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Volkswagen Ios VR6 3.2L

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The metal top coupe transforms in a mere 25 seconds...impressive to see again and again...! The compact cabriolet coupe is transformed into a driving machine by the 250 hp 3.2 LV6 engine and 6-speed DSG...! The 2007 VW Ios V6 3.2L is an excellent car to make enthusiasts go wild on a daily basis...!

Suddenly…. there is nothing more fun than open-air motoring, even if you are not a car enthusiast…!

Even the roads you normally drive on change their scenery when you drive with the roof down and the sun on your face…! The car that can appeal to the human instinct to “run freely on the land…” In the midst of the ongoing shift to electric cars throughout the world, there is no doubt that the car that stands at the top of the list is “the car with the memorable engine…”…

The “Type I Convertible” born in 1949, followed 30 years later by the “First Golf Convertible” in 1979, has continued to fascinate men and women of all ages all over the world. In 2006, some 30 years later, the “open four-seater” proposal by Volkswagen was again carried on with the “Volkswagen IOS,” which we introduce today….


Just like in the Transformers movies...! The compact body can be transformed from a coupe to an open top...! Powerful engine and VW transmission...! Ios is just an excellent car...!

Please take a look at the video…! This is a compact model that can be used for everyday driving, not to mention an expensive high-end European model, just like in the movie “Transformers”! The fact that the metal roof opens and closes robotically in just 25 seconds is a sight to behold. The world’s first car equipped with this technology was the Volkswagen IOS launched in 2006.

The “Hard Top Convertible” installed in the IOS adopts a structure Volkswagen calls CSC (Coupe Sunroof Convertible), which has a large retractable glass top roof that is divided into five sections and controlled electrically or hydraulically to balance the weight of the front engine with the weight of the rear trunk. The hard top is stored in the rear trunk in a well-balanced manner…. Of course, only the glass top can be partially vented…. On days when it is too cool to enjoy the top down, the glass top can be opened…or closed to enjoy the sunlight through the glass top…. The cockpit of the Ios has a great open-air feel, no matter what state the roof is in…!

With the top closed, the IOS is quiet……just like a high quality coupe, but when it is transformed into an open top, it is a truly exceptional pleasure….
The engine sound that comes directly from the front nose and the exhaust is really exciting and heart-stirring, but that’s just as well… It’s the same sound as the “Golf R32”, one of the hottest models among VW cars. It is equipped with a 3.2 liter VR6 (chivalrous inline 6 cylinder) engine that produces 250 hp at 6300 rpm and 32.6 kgm at 2500-3000 rpm…! How could it not be fun?

And…to make it as sporty as a manual transmission car…and to make it extremely comfortable to drive in the open air cruising, an electronically controlled manual transmission DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox), which is VW’s secret “2 pedal 6 speed manual transmission”, is installed. The electronically controlled manual transmission DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) is mounted!

This electronically controlled manual transmission DSG is a 2-pedal 6-speed manual transmission that can be operated like a normal automatic car in “D” mode, but can be shifted as quickly as a manual transmission by operating a button on the floor shifter or on the steering wheel. It’s a manual transmission…!
Therefore, the combination of the VR6 3.2L and the hardtop convertible is the “perfect match” and the easiest way for enthusiasts to experience the most stimulating and sobbing experience…!

Normally, it can accommodate four adults in a comfortable coupe body, sometimes with a passenger in the navigator seat for a romantic open-air experience…. If you want to drive stoically by yourself, you can enjoy the sound of the VR6 and make full use of the DSG to enjoy sports driving with all your heart…. I think that is the most attractive part of VW Ios….


The owner, who collects many famous cars from Japan and abroad, and a 2007 VW Ios VR6 3.2L...

This is the owner who has been a great help to me for a long time. He has a large collection of old cars, both domestic and imported, in his vast property.

The owner purchased this 2007 VW Ios VR6 3.2 about 5 years ago. He was in love with the taste of the open-top Ios and the excellent VR6 engine, which has made car enthusiasts like him so excited that they have many famous cars, so he carefully selected this car with no accident history and no repair history.

Since the purchase, the car has been used exclusively for everyday driving, and has been enjoyed as a normal AT car without any trouble. The car seems to be made by VW, which is a very serious company, and there were no major repairs at all during the period of ownership.

There are no defects at all now, but as a minor change, one smaller tire size was chosen from the original 235/45R17 tire size in order to have a milder ride…. Currently, they are running 225/45R17 tires……………………………
Also, under the engine hood, the insulator has been removed because he did not like the damage and ugliness….
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The car has been kept as a temporary registration for the purpose of organizing the garage which has been overgrown, but the air conditioner worked well last summer and the heater works well this winter.

As you can see in the photos, the wheels are slightly scratched, but the body is clean with no major scratches or dents. The cover of the light is in need of polishing soon, but it can be restored to its shine with simple work….
As for the roof’s movement, the action that can be automatically stowed in the trunk in about 25 seconds is functioning well, although a part of the cover is caught in the cord due to its structure and sometimes needs support to be pushed by hand from the driver’s seat….

The body color is a crystal-clear candy white, and the genuine leather seats in corn silk beige, like a luxury sofa, have a wonderful color tone, and although they are a little dirty, they are in good condition. The beautifully grained poplar wood paneling without any splits makes the interior space even more gorgeous and high quality…….

As you can see in the photos, the translucent inner shade of the glass roof has deteriorated over time and may need to be replaced, although it is not visible from the exterior….

My impression of the IOS that I was able to cover this time was that it is a car made by a very serious manufacturer with German capital, Volkswagen, that has gathered together the best parts of its technology….
A hardtop convertible with a wonderful VR6 engine that added a lot of flavor…. It was a very attractive car for enthusiasts to have by their side and enjoy with the whole family………………………………….


2007 VW Ios VR6 3.2L Post interview...

The owner says, “Anyway, the driving is GOOD! VW Ios VR6 3.2L.
It was a very well-made car, and I really felt that it is a really good car for a family….

The owner of the car had taken good care of it in the garage as she had done with her other valuable cars, but she decided to let it go.

We asked him why…

I really wanted to keep it, but I had to make up my mind”.

During the shooting of still and moving images, the driver opened and closed the metal top coupe several times. It was fun to watch it transform in about 25 seconds, and I was impressed by how well it moved and closed…!
The engine given to this compact cabriolet coupe outputs 250 horsepower, which is close to the limit for a domestic car.

The 3.2 LV6 engine and 6-speed DSG transforms the car into a driving machine…! The 2007 VW Ios V6 3.2L is an excellent car that will make the new owner’s daily life exciting….

Please come to Gunma to see it for yourself.

This very nice vehicle, a 2007 Volkswagen Ios V6 3.2, is currently located in Gunma, Japan.

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