas in an environment that is considered a “paradise” for car enthusiasts.

Such a “free spirit in full bloom! This 2005 Maserati Quattroporte 4.2 was sold by such a dynamic and dynamic owner. He has been looking for a car with a good maintenance record from the first owner, actively enjoying the highly reliable F1matic duo select system, and enjoying the sensual Ferrari sound and first class manner that resonates with the senses.

I have looked through the maintenance records from the first owner and there are records of a complete clutch kit replaced in 2017. Except for the replacement of the front door regulator, the car was seen to have had regular replacements of consumable parts such as the brake system.

It was a midsummer day at the time of the interview, but the air conditioner was working well and the water temperature was stable. There were no problems with the engine, and the vehicle was being used for normal daily transportation.

The owner of this car had a gasoline leak about 5000km after purchase, and the fuel pump had been replaced.

The resin parts of Italian cars were sticky due to hydrolysis, but they were cleaned up with anhydrous ethanol and the problem was solved.

There are some scuffs and scratches on the parts that are often touched by hands, but the passenger and rear seats, which are used infrequently, are in very clean condition.

Also, although it is not visible when the doors are closed, there is a fused area on the surface where the front door tip meets the body, and the surface material has peeled off.

As for the exterior, there are a few stone chips that appear to be from highway driving. Also, as shown in the attached photos, there are a few scratches and a few very small dents from hail….

The stains on the bright yellow foot mats are noticeable, but could easily be replaced….

The owner is a dynamic and sensitive person.

The body should be repainted in the color of his image, the grille should be removed and replaced with mesh, and the car should be lowered a little…it will be really cool! He said with a big smile on his face.

He is an enthusiast, after all! I knew he had a clear image of what he wanted to do…! He seemed to have a clear idea of what he wanted to do.

The old Maseratis used to break down, but now they are much better with Ferrari quality. I’ve driven many cars in my life, but I’ve never felt this way before…!” One thing he said during the interview deeply touched my heart.

The threshold is really high, but the hurdle is really low.

I thought that if the price of 1.8 million yen could be lowered to 1.8 million yen, and the owner-driver as well as the family could enjoy Ferrari’s world-class V8 engine in a first-class manner, it would at least serve as an emotional education to improve their sensitivity….


2005model Early Model Maserati Quattroporte 4.2 Duo Select After the interview...

Unavoidable garage conditions…

We heard that this is the situation of the owner who lost his soul this time, but his enthusiasm as an enthusiast never seems to cool down. He purchased a high value Maserati at a low price and modified it to his liking… He wanted to make it a unique and attractive car that no one else would have…! He has a clear image of what he wants to do, and he says, “I have already bought the mesh of the grille, so I can give it to the next person…”.

The enjoyment of changing the flagship of Maserati to one’s own taste at will…. It was also a very fascinating and fascinating road…….

Warning…! There is a possibility that you will be so absorbed in this car that you will sell your soul…! The fifth generation Maserati Quattroporte, powered by the world’s best V8 dry sump engine and driven by DUO Select, has no mass appeal whatsoever…! It is a high-end Italian driving machine of the highest quality…!

Please come to Gunma Prefecture for a soul-stirring and slightly dangerous visit….

This very nice 2005 Maserati Quattroporte 4.2 is currently located in Gunma, Japan.

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