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It's been 40 years since the design revolution, and it's nothing short of cool to drive the neo-classic that changed the course of automotive history today.......

It is hard to imagine now, but the Porsche 928 was the car that was supposed to replace the 911…. Fortunately, that never happened….
What if I were to say aloud today the idea of replacing the iconic Porsche 911 with a grand tourer with a V8 engine up front…? …!

By the late 1960s, Porsche had established itself as a manufacturer of high performance sports cars, but the poor sales of the 911 series, affected by the oil shocks of the 1970s, shook the company’s management, including owner Ferdinand Porsche. Concerned that the potential of the flagship 911 had reached its limits, the management, including owner Ferdinand Porsche, concluded that the future of the company lay not in “outlandish sports cars” but in “grand touring cars,” and the 911 was to be the pioneering flagship model to survive the rapidly advancing 1980s. Packed with design and top-of-the-line technology, we developed the 928, a grand tourer….

The body was designed by Wolfgang Moebius under the guidance of Anatole Lapine. The main body is made of galvanized steel, but the doors, front wings, front fenders, and hood are made of aluminum to reduce weight….
The luggage space, which did not exist in the 911, is large…and is accessible from the hatchback, which opens wide…. In an era when steel bumpers were still the norm, the newly developed polyurethane elastic bumpers were beautifully integrated into the nose and tailpipes and painted in the same color as the body, contributing greatly to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and reduced aerodynamic drag. In addition, the most distinctive feature, the pop-up headlamps integrated into the front wings, was based on the mechanism of the Lamborghini Miura….

The 928 also incorporated the world’s first technology whereby the entire instrument cluster moved with the adjustable steering wheel for maximum visibility of the instruments. The Weissach axle system, the world’s first rear-wheel steering system, and the newly designed all-alloy M28 V8 engine, which is both lightweight and highly durable, are the result of highly advanced technology and innovative ideas….

The development of the first water-cooled V8 engine to replace the 911…. The “all-all-alloy M28 V8 engine”, which was developed using all the technology available, has several unique features…. The 122mm bore spacing is achieved by using thick aluminum cylinder barrels and no steel liners…. The engine was designed with priority given to air flow to keep the hood line low and reduce aerodynamic drag, and the spark plugs were placed in the upper part of the head. The bearings themselves were supported by a large lower block integrated structure, and an aluminum cast oil pan was bolted to this section….

Porsche’s design and development efforts on the 928 won the Grand Prix award in 1978, beating out luxury sedans such as the BMW 7 Series in the European Car of the Year awards, which were reserved for hatchbacks, sedans, and saloon cars from major European manufacturers. In fact, the Porsche 928 was the only grand tourer ever to win the Grand Prix in this award…! This fact proves how advanced and innovative the Porsche 928 was….

The Porsche 928, which was developed with the aim of revolutionizing the manufacturer, was not a “blockbuster” in terms of sales volume due to its high selling price, but Porsche’s manufacturing and design innovations to this point were enough to win enthusiastic fans all over the world. It was enough to win enthusiastic fans all over the world…!

The Porsche 928 was produced for the next 18 years until 1995. Today, nearly 40 years later, the Porsche 928 has become a neo-classic, a car that has had a profound influence on future automobile design.


The 17 years of a honeymoon with 928 has created an "exquisite relationship between a car and a person"....... The owner and his 91 Porsche 928 S4, which he has treated with great affection....

When I am interviewing and writing about rare cars on a daily basis, I often wonder about them….
Owners who have decided to give up their cars for various reasons, but who, when interviewed, show off their cars with sparkling eyes as if they were their own children, with a smile on their face and no mood of letting go.
They were all smiling and boasting about their beloved cars…. They listen to the unfamiliar noises that their cars make, and they detect problems before they happen. If parts are not available in Japan, they go overseas to collect them through the Internet. He would do everything he could to fix the problem himself, but when he couldn’t, he would ask a mechanic to do it for him. While the car was in the hands of the mechanic, he agonized over the days of endurance. After all these hardships, the car was cherished like a child for many years, and now, just when it was at its peak, the owner decided to let it go….
The owner of this 928, who has been pouring extraordinary love into it, is just such an enthusiast….

The 91 model has 4 valves per cylinder and is the last model as S4. The rounded front apron with air intakes, the impressive and wide tail lights, and the large rear spoiler separated from the body attract the viewers’ eyes. This is a model from the “Wolf of the Circuit” generation.

For owners of the “Wolf of the Circuit” generation…. The Porsche 928 that appeared in the movie captivated him as a boy and he swore “I will definitely get one someday…”…. After that, in 2005, he got seriously ill, which triggered him to search for a Porsche 928 with the feeling of “a life with no regrets…” He bought this 91 Porsche 928 from a Porsche specialty store, which had the best engine performance by far…. He bought it from a Porsche shop….

Since then, 17 years have passed. He has driven 280,000 kilometers to date, not only for short distance and long distance drives, but also for commuting on the expressway, which at one point was 150 km round trip…. It is a part that you can never feel or understand if you just display it as a collection, and it is a part that you would normally think, “If it breaks down, it will be a disaster…” But, he did not care about it…! He has been facing the 928 by replacing all the consumable parts, and has been polishing his unique sensitivity together with the car….


It's not a car that you can just drive without doing anything... If you change the wear and tear and listen and drive carefully... the car will tell you what's wrong with it... there's that feeling...

The owner, who does his own oil changes, brake pad changes and ATF changes, told us that over the past 17 years he has built up a good relationship with reliable specialist dealers around the country, along with dozens of past repair and maintenance records….

The owner has also installed a device to force the heater valve to shut off the hot water to make the air conditioning work better in summer, installed an extension pipe in the engine compartment to make it easier to refill the AC gas that needs to be refilled occasionally, and installed a battery cut-off switch to make the car more comfortable to drive as it is not driven during the snow season. A battery cut-off switch is installed in the engine compartment for easy refuelling of the AC gas that needs to be refilled from time to time.

The 928’s quality as a car is truly excellent. ! A car is not something you put on display, so I’ve been taking care of it in that way and it’s come to this kind of mileage…” He also clearly stated that the car is not for display.

He also said clearly, “I have no worries about parts, including overseas suppliers…” I felt that he was saying this because of his deep commitment to the project.

Over the past 17 years, we have received dozens of maintenance and repair records…. I was impressed by the frequent alignment adjustments he has done because he wants the car to run well….
The car is currently in excellent condition thanks to the uncompromising replacement of consumable parts and this way of dealing with the car….
As you can see in the photos, there are some cracks on the fog lamps, which are caused by flying stones, but the owner has been able to know the car well enough to see the “taste” of the car, which can be repaired at any time. The owner’s heart is reflected in the fact that it is very attractive….

Please check the dozens of records of consumable parts replacement during the actual visit….
Please note that the CD changer and navigation system shown in the interior photos have been removed and that summer tyres are not included.


1991 Porsche 928 S4... Afterword...

The interview took place in a park next to a motorway service area… Once you step out of the park, where the autumn leaves are in full bloom, you are on a mountain pass with moderate ups and downs that will make any car enthusiast’s heart skip a beat… In the passenger seat with the video camera in hand… we were able to enjoy the drive of the 928 as it was driven by the owner during the interview…

It’s easy to imagine a 928 speeding along the Autobahn, but the owner’s Porsche 928, with its tight corners, moves along the Japanese mountain pass with a wonderful graceful grace, without giving off a massive image at all…
The 928’s V8 engine has a flat characteristic… the engine feels like it’s right behind the accelerator pedal, and it’s really fun to control…! The 928’s V8 engine has a flat characteristic… it feels like the engine is right behind the accelerator pedal and is really fun to control…” were the delighted words of the owner during the drive…!

The owner of the car has been with the car for 17 years and has a great rapport with the car and its owner, and is looking forward to the next evolution of the car.

The image of the former Porsche 928 sublimated as a neo-classic that today attracts the attention of the world… Now, almost 40 years after that design revolution, the Porsche 928 S4 is more beautiful than ever and surpasses most modern cars in existence…

An individual that has been poured with love…. An astonishing maintenance list…
Please come to Nagano for a wonderful visit where you can share in the owner’s way of facing the world.

This 1991 Porsche 928 S4 is currently located in Nagano, Japan.

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