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Ducati Superbike 749R Testastretta

The sound of the early "R" is a strong desire to own one...! The pleasure of having a genuine homologation model in your garage evolves day by day, with the great goal of "riding it"...! The Ducati Superbike 749R with carbon fairing of the very first serial #0047 was a "real horse" to test the rider...!

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The sound of the early "R" is a strong desire to own one...! The pleasure of having a genuine homologation model in your garage evolves day by day, with the great goal of "riding it"...! The Ducati Superbike 749R with carbon fairing of the very first serial #0047 was a "real horse" to test the rider...!

First of all, a prerequisite…
Please remember that the 749R is a pure-bred racing bike built by Ducati for homologation in the WSS Supersport World Championship….

The WSS Supersport World Championship is contested by machines based on production motorcycles of 4-cylinder 600cc or less, 3-cylinder 675cc or less, and 2-cylinder 750cc or less, with almost no modifications other than the engine.
Since these displacements are sold in large numbers, especially in Europe, and race activities are directly linked to sales of each manufacturer, motorcycle manufacturers around the world, including those in Japan, put a lot of effort into this race….

In fact, since the race started in 1990, Ducati has won the annual championship only three times as a European team…. Ducati has put all of its technology into development in order to achieve complete victory in the WSS Supersport World Championship series against the powerful inline 4-cylinder engines of the big Japanese manufacturers: Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and so on. Ducati manufactures less than 75,000 bikes a year, and the Ducati Superbike 749R was launched in 2004 to meet the homologation criteria of producing at least 500 bikes to qualify for the championship….

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The 749R was first and foremost a "dangerously beautiful" race bike before it was a street bike...!

In 2004, Ducati released the 749R, designed by Pierre Terblanche and featuring the company’s best L-twin engine technology….
What makes the 749R such a fascinating industrial product is that it is a collection of highly polished components, a remarkable achievement in a field of mechanical engineering where it was once thought impossible for an L-twin engine to exceed the output characteristics of an inline 4-cylinder engine…. The 749R is the result of a premium suspension system and a collection of highly polished parts…!

The 749R, which debuted in 2004, is so beautiful you could almost swoon just looking at it…. The 749R debuted in 2004 and is so beautiful you could almost swoon just looking at it… The full carbon fairing with the “Ducati 749R” logo embossed through the carbon as a “see-through badge”…. The 749R’s full carbon fairing was only available on the initial 2004 model year, and was replaced in 2005 by a new, larger fairing made of a new polymer material that was claimed to be lighter but larger….

Although the larger fairing style and material changes were made to improve performance, collectors around the world find the early 2004 749R with the original nose design and full carbon fairing to be the most desirable model. That’s why it’s called the “collector’s coveted 2004 model”…!

The L-type 2-cylinder Testastretta engine, exclusive to the 749R, delivers 121 horsepower at 10,500 rpm, and has a super short stroke of 94mm x 54mm…! The lightweight flywheel, back-torque limiter, and other specifications as in the racing engine, and the slipper clutch as standard equipment give the 749R the character of an exciting and dynamic race bike, with a normal operating range of 4000 rpm and above….

The 749R also features the largest fuel tank in Ducati’s Superbike lineup with a capacity of 18 liters, a dynamic design change, and an extended range of 40 to 50 km, giving it a significant advantage in racing.

And more…
In addition to weight reduction and higher rigidity, a new swingarm similar to the competition swingarm called “box section” was introduced for the first time on a production car, and a race-spec chain adjustment slider was installed to prevent chain tension adjustment from affecting the suspension.
Another major feature of this homologation model was the use of adjustable footrests that could be moved in only two positions to comply with WSS World Supersport regulations….


The inevitability of a pure-blooded race bike is a state of flurry of luxurious, high spec parts...! The purchase price of the main parts alone is close to the price of the whole bike...! This is also the essence of the Ducati 749R's charm...

Comparing the homologation model 749R with the standard 749, the following differences can be seen….

Front fork・・・ Standard 749 is made by SHOWA and 749R is made by Ohlins.
Rear shock – Standard 749 is made by Sachs, while 749R is made by Ohlins.
Steering damper – Standard 749 is made by Ducati, while 749R is made by Ohlins.
Front brake: Standard 749 with standard Brembo, 749R with radial mount Brembo.
Clutch – Standard 749 with standard clutch, 749R with slipper clutch
Fuel tank … 15.5 liters for standard 749, 18.3 liters for 749R

Fairing and fenders – 749R is made of carbon fiber while the standard 749 is made of plastic.
Head cover – standard 749 in aluminum, 749R in magnesium
Belt cover …….made of carbon fiber while the standard 749 is made of plastic.

The total cost of the visible parts alone is more than 1,500,000 yen (!). The total cost of the visible parts alone is more than 1.5 million yen…!

These parts are a must for a pure-bred race bike built to win on the racing field…. The quintessence of the Ducati 749R’s charm is truly sensual…!

When the ignition key is turned, the display lights up and the rev counter needle turns and returns to normal…. The high-compression piston is immediately apparent when the starter motor starts to turn…. 

The unique high-pitched exhaust note above 9,000 rpm is truly sensual, something that has never been possible with L-twins until now. It is a race model in character, and in the city, below 4000 rpm, the torque is so low that it is difficult to ride…! (The bike knows nothing about the word “practicality,” but the interesting thing is that the jerky movement at low speeds feels like a sign from the bike telling the rider to “turn more…” (Laughs)!
After 7000 rpm, the engine comes to life and screams its way to maximum speed…! Sensual engine…! Lightweight wheels and insanely light chassis…! Suspension of a race bike itself! A superbly built chassis …!!!! The sound of the 8 pads biting into the front disc is so powerful that it can be heard over the engine noise…etc. The 749R as a pure blood race bike has a taste that becomes “moist…” and familiar the more you put your mind to it and raise the voltage, and the more you squeeze your right hand, the smoother the power and delivery will be. The more you squeeze the right hand, the smoother the power delivery blends perfectly with the rear suspension, and the rear tire transmits tremendous power to the road, giving the rider a sense of accomplishment unmatched by ordinary bikes, while allowing the rider to freely ride around the winding roads with great footwork with deep downhill travel…!

Once you have tasted it, you will be addicted to it….
This is a car that will never be to everyone’s taste……a true gem of value….
For the “man rider” who wants to ride a no nonsense pure blood race bike with pedigree, this is the one that will give you the greatest pleasure……..


Seeking for excitement...! If I'm going to ride, I want to ride a top-of-the-line R...! The owner who fell in love with the outstanding styling and has been taking good care of it, and the very first one... Serial #0047, 749R.

The owner, who is a motorcycle lover from the bottom of his heart, spent his sensitive youth with many motorcycles such as CBX400F, XJ400, Z400FX, Z400GP, etc., which are now obsolete domestic old models….
He once gave up motorcycles due to a change of life stage, but started his motorcycle life again as a big bike rider about 20 years ago… He rode several bikes such as VFR400R and Zephyr 750 through the winding roads of the scenic local area, but he felt “not exciting…”. The owner felt “I’m not thrilled…”…. He decided, “If I’m going to ride a bike, I might as well go out on a limb and try something different! He searched and searched for a bike in good condition……and he bought a 2004 early model serial #0047 Ducati 749R with a full carbon fairing and a large 18L aluminum tank….

The owner, with a big smile on his face, said, “The R has outstanding styling…” The very first lot, of which there are said to be about 800 worldwide, was very carefully maintained and kept in a garage with shutters.

It is basically original, but the owner has his own taste……..

SBK Aluminum Steps by Moto Crazy
MotoCrazy fenderless kit
MotoCrazy oil cooler core guard
STM racing slipper clutch
STM clutch release
ISA custom made 520 chain (for F14T and R35T sprockets)
Magical Racing smoked screen

The screen was replaced with a Magical Racing smoked screen……..

The past maintenance records are as follows.
Front Ohlins fork and rear shock absorber overhaul
Engine seals replaced
Timing belt replacement
Clutch release replacement
Battery replacement
Air element replacement
Spark plug replacement
Radiator hose replacement (Samco)

The maintenance has been done at a local bike store, including oil and tire changes, which are essential for riding, by a reliable mechanic who has ridden Ducati himself and knows what Ducati is all about. Especially, the Öhlins fork seal leakage and coolant leakage, which are common trouble points for all 749 series models, have been “taken care of” including preventive maintenance.

Also, as spare parts…. (*Refer to Photo 49)

Original 749R mirror (imported)
Carbon clutch cover (stock)
Aluminum stand (with sensor) (used)
Tank pad (new)
Clutch master reservoir tank (new)
Original clear type fairing
Rubber parts
Headlight switch (switch to turn off the light at will)
etc. will be included….

The original sprocket (15T front, 35T rear) was changed to (14T front, 38T rear) to make the bike easier to ride on the ups and downs of the local roads in Nagano Prefecture. Although it became easier to ride, the taste of the bike did not match…….and he has been keenly aware that 749R is a pure blood circuit only model……. Now, as mentioned above, they have changed back to (14T front, 35T rear) and settled on a setting that is a little easier to ride……..

In Nagano Prefecture, there are many famous winding roads where riders from all over the country gather, and the feeling when the rider can freely ride around the winding roads with deep down, great footwork and cornering is “adrenaline in the brain…! The feeling of elation is amazing…!” The owner of the car told us with a smile about the charm of the car.
The 749R is a car that satisfies the desire for ownership just by being in one’s possession, and the owner has been taking very good care of it, but “life stage changes…” come to everyone in the same way… However, the “change of life stage” comes to everyone….

He is thinking, “I want to leave it to someone who can bring out 100% of the charm of this bike, including its history…”.


2004 Ducati Superbike 749R Testastretta post coverage...

The beauty of a racing machine competing in a world of zero-tenths of a second… The 749R was first and foremost a “dangerously beautiful real race bike” before it was a street bike….
The aforementioned owner, who himself rides a Ducati, had heard from his doctor that it was “tough to ride”…. When he rode the bike, he found that it was “really tough…! That’s what they really said….

The “WSS homologation model” that sets itself apart from the standard 749 and 749S is not a bad thing….

The sound of the early "R" is a strong desire to own one...! The pleasure of having a genuine homologation model in ayour garage evolves day by day, with the great goal of "riding it"...! The Ducati Superbike 749R with its carbon fairing of the very first serial #0047 was a "real horse" to test the rider...!

I felt that the greatest advantage of private sales is that the history of the owner’s experiences, including trial and error, can be passed on to the next owner, and because it is such a special model, I felt that this Ducati Superbike 749R
It was the coverage of Ducati Superbike 749R….

Please come to Nagano Prefecture to see the bike with maximum excitement….

This very nice "2004 Ducati Superbike 749R Testastretta is currently located in Nagano, Japan.

Since this is a private sale, no consumption tax or other fees will be charged.
Please pay the monthly automobile tax and the recycling deposit when purchasing this vehicle.

For inquiries, please contact us…

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