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Suzuki Jimny SJ30FM, first model early type 1

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The last 2-stroke engine vehicle in Japan...! A "lightweight 4WD" that was as light as a trial bike, and as fun to drive as it was to ride freely across the land...! The first model of the 2nd generation Jimny, early model 1 SJ30FM, which captured the hearts of the young people of that time, still remains in its original condition...!

Suddenly…have you ever driven an early Sanmar Jimny with a 2-stroke engine…?

It was 1981 when the Sanmar Jimny was introduced with a very boxy appearance and a body size that was enlarged to the full size of a mini-car standard. I was born in 1965, an impressionable age. I was born in the 1960s, and I remember watching this stylish small 4WD with its distinctive 2-stroke exhaust note emanating from its chamber as it drove from town to the forest roads with eyes full of admiration.

The simple, solid, and extremely simple structure…. This is what an all-purpose four-wheel drive vehicle should be like…! The semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension using plate springs as fixed axles is mounted on a sturdy square tubular steel ladder frame reinforced by cross members… The ultra-light body weighing 720 kg with a short wheelbase of only 2030 mm and large-diameter tires… The lightweight and tenacious 539 cc two-stroke engine, which emphasizes low-speed torque and produces maximum torque at 2500 rpm, boasts amazing performance over rough roads… The Sanmar Jimny … a famous car produced by Suzuki in the Showa period.

The LJ50 engine, which weighs less than 50 kg, gives the Jimny a unique trial bike-like performance. I knew I had to have one…! On the other hand, there are many enthusiastic enthusiasts who enjoy off-road driving with SJ30 Jimny… On the other hand, due to the fact that SJ30 Jimny was the last Japanese vehicle equipped with the crankcase compression type 2-stroke engine, which was discontinued in 1987, many enthusiasts say that the original elements of the vehicle, especially the early 1st model, are too good to be true. However, there are still some collectible vehicles that are “too good to use for off-roading”, such as the first model of the early period, the early type 1.


The "fun of driving by yourself" that you can't experience with modern cars is fun without any logic...! Enjoying the simple pleasure of the car with the "scaled" impression...! The SJ30 Sanmar Jimny is a solitary analog existence....

In January 1976, the second generation of the Jimny underwent a modern model change in response to the revision of the light car standards, which resulted in a larger vehicle size and displacement, respectively. The boxy body style that made full use of the new light car standards and the modern design that looked good in town use captured the hearts of the young people of the time, including myself, and the Jimny became a popular model….

The SJ30 Jimny is said to be a “masterpiece of lightweight 4WD” with its original purpose of “rough road drivability that always brings the driver back no matter where he or she goes”.

The two-stroke engine is managed by a carburetor, of course. The most attractive part of the SJ30 Jimny is that all the operations related to driving are entrusted to the hands and feet of the driver, including the ignition system with a point type distributor for the early model 1 only, a mechanical mechanism that is natural for old car drivers.

The analog feeling of human-powered operation that does not rely on machines…. The engine configuration, a 2-stroke 3-cylinder with a gentle continuous sound quality despite the sound pressure, produces smooth revving and tenacious torque from low rpm range, giving the driver a great sense of security that “I can handle anything that happens on the road…” The 4-speed manual transmission with full-fledged transfer is a 4-speed manual transmission with a full-fledged transfer. The 4-speed manual transmissions with full-fledged transfers are two-stage high/low speed transmissions with gear ratios of 1.741 for high speed and 3.052 for low speed, allowing the selection of gear ratios to suit the terrain and driving conditions, and the threatening physical capability of 37.6 degrees of hill climbing power they produce, with the greatest weapon of simplicity and light weight, is the ultimate in performance, despite the bloat of the later models. The ultimate in climbing performance is demonstrated in the face of later models that have become bloated….

In addition to this high physical ability, it has the reliability and low running cost that only a domestic product can offer, and it is an isolated analog among “usable models,” making it ideal for cross-country, dirt trial, guerrilla trial, and other “roads not on the map” throughout the country. For “forest road driving enthusiasts” who drive on “roads not shown on maps” that exist all over the country, the choice of Sanmar Jimny has become a common sense.


Can I go? Even if I go, can I go home? No, I can go...!

Daring to take on the challenges of such exciting situations…. The Jimny SJ30 is the 4WD for true survivalists. It is a 4WD that offers the best performance at the lowest running cost, and is a vehicle that challenges you to face up to yourself and be daring.


1982 SJ30FM, first model, early 1st model, Sanmar Jimny left unplayed and stock...!"

At the time of the interview, a precious original unit appeared before the author’s eyes with the light sound of a two-stroke engine, its original green paint shining in the winter light…. It was a “1982 SJ30FM early model early type 1” with full metal doors and top….

The exterior features of the early model 1, such as no freewheel hubs on the front wheels, drum brakes on the front wheels, point type distributor in the engine compartment, key cylinder with no accessory position, metal instrument panel, vertical grips in front of the navigation seat, and the front seats……. The vertical grips in front of the navigation seat
The interior features a key cylinder with no accessory position, a metal instrument panel, a vertical grip in front of the navigation seat, and so on.

The owner, who has been our customer for a long time, is well versed in old Japanese cars and has been carefully maintaining and managing several of these tasteful cars in normal condition.
While he collects and loves precious old cars, his hobby is off-road driving on forest roads…! He enjoys driving on roads that are not shown on maps with his fellow gymnasts.

For this purpose, he had been enjoying another Jimny for driving on forest roads for many years, and then, through an acquaintance, he was approached by an elderly person who had been taking good care of this precious ’82 SJ30FM as a one-owner for a long time. The owner was told that he inherited the car a few years ago in stock condition.

The original paint has some touch-up marks, the front bumper was painted black, and the inside of the wheel housings were painted the same color. The current owner says, “I can always clean it up…” and enjoys the tasteful original aspect of the car….

The engine and transmission were in good condition, but there were some oil leaks from the transfer, which were resolved by replacing the seals. Also, at the time of the last inspection, the weatherstripping around the windows, where parts come out, were all replaced. This area was handled by a Suzuki dealer that he knows….

The car remains in very beautiful condition, with the full original interior in good condition, although the driver’s seat is broken in one spot. It is necessary to repair it by removing the heater core and welding it, or replacing it with an older one, etc. However, as the car is not ridden when it is cold enough to need a heater, it is temporarily fixed by connecting the in side and out side of the water channel to the heater core and bypassing the heater core, as you can see in the photo. As you can see in the photo, the heater core is temporarily bypassed by connecting the in side and out side of the waterway to the heater core.

The early 1st model Sanmaru is still very special to gymnasts, and some of his friends have reminded him not to come to the forest road with it because it is a waste of money. (laugh)….

Except for the aforementioned heater core, there are no particular problems with the car, and it is kept in good condition by occasional driving around the neighborhood as part of maintenance…. When he drives it around the neighborhood, he is always approached by various people. He enjoys the smooth sound of the 2-stroke engine and has been taking good care of it as a collectible.

Why would you let go of an early 1st generation Sanmar Jimny that is still in its second owner, is a very valuable original, is a lightweight 2-stroke gem that you can enjoy to the fullest, and has a strong engine that you can look forward to in the future? In response to my foolish question, he answered, “I was forced to reorganize my garage, which had increased in number, and decided to part with it out of sheer desperation….

He loves Jimny so much and wants to give his precious collection to someone who will take good care of it….


1982 Suzuki Jimny SJ30FM, first model, early 1st model, post coverage...

It’s so exciting even while shooting the video…! The 2-stroke sound is very exciting to listen to for the first time in a long time, as it blows up sharply with a smooth revving sound. The normal Sanmar Jimny with good acceleration response and driving performance was very impressive…!

In these days when the world is moving toward various safety devices such as automatic braking systems and electric vehicles, this may be the last masterpiece of a vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine that can be freely operated by humans….
I felt a great sense of value and attraction for this “best tool” that will never be built again…….

The last 2-stroke engine vehicle in Japan...! A "lightweight 4WD" that was as light as a trial bike, and as fun to drive as it was to ride freely across the land...! The first model of the 2nd generation Jimny, early model 1 SJ30FM, which captured the hearts of the young people of that time, still remains in its original condition...!

The price of the stock condition machines has skyrocketed, and the situation is such that “you can’t find one even if you look for one…you have to wait for the right one…if you find one, you have to buy it now or you will never ride it again….”. It is also a fact that the price of these cars is rising.

It is a very attractive car with a history of being cared for with love and care.

Please come to the suburbs of Tokyo to see this wild and fast car….

This very rare "1982 Suzuki Jimny SJ30FM Early Model Early 1" is currently located in a suburban city in Tokyo, Japan.

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