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AMC CJ-7 Renegade

Very rare CJ-7, imported in very small numbers, has been owned by one owner for 40 years...! The '83 AMC CJ-7 Renegade with the big torque of 258 cu.in. and 3AT will make you feel Americanized with its overwhelming presence...!

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One of the greatest Jeeps of all time, the all-purpose Civilian Jeep ... the one-of-a-kind character of the '83 AMC CJ-7 Renegade ...

The epilogue scene of James Cameron’s masterpiece “The Terminator,” which became a blockbuster hit after its release in 1984 and won numerous titles in film history. Sarah Connor, who was on her way to Mexico to fight for the coming “Judgment Day” with her child, the future hero John Connor, in her arms, was flying a 1983 AMC CJ-7 Renegade.
In “Judgment Day,” the second Terminator movie, Sarah Connor has changed from the image of the first movie to that of a warrior.
The image of the 1983 AMC CJ-7 Renegade in the ending scene of the first film, which was the turning point, was the very image of the “future of the all-purpose Jeep” as perceived by the American people at that time. The story of the adoption of the CJ-7 by director James Cameron, who was famous for his perfectionism, is another part of the story that helps us understand the character of the CJ-7 as a universal civilian jeep….

The original Jeep, the “Willys MB” and the “Ford GPW” were born in 1941 against the backdrop of World War II….

The Jeep was designed to meet the development requirements set by the U.S. military: to cruise over rough terrain at speeds of approximately 100 km/h, to cross rivers 50 cm deep, to climb hills up to 60 degrees, and to travel 100 km on three wheels even if it stepped on a landmine. The flat hood of the Jeep was used as a map table for commanders, a field altar for pastors on Sundays, a poker table for soldiers, a field operating table, and for anything else you could imagine. It was a small four-wheel drive vehicle used for everything imaginable….

After the end of World War II, the Willis-Overland Company saw that there would always be a demand in the civilian world for a sturdy and nimble 4WD vehicle that could be driven anywhere, and developed the CJ series as a civilian jeep….

The CJ series was developed by Willys-Overland as a civilian Jeep….
In 1961, only eight years after the birth of the Civilian Jeep in 1953, Willys-Overland, the manufacturer of the Jeep, was acquired by Kaiser, which was also acquired by Kaiser nine years later in 1970 by American Motor Corporation (AMC). In 1987, AMC also moved to Chrysler and changed its name to “Wrangler”….
In the midst of all the excitement surrounding Jeep, AMC produced the toughest, muscleiest, most modern, and most comfortable Jeeps in America until the “CJ” name was dropped….

AMC’s first task in the mid-1970s was to address the concerns of the CJ-5, which had been developed during the Willis-Overland era in 1955….
The CJ-5’s ultra-short wheelbase, which prioritized climbing ability, allowed it to run nimbly on steep inclines, but it was also criticized for its tendency to lose its balance.

The enlarged wheelbase made it possible to install an automatic transmission for the first time in a Civilian Jeep, and in pursuit of greater comfort, an FRP hard top and steel doors were installed…. Reflecting the affluent American society of the time, the standard engine from 1979 onward was an enlarged inline 6-cylinder 258 cu in (4.2 L), powerfully managed by a Carter BBD 2-barrel carburetor….

The 20 years between the launch of the CJ-5 in 1955 and the CJ-7 in 1976 was a time of dramatic changes in daily transportation for the American people, including the development of the Interstate Highway system….

Expectations for comfort in daily use had risen dramatically, and the CJ-7 was the first Jeep ever to be equipped with an automatic transmission called the “Hydra-Matic”…. The new “Quadra-Trac” system, which drives all four wheels without complicated operations, was also installed. In addition, the CJ-7, with its passenger car-like roof and doors, power steering, and air conditioning, was perfectly suited to the conditions of the time. The CJ-7 was well received by the American public, who demanded toughness in their everyday vehicles, and during the 11 years from 1976 to 1986, AMC manufactured 379,299 units, accounting for 30% of the total number of Civilian Jeeps produced, which is said to be 1.5 million units. It has been described as “the most successful CJ ever made”…!


Roof and doors included...258 cu.in. big torque with 3AT....................................................the original modern SUV, an '83 AMC CJ-7 Renegade! One owner, 40 years of careful care...!

The interview took place under cloudy skies with a slight drizzle…. What appeared before the author’s eyes was an “unrestored and fully stock” 1983 AMC CJ-7 Renegade with a cool, slightly dilapidated look…!

Ota City in Gunma Prefecture was the site of the former Nakajima Aircraft Company (now Subaru after its demolition), and after the Second World War, many Occupation Forces entered the area….
The present owner’s uncle, who was a businessman, spent his impressionable years in Ota City, and his image of the affluent America was expanded….
In those days when the price of a new Corolla was 840,000 yen, he purchased a very few imported Jeep for 7 million yen, the same price as a new Mercedes-Benz.
After the uncle who was enjoying the exciting Jeep life passed away, the current owner inherited it as a memento, and has been enjoying running it about 1,000 km per year as an original, unrestored, and unplayed original car while repeating maintenance at a specialized store. The maintenance started from Willys.

The maintenance has been carried out for many years at “Fuji Auto Body Shop” (https://www.ekiten.jp/shop_3048230/) in Taito-ku, Tokyo, which specializes in Jeeps starting from Willys, and has imported and replaced the original soft top from the U.S., replaced the fuel tank with a new one (currently using a 70L fuel tank with a larger capacity), and installed a new engine. They have been importing and replacing the original soft top from the U.S., replacing the fuel tank with a new one (currently using a 70L tank with a larger capacity), adjusting the carburetor, etc.

What is impressive is that a mechanic at the Fuji auto body shop once told him, “This is probably the only CJ-7 left in stock condition….
The more you know about it, the more valuable it is. The current owner runs the engine regularly and keeps it very carefully in a garage with shutters.

The blue color was naturally created by 40 years of time.

The early punk movement in London that swept the world in the late 70’s gave birth to a trend of very vivid colors, shocking pink, yellow, and blue, leaving behind exquisite colors that create a very retro atmosphere today….
This 1983 AMC CJ-7 is also a vintage color with a blue hue reminiscent of those days, and it really shows off this car’s character…!

This is a very rare and original 40 year old non-restored car….

The fender mounted lights are a distinctive feature of this car, which was an official import to Japan. The original lights were installed because they were too narrow and did not meet Japanese safety standards. The speedometer displays in km/h, which is also a valuable feature of the car as an official import for Japan….

As you can see in the photos and video, there are cracks on the fenders, paint deterioration, and some tears on the driver’s seat and navigator’s seat, but this is a proof of tasteful unrestored non-restoration.
As for the engine, the air conditioner is out of gas, but it can be used if it is refilled before the season. As you can see in the detailed video, the engine and transmission are in very good condition…. The car is in excellent condition….


Rare one-owner unit... Why is it being given away?

The owner of this precious ’83 AMC CJ-7 is very tasteful. He has retired from his very responsible job and now enjoys traveling around the country in his beloved Super Cub.

His love of cars, which he inherited from his uncle, is evident.
He has a lot of cars and motorcycles, but he has found a state of enlightenment that he can actually ride as much as he can, and he has decided to let go of them, saying, “I feel sorry for the cars that I can’t ride on them because they are so valuable.

The car is full of memorable history.

What kind of story will this precious ’83 AMC CJ-7 Renegade, which has been passed down in the family and is practically a one-owner, fully stock car, go through in the future?
It is a fact that things have existed longer than people. The mission of the object is to enrich the life of the person who owns it”.


1983model AMC CJ-7 Renegade.. Afterword...

It was a rare, one-owner, full-original 1983 AMC CJ-7 Renegade, which has a special coolness even in its shabby condition….

Already 40 years have passed since its release…. If you are looking for a car that you can drive on a daily basis, you will have to wait and pray…!
This is exactly what Jeep enthusiasts are drooling over! I think that’s what this interview was about….The feeling of running around on the land and hunting for what we need to survive, which has been with us since the birth of mankind, remains in our instincts even today, and the joy we get from running around freely on the land is something that nothing can replace….
There is no need for a reason to drive around freely in a jeep…. Driving freely across the earth in a 4-wheel drive vehicle…!
I believe that the vehicle that resonates the most with our instincts is the jeep, and just riding in it with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair is an adventure, an excitement that makes you feel alive…….!

Very rare CJ-7, imported in very small numbers, has been owned by one owner for 40 years...! The '83 AMC CJ-7 Renegade with the big torque of 258 cu.in. and 3AT will make you feel Americanized with its overwhelming presence...!

The joy of owning a vintage Civilian Jeep is truly something to savor.
It will surely change the new owner’s sense of value and make their everyday life exciting….

Please visit us in Gunma Prefecture for the best opportunity to see the history of 40 years….

This very valuable, one-owner, unrestored, fully stock "1983 AMC CJ-7 Renegade" is currently located in Gunma Prefecture.

This very valuable, one-owner, unrestored, fully stock “1983 AMC CJ-7 Renegade” is currently located in Gunma Prefecture.

(*Note: Although this vehicle is a gasoline engine vehicle, it is registered as a cargo vehicle with a license plate number 1 and is NOx/PM compliant. In order to register the vehicle in the area, it is necessary to convert the vehicle to a 4-seater and change the structure to a 3-seater. Please note that this is to be done at the purchaser’s discretion and expense.

No consumption tax or other fees will be charged as this is a private transaction.
The purchaser will be responsible for the “monthly automobile tax” and “recycle deposit”.
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