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Mercedes-Benz W463 G320 Gelandewagen Long Wheelba

A 1998 Mercedes-Benz G320LWB, a faithful companion in both work and family journeys, has received meticulous care and maintenance, treated as a member of the family. This '98 G320LWB stands as the most reliable partner for everyday use! Even its unadorned signs of wear have elevated the vehicle to embody the essence of the unchanged charm of the Gelandewagen over more than 40 years. It narrates a tale of history and flavor, transcending the years.!

Keeping a cherished vehicle for many years, treating it like a member of the family, and as life deepens, naturally entering the realm of classic cars. Regularly updating and maintaining not only consumables but ensuring the car’s inherent qualities are enjoyed by the driver in the best possible condition.

Both people and cars, referred to as “historic” simultaneously as they age, this meticulously cared-for vehicle, after over 40 years, remains in the exact same condition as when it was delivered — or even better. The accumulated “history” of its use adds a new dimension to its allure, elevating it to the realm of maturity, emitting a distinctive aura of being “cherished” to those around.

The owner, embodying the German approach to cars through a lifetime of experiences, is not only an enthusiast but also, interestingly, a musician who plays a profoundly resonant horn, a detail not often heard in casual conversations.

Residing in the city, the owner, who is passionate about music, has meticulously maintained this 1998 Mercedes-Benz G320 LWB for almost a decade. Used for daily commutes, family trips to the villa in Karuizawa, and other travels, it’s sought after for its ultimate “safety” and “absolute reliability” in reaching destinations on time, attributes achieved through unwavering maintenance.

As an enthusiast, the owner places great importance on the crucial element of “groove” in a vehicle. This sense, akin to the groove felt in music, describes the unique “undulating feeling” that arises when there is a synergy between the driver and the car. Seeking this sensation, the owner has held onto this vehicle through various journeys and experiences.

This groove is born from a car that is simple yet profound, one that reveals its flavor the more you drive it. Stimulating not just the eyes, but also the ears, nose, body, and taste, this vehicle, encountered a decade ago, is described as the Mercedes-Benz, or rather, the Gelandewagen, the strongest 4WD in history.

Engaging in a dialogue with the car while feeling the groove, the owner is thorough in detecting issues and preemptively addressing them. From timing belts to engine mounts, and a comprehensive overhaul of the wiring harness to repairing the voltage stabilizer for stable electrical performance, the engine to the transmission has been meticulously attended to, resulting in an engine in superb condition.

After enjoying a blissful decade with the 1998 Mercedes-Benz G320 LWB despite various twists and turns, a change in life stages prompted the owner to reluctantly decide to part ways with it.

The G-Series, often expressed as the “symbol of luxury cars,” is admired by enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike for its captivating appearance. In this introduction, the essential charm of the G-Series is expressed based on a detailed three-hour interview with the owner and thorough research of overseas literature.

If you are looking for a Gelandewagen that you can casually drive every day, please take the time to read this introduction thoroughly to the end.


Is it the embodiment of rugged simplicity, the world's strongest 4WD, or perhaps an icon of luxury as a flagship brand vehicle?! Delving into the essential charm of the W463 Gelandewagen!

Mercedes-Benz G-Class… The car whose name literally translates to “off-roader” in German was born in the early 1970s in response to the need for a military vehicle proposed by the then-major shareholder of Daimler-Benz, the late Emperor Mohammad Reza Pahlavi of Iran. True to its name, it was created to conquer any place on Earth, with a robust and genuine military vehicle backbone. It is the most powerful 4WD vehicle in history, characterized by its simplicity and ruggedness…

In fact, this authentic 4WD vehicle, equipped with three fully locking differentials, is extremely rare globally. Only a handful of vehicles, such as the “Jeep Wrangler Rubicon,” “Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser,” and “Mercedes-Benz Unimog,” share this distinction. Unlike other models in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, the G-Class is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, with an annual production of 4,000 to 6,000 units at the Graz factory in Austria…

Since its inception in the 1970s, this genuine and robust vehicle has served as an ideal military 4WD in over 60 countries worldwide. Even the U.S. military, known for its Hummer, touted as the world’s strongest off-roader, ordered a significant number of G-Class vehicles for desert conflict resolution, which recently concluded…

Examples of the G-Class being used for military and conflict resolution purposes in Western countries include:

– The German military uses the G-Class under the name “Wolf” in over 50 versions, ranging from ambulances to armored vehicles used by German special forces, with over 12,000 units in service.

– The Argentine Army has been using various versions of the 230G for different roles since the 1980s, with approximately 900 units still in active duty.

– The Australian Defence Force signed a contract with Mercedes-Benz in 2007 to supply 1,100 G-Class vehicles.

– The Bulgarian Army, as part of an ongoing modernization plan, signed a supply contract for various G models with Mercedes-Benz.

– The Canadian Army ordered a total of 1,159 G-Class vehicles from Mercedes-Benz in the latter half of 2003, most of which are now being completely replaced by the VW Iltis in most units.

– Croatia purchased 320 vehicles and used G-Class for peacekeeping missions in Afghanistan.

– The Danish military bought 1,300 units of the 240GD as a replacement for M151A1, Volkswagen 181, and Land Rover 88.

– The Finnish Army mainly uses the G-Class as armored and ambulance vehicles.

– The French Army uses a derivative of the G-Class called Peugeot P4, equipped with a Peugeot engine.

– The Greek Army, Air Force, Navy, and Police use various versions of the G-Class under the name W462.

– The Hungarian Ground Forces use the G270 with a UMF light machine gun platform.

– The Irish Army owns 60 G-Class troop carriers.

– The Luxembourg Army uses the 300D G-Class.

– The Malaysian Army locally produces the G-Wagon and uses it as a light transport vehicle.

– The Mexican Navy announced a contract to purchase a large number of armored G-Class vehicles.

– The Dutch Army uses various versions of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

– The Norwegian Army purchased a large number of 300GD in the mid-1980s as replacements for Volvo and Land Rover.

– The Polish Army uses 121 G-Class vehicles.

– The Serbian Army operates 204 G-Class vehicles, and an additional 150 units owned by the Yugoslav Army in 1998.

– The Singapore Army uses G-Class as secondary military transport.

– The Slovenian Army primarily uses G-Class for transport.

– The Swiss Army uses the G-Class as a major general-purpose transport vehicle.

– The U.S. Marine Corps operates an improved version of the G-Class as the Interim Fast Attack Vehicle (IFAV).

This intrinsic quality of being the “strongest 4WD in history” has made the G-Class stand out, and its robustness is evident in its use for peacekeeping missions worldwide. Despite its evolution into a “high-end icon” that adorns urban settings with a fashionable image, the G-Class continues to be utilized for peacekeeping operations globally…

This rugged characteristic, once sought after as a symbol of “strength and power” in the United States, particularly in Detroit, has flourished since its civilian release in 1979. Its robust image has continued to grow, capturing the minds of celebrities. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Austrian-born American actor and politician, known for his robust physique, is a notable example. He not only endorsed the G-Class but also electrified (EV conversion) his beloved G-Class in a Twin Motor 490PS specification, appearing at the Detroit Motor Show in 2017, exerting significant influence worldwide…

Thus, the G-Class, originally the world’s strongest 4WD, has evolved into a rare story, becoming an “icon of luxury cars,” a “casual fashion symbol,” and at times, a “bourgeois monster truck.” It has dynamically transformed into an automotive icon beloved by people worldwide…


The mock-up is crafted from wood... Its unparalleled straight-line beauty is dazzling, lovely, yet with a menacing appearance that stands alone without any imitations...! The charm of the G-Class design, unchanged for 40 years, remains irresistible...

Since its debut in 1979, the civilian version of the G-Class has undergone numerous minor changes. However, apart from engine and interior updates, the fundamental design has remained unchanged, preserving its unique form from the initial release… The strikingly linear beauty of this design is truly dazzling…! The unconventional design began with the creation of the first styling mock-up using wood, as the car designers found no need for curves resembling those sculpted in clay…

In contrast to the modernism derived from European art and cultural roots, particularly Art Nouveau to Art Deco, Japan inherently holds a culture rooted in Wabi-Sabi aesthetics. Many traditional Japanese designs in shrines, temples, homes, etc., lean towards straight lines. The Japanese appreciation for the “firmly defined” straight-line design of the G-Class, with its well-defined angles, may indeed be a fundamental cultural element…

Moreover, the G-Class, unique in being the only handmade car in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, not only possesses distinctive design but also exhibits the meticulous craftsmanship typical of Mercedes-Benz. While its price reflects this attention to detail, it stands out remarkably compared to other models in the lineup…

Constructed with a body-on-frame structure, the G-Class features a boxy styling with prominent angles. Equipped with three fully locking differentials, it stands out as one of the few vehicles with such capabilities, designed to conquer rough terrains worldwide…

The legendary tales of the G-Class include rigorous testing in challenging environments like German coal mining regions, the Sahara Desert, and the Arctic Circle. In 2006, a documentary filmmaker took a normal G-Class to the coldest region on Earth, Siberia, with a temperature of minus 53°C. The vehicle covered approximately 19,000 km without a single breakdown, showcasing the robustness of its powerful four-wheel-drive system in one of the world’s harshest conditions…


Let's take a closer look at a specimen from the realm known as "Neo-Classic," recounting a history of traversed terrains – a 1998 model, to be precise. This individual, a Mercedes-Benz G320 G-Wagen with a long wheelbase, boasts a sophisticated Brilliant Silver Metallic finish, narrating the stories etched into its well-worn surface...

“The interviewing time of this day happened to be just before the sunset… Brilliant Silver Metallic shone beautifully in the orange sunlight, reflecting meticulous maintenance like a family member. Standing before me, it exuded a very positive atmosphere, having been used daily with absolute trust between the owner and the car.

Imported by Yanase in 1998, this vehicle has had two owners in Japan, and the current owner has been using it for almost 10 years since March 2013. It comes with original books and binders, and although not everything, there are repair and inspection records available for this vehicle.

By checking the VIN number, it is confirmed that this vehicle was manufactured for the Japanese market in 1998, and components such as the engine and transmission are original.

(For further details, please refer to the link to the detailed documents in the Dropbox: [link])

The original silver paint on the exterior still remains, showing some hairline marks on the paint surface in extremely limited areas like around the turn signals. However, this adds to its charm, giving off a not overly polished “well-aged” feel. It was mentioned that the roof has been repainted in black, as recommended by a specialist.

Additionally, the rear spare tire has been flash-surfaced, removing the mounting stays for a cleaner design around the rear of the long-wheelbase vehicle, creating a very favorable impression.

Mechanically well-maintained, it retains features of the facelifted model, such as resin overfenders, mirrors, and bumper corners that were once covered with wrapping. The owner himself performed black touch-ups after some scratches occurred.

The seats are covered with vibrant Dotty seat covers, fitting perfectly to protect the original seats. Despite the cover, there are no tears, damages, or frays.

In a recent repair, the immobilizer data short-circuited inside the case, leading to engine immobilization from a communication failure. However, after board replacement inside the case and ECU replacement, the vehicle has been restored to good working condition.

Major points addressed in recent repairs include timing belt replacement, roof stain removal, installation of a Gorilla portable navigation system, replacement of turn signal lenses, wrapping of the fenders, headlight/hi/low switch replacement, repair of the passenger-side window regulator, engine mount replacement, complete rewiring of the electrical harness, voltage stabilizer replacement, FBS ECU repair, and immobilizer inner board replacement. The car stereo has been replaced with an aftermarket Kenwood unit, and the original CD changer is present but not connected.

This day’s interview took place in Karuizawa, and although usually stored at the owner’s residence in Tokyo, the car demonstrated its performance in the autumnal Karuizawa. Despite the unseasonable heat, the air conditioning functioned well without the need for regular gas refilling.

It was mentioned that a separate set of aftermarket wheels with studded winter tires is available for winter driving. Given this usage pattern, the undercarriage, as seen in the photos, is in excellent condition, with no rust or corrosion marks due to calcium chloride.

This car, not meant to be ostentatious for everyday use, represents a cool way of enjoying a Gelandewagen – driving in a straightforward manner, facing the car head-on, finding joy in maintenance, and taking pride in the accumulating mileage. Just like the owner, this approach makes it an exceptionally cool vehicle!”


Afterthoughts on the 1998 Mercedes-Benz W463 G320 Gelandewagen Long Wheelbase Interview...

The 1998 W463 G320 Long Wheelbase, the second generation Gelandewagen upgraded from the first-generation W460… The engine is now full-time 4WD, and the exterior features overfenders and side steps, making it a wilder model. This car, born just before the millennium, has matured and now stands as a ‘Neo-Classic,’ firmly maintained. During the interview, I felt the realization that, along with its well-traveled history, it is a vehicle with a proud mileage count.

Starting with the flick of a switch, it distinguishes itself from the electrified cars, presenting itself as a ‘car that can be thoroughly confronted with both the good and the bad.’ That’s the most enjoyable part, and when you engage with it, it radiates a truly charming ‘aura of being well-cared-for’ to those around it! Once you understand this ‘flavor,’ there’s no turning back! This is a fantastic ‘life privilege’ that comes with immersing yourself deeply in the enchanting world of Neo-Classics!

Certainly! Here is the English translation of the provided text: "For work... for family trips... the 1998 Mercedes-Benz G320LWB, treated with the care and maintenance befitting a family member, has been a reliable daily companion! Even its unassuming worn-out feel has elevated this 98 model to a machine that tells the essence of the timeless appeal of the G-Wagen over its 40-year history. It has become a vehicle that transcends into the taste of storytelling history!"

Experiencing the changes in “life stages” that everyone encounters in the course of living, the owner has built an unwavering bond over the past 10 years. However, at this time, with a heavy heart, they have made the difficult decision to part ways…

Well, to be precise, they reached the decision to “decide to let go,” and it is at this stage that they are likely to truly commit, thinking, “If there’s anyone who can…”.

Please come and join us for an exquisite viewing and a delightful test drive in the serene atmosphere of Karuizawa.

This truly magnificent "1998 Mercedes-Benz W463 G320 Gelandewagen LWB" is currently located in Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture.

For personal transactions, there are no consumption taxes or additional fees. The vehicle has a valid inspection until June of Reiwa 7 (Japanese calendar), providing an extended period of usability. In terms of purchase, the buyer will be responsible for a pro-rated adjustment of the annual automobile tax (¥66,700) and the payment of the recycling deposit (¥15,910).


Furthermore, transportation arrangements after the purchase will be the responsibility of the buyer. Our company is involved in classic car transportation as part of our services, so please feel free to inquire if you have any preferences.


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Detailed interviews, including past maintenance records and repair history, have been conducted with the current owner. If there is a significant accident history or if the ownership history is unclear due to an extremely short period with the current owner, we decline the interview. We strive to provide peace of mind to potential buyers whenever possible.


This article was created based on an interview with the owner and a co-pilot test drive conducted on October 18, 2023, over approximately three hours in fine weather. Due to the limited time for confirmation, it may not accurately describe the vehicle’s condition at 100%, and the content does not necessarily have full verification. Please be aware that comments on the condition are based on the weather and circumstances during the interview and the author’s subjective judgment.


For inquiries about the featured vehicle or to schedule an on-site inspection, please contact us at the bottom of this page. As this is a transaction between individuals, for prevention of casual inquiries, on-site inspections are limited to those customers who are considering the purchase as a serious option.


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