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Rover Mini Cooper 1300i

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One of those precious machines that can take your basic lifestyle and suddenly turn it into a maximum intensity one...! A must-have for every enthusiast in the family...! The last Mini Cooper made by Rover, full of primitive charm, with the most fun go-kart driving, could this be the real up and coming car?

The 1964 Monte Carlo Rally….
In the special stage of the Cerni Pass, the most difficult stage of the rally, the Mini Cooper overtook the large-displacement Porsche from behind and won the overall victory, which no one could have imagined at the time, and went on to win the rally consecutively for the next three years (four years in effect). The revolutionary invention of Sir Alec Issigonis, born in the midst of the need for compact cars in the midst of the oil shocks of the time, has left its mark on the modern world.
Sixty years have passed since the legend of the Mini. In this day and age when cars have become home appliances that can be switched on and run at the touch of a switch, the classic Mini can suddenly transform your favorite winding road into a cherubic mountain pass…! It is a precious existence that can change your basic lifestyle to the maximum tension at any time, and it has been sublimed to a “one and only icon” that nothing can change for everyone, young and old, male and female, not even enthusiasts. It is a “one-of-a-kind icon” that cannot be replaced by anything else.


This 1996 Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i has been modified to the exacting standards. A little bit of a worn out look, but still cool as hell...! The injection model is always fun to drive with no worries...! Fun to drive is the word for this car...!

Lightness is everything…” With this in mind, I started with the MG Midget, then the Super 7, and finally the Lotus…. I was so fascinated by the lightness of many British lightweights that I am now in the process of reducing my own weight (laugh)…. The following year, it was a 1996 Rover Mini Cooper 1300i.
It was the last model with injection just before Honda parts were used for the operation system after 1997……………………………………just before the airbags were installed.

The car is basically stock with well maintained engine…. It is an injection model that can be cold started in the winter without any problem, and the engine will start at once. This is a car that has been modified to meet the needs of enthusiasts who love this style of car.

The exterior has been set up with rare British-made 10-inch Revolution wheels, Dunlop Formula R wheels, and a high-low kit to match the car’s height.
The now rare rookie center muffler has been painted yellow for visual effect, and the exhaust note has suddenly become hotter…!
The original large door mirrors have been replaced with classic Lucas-type mirrors on the fenders…!
The front turn signals have been replaced with classic clear lenses.
The filler cap has been replaced with a classic Aston type (with key).

Looking at the interior….
The classic center meter is neatly lined up with a neat Smith water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, and voltmeter gauges, and in front of the driver is a Garage Maurice chronometric tachometer with an electric stepping motor.
The door handles and regulator handles are made of machined aluminum… The extended shift knob is well used, and the wood BMC mark is present….
The extended shift knob has been well used and has a wood BMC mark that has withered….

The atmosphere of the model is excellent, and the moderate rusting that has been used further sublimates the flavor of the model…!

The normal almond green exterior has some rust on the sides of the doors, rear panel, and front bumper. (*Please see the photos and video for a better idea of what to expect). 
It’s up to the new owner to decide what to make of this…!
All Minis will need to have body repairs done at some point due to structural reasons, such as the lack of drainage. The current owner has been actively enjoying the “classic Mini atmosphere of age” created by the patina….

In addition, the original leather seats with Mini Cooper logo are in good condition. The cracks on the wood panel and other age-related deterioration give the car a “vintage” look, which makes me want to drive it as it is without fixing it. It is a car with full of old British taste that makes you want to drive it as it is without fixing it…!

The engine has been well maintained, and the injection system is also very well maintained, and the lack of care is also very nice. The classic Mini Cooper is lowered moderately and has a dignified appearance. The gas pedal response is superb, and the single center muffler produces a mature sound that resonates in your heart even with a slight step of the right foot…!


A rare treat for the classic taste as soon as you get out of the car... I drove a 1996 Rover Mini 1300i...!

The long stroke shift lever with a wood shift knob was placed at the right place where the owner dropped his left hand… The 4-speed transmission, which is exquisitely crossed, of course, is used mostly in 3rd and 4th gear, but here it is very comfortable. It’s really nice…! Here… “Heel and toe! The position of the pedals is as if the car is telling you to “heel and toe”…! The classic Mini has a lot of fascinating touches that will make any enthusiast gasp…!

The rubber dampers, rubber cones, and cones were the result of a sudden inspiration by the genius Sir Alec Issigonis, who was astonished at the poor ride quality of the prototype Mini finished with conventional metal springs.
The car weighs about 720 kg, has almost no front or rear overhang, has a low center of gravity, and the rubber cones absorb energy through the elasticity of the material. Although the car bounces a little at the gaps, it hardly rolls… The ultimate direct and quick handling made racing drivers of the time roar, and it was selected as a Porsche killer in the Monte Carlo Rally….

From the 1997 model year, the trend toward safety has become stronger, with airbags finally being adopted for classic Minis, but the 1996 model year, the year before the 1997 model year, can be said to be the last model in which the aforementioned “vigorous Mini spirit” remains.

The day of the interview was winter, but the recent summer heat is a harsh environment for enjoying a classic Mini…. It is natural for a classic car to not have air conditioning, but the last Mini Cooper was a pleasant disappointment here…! Combined with the fact that it has a compact interior, the interior of the Rover Mini Cooper of this era is very comfortable, even on a summer day…! The air conditioning system installed in the Mini Cooper of this era was made by Uniqlo, a Japanese company, and it was characterized by the fact that the air conditioning system worked so well that it overcooled the car….

The tires on the four corners of the car are offset as if to say, “The rider should adjust to the car…” The small-diameter motoryta steering wheel, which makes you hold the car like a truck, is now 10 inches long, and you can really feel the “kickback” that you can no longer experience in a modern car. …. There…! The Mini’s unique maneuverability, which is controlled by the accelerator pedal, is so easy to drive that you will find yourself saying things like “ehehe…ehe…ehe…wow, this is fun~” to yourself while driving, something that will captivate enthusiasts from around the world.

That’s why it’s so much fun to drive it around town, of course!
…and even downhill riding on your favorite winding roads, within the speed range legally allowed in Japan….
Without feeling guilty at all…
You can enjoy 200% of the performance you have…!
That is the best part of the ’96 classic Mini Cooper 1300i…!

Those of you who have had that experience will understand….
That’s the greatest charm of the primitive Mini, isn’t it?

Please take a look at the 50 photos, the detailed video, and the driving video!


1996 Rover Mini Cooper 1300, post interview...

The garage is lined with famous classic cars from the 1950s, and the owner, who loves classic cars and takes the greatest pleasure in collecting and appreciating them in an environment that is like a car lover’s paradise, occasionally drives and enjoys a direct Mini. This is a 1996 Mini Cooper.

He loves this Mini very much with its slightly worn almond green exterior, 10-inch wheelset, and Smith’s gauges on the center meter. He is requesting us to display the cars in his garage……..

One of those precious machines that can take your basic lifestyle and suddenly turn it into a maximum intensity one...! A must-have for every enthusiast in the family...! The last Mini Cooper made by Rover, full of primitive charm, with the most fun go-kart driving, could this be the real up and coming car?

I am sure that a well-maintained car, including the owner’s “desire for the next successor,” will provide a wonderful “life with a Mini” to the “new owner” who is yet to be seen.
This is my post report.

Please come to southern Gunma Prefecture, where there is no snow at all, for an exciting visit.

This rather nice "1996 Rover Mini Cooper 1300i" is currently located in Gunma, Japan.

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