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Ford Lincoln Navigator Intec V8

The last American V8, with big torque and a relaxed driving feel like a big cruiser, it is unique... The fact that you can drive a top-of-the-range American SUV, a 2001 Lincoln Navigator, for an "amazing price" is mind-blowing...!

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The first UN173 Lincoln Navigator, the pioneer of the luxury large SUV, was introduced in 1998...

At the end of the 1980s, the US began a rapid shift from off-road vehicles to the “SUV” category, which had elements of a station wagon that could be used by families. Even the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, which had been produced for 28 years with a rugged image, had a luxury sedan-like interior, and all the manufacturers in the US were introducing SUVs. In 1998, Ford announced the UN173 Lincoln Navigator, creating a new category of ‘full-size luxury SUVs’…

I have personally spent a lot of time in the USA and the Lincoln has a special place in the hearts of Americans… The image of the “Lincoln”, which far surpasses the Japanese “Someday a Crown”, permeates the entire generation and is the very embodiment of “proof of success”….

Therefore, the background to the appearance of the first Lincoln Navigator and its adoption across the board as a presidential escort vehicle and other VIP cars was even more sensational than Japanese people had imagined….
The first-generation Lincoln Navigator, which spread its image as a pioneer, became extremely popular in the rich and sensible American market… In 1998, its first year on the market, Lincoln overtook its long-time rival Cadillac in annual sales, an unprecedented feat in recent decades, and by 2001, three years after its launch, it had captured 40% of the large SUV market, virtually dominating the high-end market. In 2001, three years after its launch, it had a 40% share of the large SUV market and virtually dominated the high-end market.


The current 4th generation has been downsized to a V6 due to current trends... The early models after a minor change were equipped with an Intec V8 DOHC, making the super heavy muscle a real pleasure to drive slowly and with plenty of big torque...!

The Triton SOHC V8 engine, which initially produced around 260 PS, became an Intec DOHC in 1999, and the 5.4-litre V8 engine produced 304 hp and maximum torque of 49.0 kg-m…. This enormous power, combined with a 4-speed AT, makes the 2.7-tonne behemoth run with real ease… It’s like a luxury cruiser at sea, with a relaxed feel that’s its biggest attraction…! Enjoy the unique sensation of handling that heavy-muscle behemoth with an engine that produces peak torque at around 2000rpm… Once you’ve tasted it, there’s nothing else like it…

The Lincoln brand’s image of “proof of success” is reflected in the unique world view that exists here, from the functions to the interior equipment, which is designed to make the driver and passenger feel at ease. The term “fully equipped” gives the rider a great sense of satisfaction…

The Lincoln Navigator features a computer-controlled automatic four-wheel drive system called ‘Control Track’ as the primary drive system, although rear-wheel drive is available as an option… ), a tremendous towing capacity, is naturally armed with four-wheel antilock disc brakes to give this big muscle plenty of stopping power….

The dashboard and centre console have a truly sleek image with curved surfaces… The spacious sofa-like seats allow you to really enjoy the big-torque V8, and the large centre console and other features, such as the air conditioning and audio switches, can be operated from the rear seats….

What’s impressive is the SUV’s impressive cargo capacity! With the rear seats in place, the cargo capacity is a whopping 1832 litres, and with the rear seats stowed away, 3295 litres…! This is a surprisingly dynamic cargo capacity for a luxury SUV…


A Lincoln Navigator with mud-terrain tyres ...! A luxury SUV with a touch of wildness and the promise of even more customisation... I'd like to drive one! A car that makes it possible!

The owner of the Lincoln Navigator, which has a very appealing “slightly badass” image, has been an enthusiast all his life and is right in the middle of automobile culture, including his family’s business. He is in the middle of the automobile culture, including his family business….

His tastes go far beyond the realm of a casual car enthusiast, to the extent that he plans and creates original cars from an “imaginary world view that no one else has driven”…. His past projects are also impressive and he is well-known in certain circles…
In his garage, there is a wide range of projects in progress and remnants of past projects, and he faces the many works created from his free ideas every day in an environment that car enthusiasts would consider a “paradise”.

The owner, who has a varied collection of cars, bought the Lincoln Navigator to drive her large dog (a shepherd), which has recently joined the family…. Although he bought it for a relaxing drive with his dog, he was completely fascinated by the big torque of the American V8 engine, which allows the car to flow freely and comfortably… and the truly ‘high-spec’ ride quality that only Lincoln can offer, and he ended up buying it. The “dog” has never ridden in one….

As mentioned above, the owner specialises in customisation. He loves the Lincoln Navigator with its wild Mad Terrain tyres and the power of the early model makes his blood boil. On the other hand, with the ‘low’ asking price for an early model, we felt that if he could enjoy it to the fullest… it could be said to be a proposal that would really expand his dreams.

The car currently has 72262 miles on the odometer and has yet to make its presence felt. As for current defects, the moonroof can be opened and closed with a manual shade, but the sunroof is not working. The left and right front seats have been cut as a characteristic of American leather seats, and are currently covered with duct tape and used with cushions. The rear seats, on the other hand, were in very good condition with little signs of use.
Also, the air conditioning works well but needs refilling before the season… In addition, part of the exterior (see video) was clear peeling due to age…

Despite the above minor faults, the engine, transmission and running condition are in excellent condition…! The way it runs with the big torque of the “luxury SUVs” of yesteryear was very attractive to drive.

The vehicle is currently registered as a number 1 vehicle, and cannot be registered in NOx/PM areas as it is. The car is basically stock, so it is not necessary to make structural changes, but it is necessary to change the registration number to 3 for procedural reasons. Of course, if the car is outside the area of the measure, it is possible to register it as it is, simply as a number 1 car….

The American “proof of success, the luxury SUV” can be obtained cheaper than a “used mini”…
What a happy time we live in! This interview made me feel that this is a very happy time…


2001model Ford Lincoln Navigator Intec V8... Afterword...

The value of the product does not change at all, but only the exchange value that people judge as time passes… Such a great car at such a great price……. I really felt this was the time to drive one…
The current 4th generation Lincoln Navigator model has finally changed to a V6, unable to keep up with the current trends…
I would like to experience the American V8 with ‘that’ driving experience, not just once, but to the fullest, while EVs are becoming the mainstream of the future…

The last American V8 with the big torque and relaxed driving feel of a large cruiser is unique… The fact that you can drive a top-of-the-range American SUV, a 2001 Lincoln Navigator, for an ‘amazing price’ is mind-blowing…!”

Get it cheap, enjoy the wild ride and customise it to your heart’s content…
It’s a very attractive car for car enthusiasts…

Please come to Gunma Prefecture for a “fascinating and dangerous visit”.

This 2001 Lincoln Navigator is currently located in Gunma, Japan.

As this vehicle is being requested by a private individual, no consumption tax or other fees will be charged, but the vehicle tax will be calculated on a monthly basis and the recycling deposit will need to be settled separately.
The vehicle is currently registered as a number 1 vehicle and cannot be registered in Nox/PM zones due to regulations on the type of vehicle used. (In this case, the vehicle must be changed to a number 3 vehicle.)
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