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Honda NSX NA1 Type R modified Toda Racing C35B complete engine

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A real racing machine, the '96 NSX Type R Kai, was built for a professional racing driver by an enthusiast with an investment of tens of million yen. The owner's passionate desire to drive it on a daily basis led him to fine tune it.... Now it is running on the winding roads with a profile full of fascination...!

It was a November morning in Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku, where the dry air was refreshing…. The car appeared before my eyes, wearing an overwhelming aura that made the air around it tremble, and the sound from the transmission with its unique lightweight flywheel echoed through the air. It was a 96 Honda NSX Type R, which was wearing “Championship White,” a color exclusive to the NSX Type R, but with a distinctly different air about it, giving it the aura of a racing machine.

The obvious objective of “to set a circuit record” and the unbelievable passion with which the car was built are impressive even without asking about the specs, and even from an objective point of view, the only word that comes to mind is “truly beautiful…!

The owner of this car is an enthusiast of the highest caliber to whom I have been indebted for a long time. He is a very generous and wonderful person who travels all over Japan with his wife and their dog in a full-size camper.

The owner of the NSX is a very generous and lovely person.
When we asked him about the story of this NSX, he told us that the previous owner, who had the “supreme pleasure of building cars,” decided to build a racing car at Okayama International Circuit with a professional racing driver. He poured more than 50 million yen and extraordinary passion into this car and finished it.

The greatest feature of the car was that it was equipped with a Toda Racing C35B complete engine, which produced over 400 horsepower, and was a very fast and safe “real racing car” that could run under 1 minute and 40 seconds at Okayama International Circuit.
The owner of the Type R, who had purchased it a few years ago through an acquaintance, had a dream to drive it on the streets…. When the car came to the owner’s place, it was a natural choice.

When it arrived at the owner’s place, the Toda Racing C35B engine with the killer high power profile camshaft was horribly peaky, the clutch was heavy, and the suspension was stiff…. The clutch was heavy, the suspension was stiff, and it was not something that could be driven on the street…. This is where the owner’s next passion was ignited…. The cost is a “secret”, but it took about a year to have the car repaired by a trusted mechanic who has been his friend for many years. The car was fine-tuned so that it can be driven on the street with the air conditioner on, and when turned on, it can be driven incredibly fast, and is now being enjoyed today. For your information, the car was inspected a week before the interview.


Fascinating street-legal racing specs...! 96 Honda NSX NA-1 Type R Kai with Toda Racing C35B engine details...!

Originally, the NSX Type R was a special NSX, with only 464 units made, a far cry from the original NSX…. From the original lightweight all-aluminum body, the materials were further replaced and dozens of weight reductions were implemented gram by gram…. In pursuit of higher spec athletic performance, the NSX was brought to the Nürburgring, the stage of NSX development, as well as to circuits around the world, where it was thoroughly driven and tuned up. The Type R is a car that will go down in history.

The NSX Type R is equipped with the “C35B”, a 3.5-liter racing complete engine for the NSX made by Toda Racing, which is a company that handles complete engine tuning for Super Formula, GT500/GT300, and other domestic racing scenes. The engine is a “C35B”!
The engine is packed with racing specs such as high-compression pistons, 6 throttle sports injection, and killer high power profile camshafts, and even though it is a NA engine, it produces over 400 horsepower, which is a sight to behold. The owner replaced the killer cam with a stock VTEC cam to give the engine a milder profile for street driving, and also requested a careful computer setting for the fuel mixture, etc.

Lightweight flywheel, strengthened clutch, exhaust manifold, SARD catalyzer, dual mufflers (left and right)
The clutch is not heavy, and the car can be driven in town at low speeds.

Full of combat atmosphere (!!!) The exterior of the vehicle is full of combat atmosphere (!).
The one-off front hood with air intakes (see the photo…the battery cover is currently removed), aerodynamically shaped over fenders, GT wing, one-off diffuser made of carbon kepler at the rear, and aluminum panels riveted to the body. The side skirts with one-off air intakes and the engine hood with lightweight air inlets are the next step….

The suspension is set up mildly for city driving, with SPIRIT coilover dampers and white RAYS Volk-Racing CE28 Club Racer Forged 10 spoke wheels. The front end was fitted with a single Brembo brake caliper and the rear side was fitted with twin Brembo brake calipers! The rear side is equipped with twin Brembo brake calipers to support the drilled brake rotors.

Looking at the interior…. The interior features Recaro carbon fiber full bucket seats that appear to be original, TAKATA 4-point seatbelts, MOMO buckskin steering wheel that has been replaced with a smaller diameter, and a FEEL’S white meter that reads 10,000 rpm and 300 km/h. The white meter is a great sight to behold. The white meter with 10,000 RPM and 300km/h scale made by FEEL’S is a highlight……..

The car was built for the express purpose of circuit driving, but it has never been raced. However, it has been confirmed that the right side of the car has been lightly hit, and it has been repaired at a specialized factory using a jig from the aluminum frame. There is no problem with the appearance or running at all now, but we would like to inform you as a precondition…….


Riding the NSX Type R Kai, equipped with Toda Racing's C35B complete engine......................................which can handle winding roads and city streets in super comfort!

Please, from here on out! Read on with the video…!

The owner kindly allowed us to sit in the navigator’s seat and enjoy the normal traffic in the city…! Although the engine has a finger on the cell, which is characteristic of engines with high compression ratios, the engine starts easily and without difficulty under fuel pressure…! We can feel the owner’s determination in setting up the engine for daily use…. The exhaust note is not as loud as one would expect from a tuned car, but the fascinating sound of the boosted mid-low range and the “aligned mechanical sound” of a high quality engine are fascinating. (*Please watch the video to get a taste!)

Open the heavy but light door and get into the interior….

The original Recaro full carbon bucket seats, which can be lifted up with one hand, are in good condition……. In addition to the 4-point TAKATA seatbelts, there is also an original 3-point seatbelt. I feel that this is one of the most attractive points of this machine.

The owner who takes off Type R Kai from the parking lot normally without any particular fuss…. It blends smoothly into the city with the normal flow of traffic.

The suspension is also at a very high level, but there is no firmness like bouncing, and it picks up the gap on the road surface with a high level of suppleness. According to the owner, “I had to change the suspension a lot because it was affecting my waist…”.

The light turned green, the road ahead became clear, and he stepped on the gas pedal for a moment…. I felt the comfortable “G” pressing against the back of the seat, and there was a moment when I felt that the car had “unbelievable potential…”. Even so, at about 4000 rpm, long before the VTEC camshafts really come into their own, I can’t help but think that this is the DNA of a great racing car…!

The NSX Type R Kai, with its extraordinary specs, is a “normal car” to drive…. When I look at this car through the window of a store, I see a style that looks as if it is about to fly away, and I think to myself, “I’m driving an amazing car…” I think to myself, “I can drive this car normally.

When I asked him, “This car can be driven normally, can’t it?

The owner of the car was actually laughing and saying, “Yes, the air conditioner works, and it took a long time to get it to this point, but…!”

I was really impressed by the owner who was chatting and laughing with me.

It’s wonderful! Full of extraordinary feeling! It’s not every day you get to drive a car that’s been built this well ・・・・! I honestly felt this way….

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1996model Honda NSX NA1 Type R modified Toda Racing C35B complete engine.... Afterword...

I always write down what I hear and feel from the owners when I interview them, but when I read back my notes after this interview, all I found was a list of incomprehensible words and a big list of words that said “impressive…” (laugh)…. I read it back after the memo interview….

Why? Why are you letting go of a wonderful piece of equipment that you have invested so much time and money in? The owner was a little embarrassed when I asked him, “When I was younger, I used to be passionate about a real tuned car that smelled like gasoline…but my age and physical condition made it impossible for me to drive it anymore…”… I can’t drive anymore because of my age and physical condition.

The price of the car, the amount of money invested to make it this mild, and the price was a bargain. Nevertheless, the owner of the car said, “Now that I have finished the car so well, I would like to entrust the future of this car to someone who is not satisfied with the ordinary….” He is thinking, “I’ve finished it so well, I’d really like to entrust the future of this car to someone who is not satisfied with the ordinary.

The owner of the car, who is a professional racing driver, spent 10 million yen to build a real racing machine, the ’96 NSX Type R Kai, for his passionate desire to drive it on a daily basis. The owner’s passionate desire to drive it on a daily basis led him to fine tune it…. Now it is running on the winding roads with its fascinating profile…!

It is natural that the NSX Type R is a good stock car…. It is not enough to save it only expecting that the value will increase in the future, but it is not enough to experience life…. To drive a precious NSX Type R that has been built so well without feeling any stress at all is the way of a passionate enthusiast…!

Please come to Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku to see the ultimate NSX Type R….

This very attractive "1996 Honda NSX NA1 Type R with Toda Racing C35B engine is currently located in Kagawa prefecture.

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