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BMW E30 320i

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The true charm of this car can only be found in this day and age...! The silky 6 in a compact body is a cozy and sensual adult vehicle...! What a supreme luxury to use a very beautiful basic E30 320i for everyday use, sublimated into a fascinating neo-classic...!

We are often surrounded by antiques and antiques that have passed through the ages, and we come to appreciate them anew…. It is precisely because we have shifted from the era of gasoline-powered cars to a variety of alternative energy sources, and even the most appealing designs have lost their individuality, that the presence and charm of those days can be highlighted as “taste”…. The BMW E30 series, sublimated as a neo-classic today, is a perfect example of this….

It was the middle of the bubble economy in Japan. A total of 2,340,000 were produced worldwide, and in Japan, as the number of official models was not enough, many parallel imports were imported, and the car was even ridiculed as “Roppongi’s cab”, an unprecedented big hit. With its cool exterior, high quality interior, and silky 6-cylinder engine, the German Spirit E30 series was a hit with everyone who drove one….

More than 30 years have passed since then. The fact that it has become extremely difficult to find the once famous E30 series in Japan today is due in large part to the pranks of Japan’s exceptional economic history….

In the midst of an unprecedented economic boom, the Japanese market was a very attractive big market for foreign builders. The number of imports of Italian cattle stamps and horse stamps, British angels, and the children of the autobahn was so great that it was astonishingly large. As time went by, these cars gradually appeared on the used car market, and the “balance of supply and demand” was seriously out of balance, and these luxury cars were resold on the used car market at saturated prices that were unfair compared to their value….

These cars were sold again on the used car market at a time when their saturated price was unjustified compared to their value. Naturally, it was the discerning buyers in Germany, Europe, and emerging countries who took notice of these cars, knowing their true value. Unfortunately, most of the “imported luxury cars” of that era have crossed the ocean again, and only a few of them remain in Japan today. Even if you research the overseas market, you can find many famous cars sold with a description of added value such as “This is a vehicle that was once used in Japan” (Japanese translation: reimported from Japan).


You only live once.......a German classic that you will definitely want to drive again! The unique world created by the light body and nimble engine is wonderful......90 BMW 320i...!

In the 1980s, when compact rear-wheel-drive saloons were in short supply, the E30 attracted worldwide attention as an exceptional example of lightweight refinement and unparalleled driving pleasure.

The 320i equipped with the legendary M20 1990cc straight-six engine, which gave birth to the phrase “sensuous silky,” has a little less torque when you first step on the pedal, but beyond 3500 rpm it is like a different world…. Whenever I get a chance to step on the mechanical organ pedal, which is no longer used, I step on the pedal and taste the BMW as if I were checking this area, and there is definitely something that resonates in my brain.
Naturally, the rev counter is a realm of speed that cannot be stared at with the eyes….
The lightweight body accelerates like a flying machine with the unique, high-frequency metallic sound of the BMW engine before the red zone begins at 6500 rpm…. Despite the high speed range, the rigid chassis does not scream in the slightest, and the steering wheel remains calm at high speeds as if to say, “Let’s go faster…”. Once you have tasted it, you can’t get out of it… This is how the honeymoon with BMW E30 320i started…!

Now that you are used to driving today’s cars, you will be surprised at the compact size of the E30 320i…. Still, like a sedan, the manner in which it comfortably swallows passengers in the back seat is of such high quality that it is almost quintessential….
The all-around character that combines 100% practicality and 200% sport performance gives an unthinkably wonderful essence to the daily peaceful life, and while the family is chatting in the car, the driver is smiling and giggling at the joy of being in the steering wheel…. The driver can enjoy such a situation very generously….


A true survivor of a rare era! A true survivor of a rare era! Super beautiful car... Until recently, the 1990 E30 320i, which was kept in a one-owner garage, has a completely normal and completely original appearance that captivates everyone who sees it...!

A fully original and extremely beautiful car that has been on the market for 33 years…. The diamond black car stands in front of me with the original wheel caps intact…….. I would venture to say that there are only two small cracks on the dash panel that show signs of some sort of attempted repair…. From the door panels to the driver interface to all the seats, it is hard to believe that this car is 33+ years old. I feel a strange sensation crossing my mind….

The current owner is a manager in the automotive industry who loves the field of neo-classics with a rich flavor, and he has been taking good care of the car in his fully air-conditioned indoor garage space, which is very blessed for the car. Fuji and keeps it in good condition.

The reason why the color of the fog light embedded in the right bumper is orange is because the stay of the fog light was damaged due to deterioration, and the fog light was orange when it was imported from the home country. I’m sure you can find clear ones…” said the owner. The owner said, “I am sure I can find a clear type….

The air conditioner works well, even the insulator is brand new… The engine revs well up to the high rpm range…” When we asked him, “Any problems at this point? The answer was, “Not at all….

The author was very curious… “Why are you giving up such a beautiful machine? I asked him….
The owner said with a laugh, “Because it was finished…”.

I think I understand…

Dreaming of the finished product of his precious car, the owner is in pursuit and enjoys the process itself….
I am sure there are many enthusiasts who can imagine this….
I felt that the greatest advantage of private sales is that the history of the hard work can be directly passed on to the new owner who will cherish it and introduce the precious car like this….


1990 BMW E30 320i post coverage...

The E30 320i, the most beautiful car we have seen in a long time, is still the coolest neo-classic….
The owner said that wherever he goes, he is always approached by people saying, “This is a very beautiful car that brings back memories…. When we were taking pictures of the car, people were looking back at the car as they passed by, and we felt that there was something special about the famous car that dominated the world at that time.

The ultimate choice to drive a well-made German classic car every day….
The depth of experience that can be had from a basic model is very appealing….

The true charm of this car can only be found in this day and age...! The silky 6 in a compact body is a cozy and sensual adult vehicle...! What a supreme luxury to use the beautiful basic E30 320i for everyday use, which has been sublimated into a fascinating neo-classic....

You can’t find it… You have to wait for the right one… Once you have it (this time…), you will never part with it… A neo-classic for life that will greatly enrich the life of the new owner who is reading this…!

A truly fascinating car…!

Please come to Shizuoka Prefecture for a supreme time-slip tour….

This very nice vehicle, a 1990 BMW 320i, is currently located in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Since this is a private sale, no consumption tax or other fees will be charged.
Please pay the monthly automobile tax and the recycling deposit when purchasing this vehicle.

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