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3.7L big torque with the pleasure of driving a 6-speed manual...! The 2009 Nissan Skyline Coupe CV36 370GT Type S, a luxury coupe for adults bearing the Skyline name, was a wild honor student that captured the hearts of enthusiasts...!

Driving the big-torque 370GT Skyline coupe on a winding road with a 6-speed manual is surely a dream come true…. The combination of a talkative front end and active rear steer allows for tremendous cornering speed and body control, while excellent stability control lets the driver know when he or she is pushing the limits, facilitates attitude recovery, and allows the car to take corners in a truly rhythmic manner. Clearing corners…. It easily lets you know that this car is very forgiving to go fast…. It is a car that reminds you that the DNA of the Skyline has flowed through it….

Although the car is only a little more than 10 years old, such an “interesting car” has disappeared from the lineups of manufacturers in today’s global automobile market. In this sense, you may have noticed that the concept of “used cars” is changing.

The 11th generation Skyline Coupe, the successor to the CV35 Skyline Coupe released in 2003, was fully remodeled in October 2007, one year after the V36 sedan. It is equipped with dramatic styling, a refined driver-oriented interior, and a newly developed 3.7-liter V6 engine with VVEL variable valve system, and is loved by Skyline enthusiasts all over the world.

This VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift) engine, which was also installed in the Fairlady Z of the same period, continuously changes the angle and lift of the intake valve in response to acceleration and speed, and the perfectly symmetrical air intakes increase intake air volume and reduce pumping loss The symmetrical air intakes increased intake air volume, reduced pumping loss, and greatly improved responsiveness….

The engine, which blows up smoothly and lightly to the red line of 7,500 rpm, boasts of low fuel consumption and clean exhaust that is unique to the current era, while its greatest selling point is its good response that allows the massive, massive body to be accelerated easily with big torque. The car’s dynamic speed ride against the square of its mass, like the law of inertia, has the ability to make the Skyline party of yesteryear roar…!

Its distinctive appearance is sure to catch the eye of car enthusiasts, and the design of the fenders flowing from the glamorous front to the rear is truly dynamic…! The expressive front mask, which combines the Skyline’s characteristic fender lines with a low, rhythmic, wavy hood, enhances the car’s commanding presence….

The interior is a modernized European style, a hallmark since the millennium, and is a concentration of innovative modern technology…. The Skyline Coupe is marketed with the goal of surpassing its North American rival, the BMW 3 Series Coupe… How could this car not be fun?

First, open the long, heavy doors and get into the interior….
The comfortable, enveloping driver’s position and supportive seats designed with “driving pleasure” in mind were marketed with the goal of surpassing the BMW 3 Series Coupe in North America, and the dual-stitched leather seats and other features are designed with the driver in mind. The high quality space is filled with an atmosphere where you can enjoy the time you spend sitting there….

The perfect balance of first-class tailored engine characteristics and body rigidity will intoxicate those behind the steering wheel…!
The CV36 370GT Skyline Coupe is equipped with a front midship 3.7L V6 VQ37 VVEL engine with big torque, the largest in its class, and the high body rigidity of the FR-L platform…! In addition, the matured speed-sensitive 4WAS equipped in this Type S has the steering link angle adjusted exquisitely, and the massive 370GT’s body turns “quickly” like a light-weight sport car in a series of corners. This is what makes the 370GT so unique. Furthermore, when driving at high speeds, the 370GT’s body size provides the stability and smoothness that are only possible with such a vehicle.

The matured Skyline…! I am sure that I am not the only one who nodded his head in agreement…!


The owner has a very unique way of dealing with his car and the details of this CV36 370GT...

The owner of this CV36 Skyline Coupe 370GT, who has been a great help to me, has been an enthusiast all his life and is in the middle of the automobile culture, including his family business.
His tastes go far beyond the realm of a casual car enthusiast, to the extent that he plans and creates original cars based on his imaginary worldview that no one else has ever driven. His past projects are also impressive, and he is well known in some circles.
In his garage, there is a wide array of projects in progress and remnants of past projects, making it a “paradise” for car enthusiasts, where he faces the many works created from his free ideas on a daily basis.

The owner of the Skyline Coupe says, “This Skyline Coupe is a very well-made car…an honor student indeed.
As you can see in the 50 photos and detailed video at the end of this report, the grille and steering wheel show some signs of use, but the owner is well aware of the weak points of this Skyline Coupe, and has been working on the car.

Some of the maintenance history is as follows…

Power steering rack and rack boots, hoses, tanks, and of course fluids have been replaced.
Replaced oil pressure switch to the temp switch.
Engine oil pump has been replaced with a rebuilt pump.
The oil pan has been removed and cleaned, and the sensors have been replaced.

The “weak points” of the 3.7L engine, which has a large amount of heat, have been taken care of……..

The owner, who has been familiar with the British classics, German horses, Modena red horses, and even the original cars with Ferrari engines, has said at length, “The engine characteristics and operability generated by the 3.7L NA’s bold torque are wonderful…”. The engine is so excellent that the owner of the car said at length, “The characteristics and operability of the engine, which is produced by the 3.7L NA’s bold torque, are wonderful.
I felt that this is a modern coupe that has inherited the DNA of “Skyline tradition”….


CV36 Skyline Coupe 370GT Type S Post-Coverage Report...

Living with a unique classic car in the garage, but having trouble finding a car to drive on a regular basis….
I value environmentally conscious thinking, but I don’t want to drive an eco-car or an electric car like everyone else….
I want something unique and exciting… I want to feel something when I drive…
There must be many enthusiasts who are thinking like that….

From town use to highway driving, and even on winding roads, this is a truly excellent car that is versatile and responds instantly to any situation.
It has the DNA of the Skyline of yesteryear, with a 6-speed manual and that feeling of being able to operate it with your whole body.
I felt that this CV36 Skyline Coupe 370GT Type S is the perfect car for enthusiasts to drive on a daily basis.

The 2009 Nissan Skyline Coupe CV36 370GT Type S, a luxury coupe for adults that bears the Skyline name, is a wild and graceful car that will capture the hearts and minds of adult enthusiasts…!

Please come to Gunma Prefecture for an eye-opening tour….

This 2009 Nissan Skyline Coupe CV36 370GT Type S is currently located in Gunma, Japan.

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