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Mercedes-Benz W123 280E

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The W123 Mercedes-Benz is a fascinating neo-classic that will change your values for life once you fall in love with it...! The W123 Mercedes-Benz is a car that once you fall in love with it, it will change the value of your life...!

The Mercedes-Benz W123 series was born out of the belief of its founder, Gottlieb Daimler, “Das Beste oder nichts,” or in the true sense of the term, “Best or Nothing,” a concept that is the exact opposite of the current automobile production approach. The product was produced against a backdrop of uncompromising manufacturing without the slightest idea of cost reduction, based on the premise that customers would use the product for a long time.

At the time of its launch, the price was about three times (!) more expensive than that of the same medium class BMW 5 series. Despite the extremely high price, orders poured in…. Production was slow during the first year of the launch, and customers who ordered the car faced a long waiting time of 9 to 12 months…. For customers who still wanted immediate delivery, a black market even appeared, and the W123 series fetched a premium of approximately 5,000 Deutsche marks (*the currency value at that time) over the selling price….
The W123 series has been a hit with the public since its launch because of its unparalleled durability and safety. As a result, the W123 series was adopted by all European government vehicles, police vehicles, and cab companies, and became very successful…. Even today, the drama of riding in a W123 series cab with nearly one million kilometers on the clock in an emerging country could happen anywhere in the world….

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W123 Mercedes-Benz 280E ... functional and rational ... a truly beautiful masterpiece with durability backed by robust construction and an imposing appearance ...

The W123 series was an unprecedented post-war success for Daimler-Benz, with 2.7 million units released worldwide, despite being such a luxury model at the time. The legendary durability of the W123 series is evidenced by its worldwide popularity, so much so that in the mid-1970s, only W123 series Mercedes were equipped with odometers that could display 999,999 kilometers…!

The M110 inline 6-cylinder engine installed in the 280E, the high-end model of the W 123 series, has a thick cast iron block, a sturdy 7-bearing crankshaft, a tough structure with 12 counterbalance weights, and a gasoline engine that generates a lot of heat. Despite the fact that it is a gasoline engine that generates a lot of heat, it is said to be capable of running 400,000 to 500,000 kilometers on a single engine if properly maintained. It sits under a two-position hood that allows the engine to be replaced without removing the hood, and the dual cam covers on the aluminum cylinder head are a sight to behold, and even today, one feels a strange sense of romance.

The W123 series, in its original “best or nothing” era, created the ownership awards of the time in Europe, with milestones of 250,000 km, 500,000 km, 750,000 km, 1,000,000 km, and 1,000,000 miles (1,610,000 km) to be awarded and a grill badge to be presented to the owner. The owner was presented with an award and a grill badge at 1,000,000 miles (1,610,000 km)….


Already 37 years have passed since the last model was released in 1985.... New values as the coolest neo-classic are rather inevitable...? One of the few cars that I am proud of the number of miles I have driven....

When you become an owner of W123 series, you naturally become proud of the “high mileage” of this car.
This is one of the charms of this car…!
The beauty and toughness of this car, which was originally designed for its functional beauty, is that it has 100,000 km as its starting point…. The sound of the doors opening and closing is so wonderful that it “echoes” throughout the body, and many W123 owners fall in love with this car…!

The fact that this 40-year-old neo-classic can still be “driven normally” is a wonderful attraction…!
The body size and handling are excellent, and the DOHC 6-cylinder engine produces sufficient power…. It blends in well with modern traffic conditions without any problems, and is easy enough to go with the flow when merging onto the highway… Mercedes-Benz indeed!

The old-style steering wheel has a unique feel that embraces the large-size steering wheel…. The unique “that” feeling of stable cornering when the steering angle is set with a light steering feel has a unique flavor….
Of course, this is only for those vehicles that have had the ball nuts maintained regularly, but the steering wheel with its unique rack and pinion design has little play, and there is no effect on the hand when the brake is depressed. Of course, this unique steering feel is also effective on rough roads, giving the owner a truly enjoyable steering feel….

The interior with its friendly design will give you the satisfaction of enjoying a neo-classic car, and the MB-Tex seats, which are unique to this period, are excellent in moisture absorption and breathability, so you will not feel fatigue even after a long drive. It’s a great car to drive long distances without feeling fatigue…!

A neo-classic that blends naturally into everyday life and gives you a sense of satisfaction…. I think the greatest charm of W123 Mercedes-Benz 280E is that it is littered with elements that fascinate people with a charm that is hard to put into words….


The owner, a classic car collector, lovingly finished the last model W123 280E in 1985 as his son's first classic car...

One of the pleasures of the W123 series is the color variations that symbolize the 1970s and 1980s, and this particular car is a charming example in what appears to be its original Anthracite Gray color.
The owner is an enthusiast who collects and loves unique and attractive classic and modern collectible cars, and this last model W123 280E from 1985 was purchased for his son who got his license for the first time. He was introduced to us by an acquaintance and purchased the car.

We wanted our son to be able to drive it for a long time, to learn the depth of taste of old cars, and to experience the depth of cars through classic cars, so from the beginning, we narrowed down our choice to only W123 series and searched for a rust and corrosion free car, and finally found it.

The most important factor was that the car had dozens of repair and maintenance records from the days of Western Auto, which were the most important factor in the decision. The author took the time to look at all of the dozens of records, which date back nearly 40 years, and could clearly see at what point in time and at what mileage the problem was found and how it was dealt with.

The condition can be easily understood by looking at the exterior. It is no wonder that the car has been kept in a garage for many years, while maintaining its original condition. The repair history and the condition of the various parts show that the car has been carefully passed down from one owner to the next.

The owner said that when he got it, the exterior was dull and the interior had no tears, but the dirt was noticeable. The owner said that when he got the car, the exterior was dull and the interior was stained without any tears. He asked a professional mechanic to polish the car, including the air conditioner repair, and to do everything for the engine. The car was thoroughly brushed up to the state where it can be used for daily driving…. Also, thinking of his son who will be riding in the car, he removed all the seats and cleaned the interior with the whole family.

This car was finished with the hope that his son would be able to drive it with “the sound and the smell”.
Of course, the car has retained its original condition of nearly 40 years…. There are a few minor signs of wear and tear on the exterior, but the way they have been sublimated into the “deep taste of a neo-classic” is nothing short of magnificent.
I think this W123 280E is truly a beautifully finished W123 280E with a lot of love and care from the family…….


1985 Final Mercedes-Benz W123 280E... Afterword...

The sound of the W123 door closing, leaving a reverberating sound in the room…
Wheel caps painted the same color as the body.
The old-school steering wheel that is turned as if holding the car…
The overwhelming presence of the W123 in the parking lot.

I used to drive a W123 300TDT, but I let it go when the devil got in the way, and I still have regrets about it. I was so absorbed in the “charm” of the W123 that I miss the honeymoon with the car that touched my heart so much that it is at the top of my “list of cars I want to drive again in my life”….

Looking back on those days with nostalgia, I learned a lot about cars from W123…. Most parts, including OEM parts, were new and inexpensive, not only in Germany, but also in Europe and the U.S.A. The sturdy monocoque made it possible to fully restore the car as if it were a new car anytime I wanted to.
It was a car that was practical enough to take me anywhere, and was loved by the whole family.

The story of W123, which again was finished beautifully with all the love of the family…. Unfortunately, the new living environment of the son made it difficult to manage the car itself, and the owner family decided to let it go….

The W123 Mercedes-Benz is a car that once you fall in love with it, it will change your values for the rest of your life…! The W123 Mercedes-Benz is a car that once you fall in love with it, it will change the value of your life…!

A neo-classic that will change the value of your life once you fall in love with it.

Please come to Gunma Prefecture to see this forbidden car…!

This 1985 Mercedes-Benz W123 280E is currently located in Gunma, Japan.

Since this vehicle is being offered for sale by a private individual, no consumption tax or other fees will be charged, but the monthly auto tax and recycling deposit will need to be paid separately.
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