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This appears to be a description or commentary about the Lincoln Versailles from the 1970s, a car that symbolized that era in America. Here's a translation: "The Lincoln Versailles, which symbolizes the 1970s America, has only traveled a mere 10,687 kilometers... It has remained in its original, unrestored condition! This mid-sized vintage American luxury car possesses a unique style that is one of a kind...! The premium car that changed an era and couldn't be found anywhere else is a car that knows what true elegance is...!

The United States, one of the victorious nations in World War II, greatly expanded its power in the post-war world and experienced a significant leap in its national strength in the 1960s… The American people, for whom owning a large house and a big car in the suburbs became a status symbol, were suddenly confronted with the 1973 oil shock, which had a significant impact on the future direction of America and played a crucial role in shaping today’s worldview…

Even today, the practice of Daylight Saving Time, deeply rooted in North American culture, was implemented in earnest in 1976 as an energy-saving measure. In 1975, under the first federal energy policy conservation law, Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards were established, downsizing of existing vehicle models was implemented as the first business directive, and the era of gigantic American cars with lengths of up to 6 meters became a thing of the past…

However, regardless of the era, once people experience luxury, they find it difficult to regress. The concept of “luxury cars” as a status symbol, with luxurious interiors and a smooth, powerful driving experience, was born in the mid-1970s when American consumers, despite downsizing, simultaneously sought even more luxurious luxury cars…

The two flagship “luxury cars” representing America were GM’s Cadillac and Ford’s Lincoln… Before the oil shock, both cars had massive engines of nearly 6 meters in length and 8000cc, but in 1975, GM took the lead and introduced the downsized Cadillac Seville, which was set at an even higher price point but was significantly smaller in size. This model captured the hearts of the people at the time and became a huge hit…

Naturally, the late Lee Iacocca must not have been idle…! Ford, as a rival in the luxury car market, naturally followed suit… Lee Iacocca, who became Ford’s president along with the oil shock, based on the important strategic model of the Mercury Monarch, which was a luxury car strategy for mid-sized cars, developed and released the “Lincoln Versailles,” two years later than Cadillac…

The Lincoln Versailles, named after the place with the symbolic structure of the French absolute monarchy, Versailles, was a new luxury car born against the backdrop of the changing times in America. It was like this...


The subname chosen to appeal to the era’s symbol of top-tier quality and elegance was “Versailles.” This name was derived from the location with the iconic structure of the French absolute monarchy, Versailles, situated on the outskirts of Paris. It perfectly represented the positioning of the car as the epitome of luxury during that time. The selling price was also a remarkable $11,500, the highest in Lincoln’s history (equivalent to approximately $115,000 in 2023), making it a splendid creation. Despite being a midsize vehicle, it was meticulously crafted with a sense of luxury and incorporated new technologies.

This “new American luxury car born against the backdrop of the changing times” received highly favorable reviews in automobile magazines worldwide, including Car & Driver in the United States. It was praised for offering superior drivability and ease of handling, providing a high-end satisfaction to buyers.

The Lincoln Versailles was the first car in the world to introduce an electronic engine management system and the first American car to feature clear coat paint. The early models in 1977 had a carbureted version with a variable venturi, appealing to enthusiasts. Later versions introduced the Ford EEC-I electronic fuel injection system for the first time in a 302-cubic-inch V8 engine, solidifying its position as a new and innovative automobile.

Inside, it boasted luxurious moccasin seats as standard equipment, offering a sofa-like seating experience akin to high-end living rooms. Additionally, it featured numerous deluxe interior amenities, including a Cartier-made LCD digital clock, dual map lights, and vanity mirrors. These luxurious interior features were unprecedented at the time, reflecting the essence of the 1970s era.

The Lincoln Versailles focused on achieving silence and insulation, incorporating over 100 pounds of insulation materials. It featured low-friction lower ball joints and double-isolated shocks, providing an exceptionally smooth ride. Its spacious openings made getting in and out of the car easy, and once inside, the comfortable seats provided a truly luxurious experience, reminiscent of a high-end living room.

The Lincoln Versailles represented the pinnacle of America’s wealth, offering opulent interiors, superior ride quality exceeding that of previous full-size models, and a focus on the quality of the new era. It firmly established a special position in the 1970s American market.

However, the “tides of time” constantly ebb and flow. The Lincoln Versailles, introduced as the “flagship of the era” in the mid-1970s, was produced for only three years, from 1977 to 1980. During this brief period, only 50,156 units were sold, making it an exceedingly rare find even for avid American enthusiasts searching the domestic market today.


In 1977, Kintetsu Motors imported a specific unit, which has only been driven a mere 10,863 kilometers. It has remained in its original, unrestored state—a truly remarkable find! Let's take a closer look at this exceptionally beautiful specimen.

In 1977, Kintetsu Motors, the official importer at the time, imported and registered a very early unit with the serial number 0055FJ. This car, with a mere 10,683 kilometers on the odometer, has been meticulously maintained across generations. Its condition, both inside and out, as well as its mechanical components, confirm the authenticity of its mileage, a fact verified by the current owner.

This particular vehicle was discovered approximately three years ago by a renowned classic car collector residing in Tokyo, who treasures and meticulously maintains dozens of vintage cars, aiming to perfect each one of them. About three years ago, this collector embarked on a journey to Cuba in search of vintage American classics. However, most of the rare pre- and post-war vintage American cars in Cuba had been retrofitted with Russian engines. Despite the disappointment of not finding a suitable car, this collector returned to Japan empty-handed.

Continuing the search for well-preserved original vintage American cars after returning, this collector stumbled upon the 1977 Lincoln Versailles. It was an accident-free, unrestored original piece. At the time of purchase, it had only 8,600 kilometers on the odometer, making it an exceptionally low-mileage, top-quality vehicle.

The owner, who cherishes the idea of “perfecting every collection,” maintains all of their cars in impeccable condition. Immediately after purchasing the Lincoln Versailles, they imported numerous original parts directly from the United States, including the radiator, dynamo, cooler, and starter motor. The engine underwent a thorough overhaul, enhancing its performance to recreate the driving experience of yesteryears.

As a result, as seen in the photos and videos, the Lincoln Versailles now stands as a truly beautiful specimen both inside and out. The interior exudes the essence of 1970s America, and riding in it feels like a time capsule, capturing the rich atmosphere of the era. Its 302 cubic inch small-block V8 engine delivers a smooth ride, enhancing the sense of nostalgia.

Moreover, the car embodies the design elements of the 1970s, such as Lincoln’s luxurious grille shape, fender lines with pointed tips that are unimaginable in today’s press technology, Lincoln’s distinctive rear deck design, a thickly padded vinyl roof, and the padded B-pillar featuring the traditional courtesy lights.

In today’s world, where numerous options abound, the unique atmosphere of the 1970s vintage American cars is unparalleled. This Lincoln Versailles encapsulates that distinctive ambiance, creating an experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere.


Afterword on the 1977 Lincoln Versailles...

I was deeply impressed by the determination of the owner to perfect everything, and the magnificent collection during this interview session. When I asked, ‘Why would you part with such impeccably maintained vehicles?’ the owner responded, ‘I started organizing little by little with various changes in life stages.’ These were the owner’s words.

I marveled at the immense investment made to maintain these vehicles in such pristine condition and listened in awe to the owner’s passionate dedication to their upkeep.

The Lincoln Versailles, a symbol of 1970s America, with a mere 10,687 km on the odometer, was found in its original, unrestored condition! This midsize vintage American luxury car possesses a unique aura of sophistication, standing as a rare gem with unmatched elegance. It was a car that changed an era and exuded grace, representing the pinnacle of luxury vehicles for those who appreciate true elegance!

Surely, this exceptionally rare vehicle promises a sense of security and joy while driving in the future. Having such a remarkable car by one’s side will undoubtedly enrich the sensibilities of the next owner. We invite you to come to Tokyo and experience the captivating ambiance of the 1970s in person. Please visit us for a mesmerizing tour!

This incredibly wonderful 1977 Lincoln Versailles is currently located in Tokyo, Japan.

As this is a private sale, there are no consumption taxes or additional fees involved. However, please note that prorated vehicle tax calculations and recycling deposit settlements will be necessary separately.


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We have conducted detailed interviews with the current owner, including past maintenance records and repair history, and have investigated the presence of any accidents. If there were significant accidents or if the current owner’s ownership history is extremely brief and unclear, we have declined interviews and have made efforts to provide as much peace of mind as possible to potential buyers.

This article was written based on an interview with the owner conducted under clear skies on August 18, 2023, over approximately three hours. Please note that due to the limited time, it is not guaranteed that the current condition of the vehicle is 100% accurately described. Additionally, all statements made in this article have not been verified. Comments regarding the condition, etc., are based on the weather, circumstances at the time of the interview, and the author’s subjective opinions.

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