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Toyota Land Cruiser 70 4.2LX 3D Narrow Body

This 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 4.2LX 3D Narrow Body is in such outstanding condition! Continuously praised by those around, with comments like "Never let it go for a lifetime!" This Land Cruiser has been the essential vitamin for the owner's soul for a long time. In pristine condition! With a compact body housing the powerful 1HZ 4.2L engine, this world-class 4WD might just become a lifelong collection piece...?!

"Anywhere you can go... and come back alive."

The innate desire humans are born with – “to roam the earth freely” – transforms into an endless longing for 4WD vehicles, especially among enthusiasts worldwide. The owner, seeking the grand romance of such a journey, keeps a powerful and reliable 4WD by their side. Sometimes, they pursue uncharted dreams, embarking on a solitary journey into the unknown.

The reassuring feeling that comes with the unique heartbeat of a reliable, high-displacement diesel engine is, “You can go anywhere… and surely return safely to your family, no matter what happens.” With a history spanning 40 years, the Land Cruiser has evolved into a unique and unparalleled presence. Its rugged chassis can endure harsh conditions, from barren wastelands and tundras to mountainous terrains and deserts. Used extensively even in conflict zones for humanitarian aid, its durability can withstand over 500,000 kilometers of use. The formidable physical capabilities for off-road performance become a great charm in everyday use, continually stimulating the possessiveness of its owner.

The owner, a car and motorcycle enthusiast since their youth, has enjoyed a variety of vehicles, from Kawasaki RS and Honda CB in their teens to Celica ST and Fairlady ZL in their twenties, and several Soarers and domestic cars in their thirties. Transitioning to European cars, they experienced the likes of Volkswagen Beetle, Citroen CX, Volvo V70, and rare gems such as the BMW 3.0CSi and E28 M5. Despite enjoying coveted classics, the powerful and reliable Land Cruiser remained an indispensable presence in their garage.

Originally driving a Land Cruiser 80, the owner’s admiration for the robust and retro design of the heavy-duty Land Cruiser 70 grew day by day. During a visit to a renowned Land Cruiser specialist shop, they encountered this well-maintained 70 with solid maintenance records and excellent condition, leading to an on-the-spot decision to switch vehicles. Thus, the honeymoon between the owner and the featured 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 4.2LX 3D Narrow Body began.

Despite the twilight hour during the photoshoot, the original white body stands beautifully against a backdrop of picturesque autumn mountains. Over the past few years, this Land Cruiser, nurtured by the owner’s affection, exudes an aura of being “cherished.” Throughout the interview, the owner, with a humor-filled and smiling demeanor, shares their love for the vehicle, displaying no indication of parting with it. Usually polished in a well-ventilated garage, treated as a vitamin for the soul, and adhering to the principle of never driving in the rain, this Land Cruiser has been the owner’s ultimate companion for solitary journeys, enriching their life to the fullest.

However, with the changes in life stages that everyone experiences and to “align with the precious family,” the owner has decided to seek a new caretaker for this Land Cruiser, prompting the current interview request. Even the author, conducting the interview, couldn’t help but express the initial thought, “It might be better not to let it go!”

The car, along with its history and sentimental value, was truly a delightful vehicle. However, the owner’s heart, despite the beaming smiles and pride in their car, reveals a complex emotion. By reading this manuscript thoroughly to the end, you may grasp the owner’s current sentiments and the captivating nature of the 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 4.2LX 3D Narrow Body. We express these thoughts to the best of our ability, hoping that a sincere new owner with the same emotions will be found, making it possible for the owner to part ways with this truly enchanting vehicle.


The source of its charm lies in its primitive driving experience and an enduring set of values. The design has remained unchanged because, in achieving the purpose of unparalleled off-road capability, this is the form it took! Let's delve into the true allure of the Land Cruiser 70...

The Land Cruiser 70, sold domestically from 1984 to 2004, is a vehicle that garnered appreciation for its unique characteristics from around the world.


Its roots trace back to the post-World War II competition for domestic production and development of the BJ Jeep. Frustration over Mitsubishi’s CJ3B being chosen for its high compatibility with the U.S. military’s Willys MB and Ford GPW led Toyota to embark on relentless pursuit of creating the world’s strongest 4WD through in-house production.


Toyota’s goal of creating a highly reliable 4WD vehicle with unique technology began with the 40 series, which resembled the beloved Jeep and was cherished worldwide for 24 years since its introduction in 1960. In 1984, it evolved into the second-generation 70 series with a modern, boxy style. Due to increased domestic emissions regulations for diesel engines and the marketing shift towards urban and recreational use of 4WD vehicles amid the SUV boom, production for the domestic market was discontinued in 2004. However, global manufacturing and export continued, recording the highest export numbers in 2013. The Land Cruiser 70 remains active worldwide, serving as a reliable and robust 4WD for various applications, including humanitarian aid in conflict zones.


The early 70 series, which continues to maintain its popularity, possesses features that have captivated enthusiasts since its inception. The Land Cruiser 70, with its unchanged primitive driving experience and style since its birth, continues to charm drivers. It has a timeless appeal that transcends generations, providing consistent allure to new generations. The vehicle, created without ostentation and solely for its unwavering purpose, is indeed beautiful.


The Land Cruiser 70, with its form remaining largely unchanged for over 30 years, stands out as a unique example of continuous production. It has received enthusiastic responses from domestic users, leading to limited re-releases in 2012 and planned re-releases this year, generating significant attention. The initial models that served as the prototype for these releases attract even greater interest. Owners proudly continue to drive these vehicles, accumulating impressive distances such as 500,000 kilometers to 770,000 kilometers. The Land Cruiser 70’s enduring characteristics and the ability to boast about the distances covered contribute to the passionate attention it receives.


Let's take a closer look at this meticulously documented 2002 model, the final unit sold domestically. The extensive maintenance records are well-preserved, and the 3D Short, Overfender-less Narrow Body is a beautiful specimen, even in the undercarriage.

Since its debut in 1979, the civilian version of the G-Class has undergone numerous minor changes. However, apart from engine and interior updates, the fundamental design has remained unchanged, preserving its unique form from the initial release… The strikingly linear beauty of this design is truly dazzling…! The unconventional design began with the creation of the first styling mock-up using wood, as the car designers found no need for curves resembling those sculpted in clay…

In contrast to the modernism derived from European art and cultural roots, particularly Art Nouveau to Art Deco, Japan inherently holds a culture rooted in Wabi-Sabi aesthetics. Many traditional Japanese designs in shrines, temples, homes, etc., lean towards straight lines. The Japanese appreciation for the “firmly defined” straight-line design of the G-Class, with its well-defined angles, may indeed be a fundamental cultural element…

Moreover, the G-Class, unique in being the only handmade car in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, not only possesses distinctive design but also exhibits the meticulous craftsmanship typical of Mercedes-Benz. While its price reflects this attention to detail, it stands out remarkably compared to other models in the lineup…

Constructed with a body-on-frame structure, the G-Class features a boxy styling with prominent angles. Equipped with three fully locking differentials, it stands out as one of the few vehicles with such capabilities, designed to conquer rough terrains worldwide…

The legendary tales of the G-Class include rigorous testing in challenging environments like German coal mining regions, the Sahara Desert, and the Arctic Circle. In 2006, a documentary filmmaker took a normal G-Class to the coldest region on Earth, Siberia, with a temperature of minus 53°C. The vehicle covered approximately 19,000 km without a single breakdown, showcasing the robustness of its powerful four-wheel-drive system in one of the world’s harshest conditions…


Let's take a closer look at a specimen from the realm known as "Neo-Classic," recounting a history of traversed terrains – a 1998 model, to be precise. This individual, a Mercedes-Benz G320 G-Wagen with a long wheelbase, boasts a sophisticated Brilliant Silver Metallic finish, narrating the stories etched into its well-worn surface...

The owner mentions, “I’ve never driven it on rainy days, let alone on snowy roads.” The pristine 3D Short, Overfender-less Narrow Body, adorned in a dazzling white, showcases a remarkably clean undercarriage, untouched by dirt due to its avoidance of snowy terrain. Overall, the vehicle retains a strong sense of originality, with the interior, including the seats, being exceptionally clean and minimally worn. The dashboard shows no cracks, and the Toyota Genuine White exterior is stunning, though a closer look reveals some areas, such as parts of the front fender, have been repaired with overspray (refer to photo #29 at the end).

The owner, who considers ownership in the best possible condition as a “vitamin for the soul,” has consistently conducted thorough maintenance, including preventative measures, with each inspection. This commitment is evident in the extensive maintenance records spanning the vehicle’s history.

Among the routine maintenance performed during each inspection, some notable tasks include brake maintenance using maintenance kits, steering knuckle oil seal replacement, front axle hub dust seal replacement, and various gasket replacements. The owner has diligently adhered to a comprehensive maintenance routine, ensuring the vehicle’s optimal performance.


The Land Cruiser 70 has accumulated an impressive mileage without any current issues. As seen in photo #50 at the end, the owner has also taken preventive measures, possessing both left and right front door weather strips, which can be included upon purchase.

This meticulous care and maintenance, combined with the vehicle’s remarkable condition and detailed records, make it a standout example of a 2002 Land Cruiser 70, the final unit sold domestically.


Grasping the steering wheel and gazing through the front windshield, the shape of the hood and the perspective born from the elevated viewpoint create an indescribable foreground...! It's a view that is irresistibly loved, prompting the purchase, and has been maintained in great condition until now...! After all, that's what cars are fundamentally about, aren't they...!

This is according to the owner…

It’s not a collection car that just sits there without being driven… The owner considers driving it as the ultimate form of maintenance and inspection. Regular runs of about 100 kilometers are undertaken, and the engine is periodically checked and started in the garage equipped with exhaust ventilation. The owner, who is a car enthusiast, actively engages with the vehicle, ensuring it remains in top condition.


Having conducted numerous interviews with car enthusiasts who meticulously maintain the undercarriage, the owner’s commitment to keeping the vehicle in such immaculate condition is unparalleled. Consequently, wherever it goes and whoever sees it, everyone is astonished by its exceptional condition. Friends who share a love for cars, several nearby Toyota dealerships, and even the staff at maintenance workshops have all reportedly expressed that such a well-maintained vehicle is a rare find and have advised the owner to keep it for a lifetime.

“It takes an extraordinary level of affection to maintain a car in this condition…” That’s the sincere impression this vehicle has left!

2002 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 4.2LX 3D Narrow Body Interview Memo...

In a message received from the owner at a later date, it was written as follows, so I would like to introduce it…

‘A vehicle that I have cherished with affection… If asked whether I have truly utilized the performance and characteristics of the Land Cruiser 70, I have no words to return. This vehicle, which has become the strongest in history, is recognized as a vehicle that always safely and continuously transports its occupants to their destination, conquering untrodden paths in the natural world, geography, and terrains. Personally, I consciously strive to ‘create’ and ‘preserve’ the image of this vehicle as much as possible… (omitted) Although it is such a vehicle, I have resolved to part with it if there is a good connection…

In the sincere message filled with genuine feelings, I felt that every aspect of ‘Car, History, and Emotions’ constitutes an exceptionally beautiful vehicle.

There is no Land Cruiser 70 in such excellent condition...! The 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 4.2LX 3D Narrow Body, consistently praised with "Never let it go for life!" by those around, has been the owner's emotional vitamin for a long time... In outstanding condition! Will this world's strongest 4WD, equipped with a 1HZ 4.2L engine in a compact body, become a lifelong collection piece...?!

Undoubtedly, it is a truly wonderful specimen that will surely leave you impressed… Please come and experience the pinnacle of the Land Cruiser 70 by visiting us in Nagano Prefecture for a tour.

This exceptionally charming '2002 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 4.2LX 3D Narrow Body' is currently located in Nagano Prefecture.

Please be aware that this vehicle is not compliant with NOx and PM regulations and cannot be used within controlled areas. As it is a private transaction, there are no consumption taxes or additional fees. The pro-rata settlement of automobile tax and the recycling deposit for this vehicle’s purchase will be the responsibility of the buyer. Transportation arrangements, including land transport, will also need to be organized by the buyer. However, the author’s corporate business also provides classic car transportation services with our company-owned carriers. Please feel free to consult with us if you have any preferences.


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This article is based on an interview with the owner conducted on November 4, 2023, from 3:00 PM under clear skies to dusk, lasting approximately 4 hours. Due to the limited time, the description of the current condition may not be 100% accurate, and the content may not be backed up entirely. Please note that comments on the condition are based on the weather, circumstances during the interview, and the author’s subjective opinions.

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