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Mercedes-Benz W221 S550 Long, late model

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The largest class of product value in history can be enjoyed at 1/10th of the price of a new car...! The W221, two generations old, is still popular for its superb design...! Whether you are a first time buyer or a Mercedes connoisseur, you should not hesitate to drive a good condition S-Class of the past...!

The stark iridium silver metallic body of the long-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz S-Class has a stately atmosphere that reflects the glass-coloured sky of the godless moon…. From the dignified exterior of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, synonymous with the highest quality in the world and a magnet for VIPs from all over the world, you can catch a glimpse of the superb interior space through the window… Born in Sindelfingen, Germany, it has been coveted by people all over the world, and its majestic appearance has not faded in the slightest, even in the age of the seventh generation S-Class, which is now the grandchild of the S-Class….

This late model W221 S550, which has been carefully stored in a garage by a classic car collector for family road trips without being driven much, is so beautiful that it is hard to believe that 12 years have passed since it was last seen. Although it was two generations ago, the starting price at the time was close to 20 million yen, and the superb value of the product includes safety features that are common to the modern age. The fact that this “most elegant and safest space in the world to move around” can be purchased for an astonishing 1/10th of the price, just “one turn…” away from the times… If you are an enthusiast, you should not hesitate to drive an S-Class in good condition…” We would like to introduce this car to you with full of joy and full of dreams…!


Driving feel too tempting ...! Long or not, it takes the steering wheel away from the shofar...! The 5th generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class W221 is a real driver's car...!

The S-Class has always been the flagship of Mercedes-Benz and has led the times with the latest future-oriented technology, and is today regarded as a neo-classic: the first generation W116 (1972-1980), the second generation W126 (1979-1991), the third generation W140 (1991- The W220 (1998-2005), with its environmentally friendly active cylinders, was an improvement on the bloated third-generation concept, and was equipped with a more luxurious, environmentally friendly and thoroughly fuel-efficient engine, and was the first car in the S-Class to be equipped with a fuel-efficient engine. The 5th generation W221 (2005-2013), with a design that is similar to the current 7th generation, restored the dignity and style of the top-of-the-range S-Class….

The design work started in 1999, six years before the launch, at the Advanced Design Centre in Tokyo, and the final design by designer Gorden Wagener was completed in 2001, making the W221 the Mercedes-Benz of the millennium. The W221 is the very millennium design Mercedes-Benz.

The styling is clearly more refined and dynamic than its predecessor, the W220… The W220 of the previous generation was a model that was downsized to suit the times in reflection of the W140, which was pointed out to be bloated against the environment, but the W221, which dynamically promoted energy saving in terms of engine performance, has a large front grille and a very distinctive rear overhang. The interior space was also modernised, and today it is still referred to as the model that brought back the ‘S-Class character’…

The image of the interior has also changed from the previous W220, with its many plastic switches, to one that is full of luxury and full of quality… To enhance this quality, metal switches in leather and billet aluminium were used extensively, giving the car a more modern, millennium impression…. The driver interface also featured two large panel screens, displaying the analogue speedometer graphically, with the car’s distinctive command system and navigation screen in the centre of the screen, providing the driver with a range of information safely…. …

The W221 was also the first car to adopt the “Direct Select” operation…. The selector lever on the right-hand side of the steering column is a gem, allowing the driver to shift up, down, park and reverse at the touch of a button using this minimalist shift lever, while still holding the steering wheel….

In addition, a major feature of the W221 is that the chassis and transmission modes can be switched using the S, C and M switch buttons on the centre console….
In normal Comfort (C) mode, the ride height is lowered by 1 cm at speeds above 120 km/h, and by a further 1 cm at speeds above 160 km/h. The damping pressure also changes automatically to support high-speed stability … and returns to normal ride height and damping pressure when the speed drops to 80 km/h. … Next, when Sport is selected, the vehicle height drops by 2 cm at once when the speed exceeds 100 km/h to a stable driving posture… When the speed drops to 60 km/h, the vehicle returns to its normal position…
When manual mode is selected, the transmission can be freely operated using the direct select function described above, with the same attitude control as in sports mode….

Other futuristic features include a very comprehensive…

Adaptive Damping System with Adaptive Electronically Controlled Air Suspension.
Airmatic active body control
Rain-sensing wipers
Pollen and charcoal filters and three ventilation modes.
Fully automatic climate control system (HVAC)
Electrically adjustable and heated seats.
∙ Speed-sensitive parameter steering.
▪ Electrically foldable heated mirrors.
∙ Electrically operated park brake.
Parktronic ultrasonic parking support system.
Rear view camera.
-Electrically foldable rear headrests.
Electrically adjustable steering column

The S-Class is equipped as standard with features such as the following, plus the S-Class’s unique safety features…

ESP (Electronic Stability Programme)
ABS (anti-lock braking)
ASR (traction control)
Bi-xenon headlights with curve lights
Adaptive brake lights
Automatic anti-dazzle room mirror and driver’s door mirror
Force limiter with automatic belt height adjustment, seatbelt pretensioners
Front and rear crush zones
Eight dual-stage airbags
Collapsible steering column, …
Traction control…

And that’s not even including the options!
The car is equipped with many safety features of the world’s highest standard.


The S-Class is a car that is surprisingly complete... The uncompromising presentation of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class shows users around the world what a car should be like ten years from now... The appeal of the S-Class is "You have to drive it to understand it...! "

The above list is only a description… The S-Class’ value, which cannot be conveyed by reason, is so ‘wonderfully’ crafted that no exclamation can describe it, and even if the car is more expensive than the S-Class, it will never surpass the Mercedes-Benz S-Class… Even if the car is more expensive than the S-Class, it will never surpass the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The significance of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which has been running for more than half a century, is clearly different from other cars, and clearly different from other Mercedes-Benz cars… The essence of German craftsmanship… The S-Class is the embodiment of the Daimler-Benz philosophy “Best or Nothing”, a product that does everything in its power… without compromise… to give customers a thrilling sense of the future that shows what cars should be like in the near future… ten years from now. I think it’s like being a valuable presence that customers find exciting and inspiring in the near future … a sense of the future that shows what cars should be like 10 years from now.

Until you drive an S-Class, you don’t understand Mercedes… I think the greatest appeal of the S-Class is its product value, which is full of true charm that can only be understood by driving it….


2010model Mercedes-Benz W221 S550 Long, late model.... Afterword...

The sun goes down early in the winter evenings… The Iridium Silver Metallic body of the car was very expressive in the ever-changing evening sun, and the changing image was very impressive…
As you can see in the photos and video, there are two slight scratches and one dent on the left rear wheel that the owner didn’t even notice until the day of the interview, but the car is a superb original vehicle full of colour and gloss. In addition, the car had only 43,000km on the odometer, which is a very low mileage, and even the author, who usually loves classic Mercedes cars, was very moved by this wonderful car…

The owner is a classic car collector. He enjoys displaying his wonderful collection in his garage as if he were admiring a painting…. When not driving, he connects all his cars to a floater charger and enjoys his stately S550 at any time of the day, according to TPO…

According to the owner, the Airmatic suspension and the superb seats provide an excellent ride with no fatigue, in addition to a fuel consumption rate of well over 10 km/L on long drives…. The owner says that the S-Class is a truly wonderful car, with an elegant, safe and realistic ride that will take you wherever you want to go… and a deep taste of elegance from all angles…

The true charm of the S-Class can only be discovered when you drive it...

If that were the only way to describe the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which even has a divine image as a top-class passenger car…
How should we describe the fact that this top product value can be driven for less than 1/10th of the price of a car only a few years earlier?
The only way to know is to buy and drive an S-Class from only two generations ago, which offers a deep value that is more than ten times, or even two times, the price of the S-Class…!

The luxury of enjoying one of the greatest product values in history at 1/10th the price of a new car…! The W221, two generations old, is still popular for its superb design…! Even if you are a first time buyer or a Mercedes connoisseur… a previous generation S-Class in good condition is a car you should not hesitate to drive…!”

The S-Class, with 100 times the product value, is an existence that vividly colours the lives of those who drive it.

Please come to Gunma Prefecture for a supreme ‘S-Class tour’…!

This very nice '2010 Mercedes-Benz W221 S550 Long Late model' is currently located in Gunma, Japan.

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