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Daihatsu Copen KM-Martin Complete Custom

The owner of a profession dedicated to bringing smiles, who has enjoyed this car for nearly a decade, found that this vehicle, brimming with enthusiasm, was indeed a car that could bring joy to people's faces! The KM-Martin Copen, based on the early model L880K Copen, exudes a sense of freedom and wears an adorable mask reminiscent of the Aston Martin DB5. It has been a vehicle that, along with the owner's personality, has created numerous smiles!

A small body with a significant presence... The "KM-Martin Copen" brought a smile to the author's face as well.

The author arrived a bit early for the meeting with the owner for the interview. While waiting in the parking lot of a nearby convenience store, something unexpected happened. A car, unfamiliar to the author, appeared at the intersection. Despite its compact size, it exuded a strong presence and was about to make a left turn.

In an instant, the author realized, “It’s that car!” and couldn’t help but smile. Immediately starting the engine of the interview car, the author followed the car and met the owner.

It was at that moment, a moment that even the author couldn’t help but smile, that this interview began.

The initial model L880K Copen, released by Daihatsu in 2002 with the first electric-hydraulic pump-type active top roof in the history of kei cars, aimed to dispel the “cheap and flimsy image” associated with domestic kei cars. With Daihatsu’s meticulous manufacturing methods, it completely stood out and achieved a unique status.

Even in overseas markets where only a limited number were exported, it gained popularity through the BBC’s popular automotive program “Top Gear,” where it was featured in a segment alongside cars like the Mercedes-Benz CLK500, Audi A4, Citroen C3 Pluriel, and Alfa Romeo 147GTA, sparking curiosity with the question, “What is that small and cute car?”

Resembling a Porsche 356 with its charming teardrop silhouette and round headlights, the first-generation L880K Copen, with its 2-seater electric open configuration, captured the hearts of sports car enthusiasts of all ages and genders. Even after over 20 years since its introduction, it continues to be celebrated in various events organized by both the manufacturer and enthusiasts, creating a unique “Copen Life” culture.

The design freedom-packed style unique to the first-generation L880K has sparked the imagination of creators, leading to custom Copens based on the L880K that reflect the owner’s preferences. Each one becomes a one-of-a-kind with overwhelming presence, consistently bringing smiles not only to the owner but also to those around them.

Today, under the theme of “Cars that make you smile,” we introduce the story of an owner who has enjoyed a decade-long honeymoon with the “KM-Martin Copen.”

Throughout the interview and photo shoot, the owner, with eyes full of affection, treated the “KM-Martin Copen” as if it were their own child. Unfortunately, due to a foot injury making it difficult to get in and out of the car, the owner found themselves in a situation where parting with the car became inevitable, leading to this bittersweet interview and publication request.

Despite the owner’s continuous smiles and pride in their beloved car during the interview, the owner’s feelings are complex. We sincerely hope that, as you read through this manuscript, you can feel the owner’s heartfelt attachment to this unique car and understand the decision to let it go, anticipating a new owner who will appreciate it just as much.

Please read on to explore the compelling and unique value of the “2004 KM-Martin Copen” and the current feelings of the owner.


The Author


The mask design reminiscent of the Aston Martin DB5... the vintage British essence suits the enchanting Copen perfectly! The KM-Martin Copen, crafted by the renowned specialty shop KUMOI Motors, became a vehicle that brought about wonderful encounters with various people.

Now… let me extend my greetings to the owner once again. I had the opportunity to closely examine the KM-Martin Copen, a car that exudes a significant presence up close.

The seamless blend is truly remarkable! The image, skillfully portraying the charm of the Copen’s original design while evoking a vintage British feel, enhances the appeal of the Copen even further. It is evident, from the details to the overall atmosphere of the car, that this is not just another custom with various parts added to the original vehicle. In a single phrase, it can be expressed as, “The Aston Martin DB5-inspired front mask perfectly complements the Copen!” The car is filled with a mysterious charm that involuntarily brings smiles to those who see it.

With the owner’s permission, let me express that the owner is a middle school teacher. An enthusiast who has been familiar with domestic vintage cars and British classic cars since a young age, the owner has incorporated many discontinued masterpieces into their lifestyle, enjoying them with a rich sense of aesthetics.

The owner’s criterion for choosing a car is always “a car that brings a smile to people when they see it.” Engaging in enjoyable conversations with students and others who express curiosity with comments like “What is this?” is a source of great joy. Serving as the advisor for the basketball club, a role held since student days, the owner often embarks on journeys with the Copen for away games in neighboring prefectures, sparking interest and inquiries along the way. The owner values the most important aspect as, “Driving a car I love, engaging in conversations with various people, and creating new encounters.”

About a decade ago, this teacher, who had always wished for a car that would make people smile, found the L880K Copen with its electric-hydraulic pump-type active top roof—an exceptional feature for a kei car. The KM-Martin Copen, as featured in a certain Copen-specialized magazine, immediately caught the owner’s attention. It was a model created and sold by KUMOI Motors in Mie Prefecture.

At that time, KUMOI Motors had released only a few custom specifications, making the Martin Copen style one of them. The previous owner had invested several million yen to create this unique Copen, traveling throughout Japan after completion to build a history filled with numerous encounters and delightful memories. Each car had different specifications, making each one unique—truly one-of-a-kind Copens. The owner was captivated by the inherent value of the Copen as an exclusive and unique vehicle and decided to purchase it on the spot.

The previous owner had replaced the original engine and transmission, which had run approximately 192,000 km, with components that had only about 45,000 km of use at the time. This work was entrusted to KUMOI Motors, and after refreshing these components, the car was delivered in a completely revitalized state. The owner has enjoyed this car for almost a decade since then.

(Note: At the time of the interview, the odometer reading was 219,390 km. Please consider that the engine and transmission were replaced at around 192,000 km, resulting in a vehicle with an approximate mileage of 72,000 km on the engine and transmission.)


Let's take a closer look at KM-Martin Copen, which makes you smile just by looking at it!

“The color of a car is an important element that represents the character of the vehicle. In the case of this particular car, the color is unique and splendid, contributing to its distinctive atmosphere. Surprisingly, the exterior is coated with the Porsche factory color M7W/9Q Meteor Gray. The previous owner applied a two-coat finish during a customization process several years ago. While it retains its shine in some areas, clear coat peeling has occurred over the years. The current owner recently had the engine hood to the trunk lid repainted just before this interview to address issues such as clear coat peeling.

Overall, the car is in very good condition with a beautiful and impressive gloss. However, as detailed in the photos and videos, there is some paint roughness appearing on the rear wheel arches and upper fender areas.

The exterior is free from major dents or scratches, showcasing a well-preserved original Copen teardrop shape with a skillful touch of classical ambiance. True to its name, the ‘KM-Martin Copen’ draws inspiration from the Aston Martin DB5, featuring distinctive grills, chrome-plated bumpers with overriders, and meticulous detailing throughout. The classical mirror placement behind the fenders adds to the delightful arrangement.

Similar to the front, the rear design maintains a balanced and classical image. While modern large taillight lenses remain, the chrome-plated rear bumper echoes the front design. The design of the exhaust area is entirely different from the original, successfully evoking a vintage feel.


Adding a touch of old-fashioned British charm, a 1950s-style trunk carrier is set on the trunk lid, complemented by 15-inch wire wheels and chrome-plated parts, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

Turning attention to the interior, it has undergone a significant upgrade from the original. High-quality ivory leather coordinates with semi-bucket seats, and the console houses three additional meters crafted from aluminum. The meter panel proudly displays the KM-Martin logo, creating a vintage and classic atmosphere throughout.

Effectively capturing the charm of the original design of the early L880K Copen, this custom Copen stands out as a unique creation. The KM-Martin Copen not only offers aesthetic appeal but also assures worry-free enjoyment of customizing the Copen 100%.

For more information, you can visit the Kumo Motors website:


Benefiting from the engine and transmission replacement, the car has experienced no significant troubles or issues over the past decade. Moreover, during the snowfall season from December to late April, the car has never seen the road, remaining safely stored in the garage to avoid exposure to salt. While some customization has been done to the engine and suspension, the exact details are not known. Regular maintenance, including engine oil changes, has been performed, but there are no records or repair logs as there were no plans to sell the car.

More importantly, the owner, with a profession that brings smiles to people’s faces, has found great joy in making others happy through countless conversations. This, in essence, is the most significant aspect of the interview.”


After the Interview: The Car That Brought Various Encounters - 2004 Daihatsu Copen KM-Martin Copen Complete Custom

Certainly, please watch the video together if you can…

It was a chilly day for the interview, but I was allowed to ride in the passenger seat, and we drove with the Active Top open for a while. Despite the cold wind, the seat heater was comfortable, and I couldn’t help but think that open driving is ideal in winter. The compact body accelerating with the sound of the turbocharger is more than enough for the Copen. Moreover, experiencing the compact car with an automatic transmission while enjoying the atmosphere is truly wonderful! That’s what I sincerely felt.

The driving instructor, as expected, maintained a calm smile throughout the drive. Riding in it brings a smile, and a friendly atmosphere makes it easy for people around to strike up a conversation. As a result, various encounters are born. I felt the existence of such a wonderful cycle.

It’s a car that is clearly cherished. Although the interview was in the first half of November, as mentioned earlier, the car will be in hibernation until April. The owner expressed, “If, by any chance, there is an opportunity and you come from a distance to visit and see the car, it is, of course, possible. However, please understand that test driving is not possible as long as calcium chloride is on the road.” This was the owner’s wish, and I felt it was an expression of love for the car. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

The owner, whose profession is to bring smiles to people, has enjoyed this enthusiastic vehicle for nearly 10 years. Indeed, it is a car that brings smiles to people! The KM-Martin Copen, based on the early model L880K Copen, adorned with a charming mask reminiscent of the Aston Martin DB5, has created numerous smiles along with the owner's personality.

A car that is hard to find, one that truly awaits an encounter. And indeed, that “encounter” is the most crucial aspect. Please come to Nagano City for a heart-to-heart viewing.

This very attractive "2004 Daihatsu Copen KM-Martin Copen Complete" is currently located in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture.

For personal transactions, there are no consumption taxes or additional fees. However, the pro-rata adjustment of automobile tax and the recycling deposit will be borne by the buyer upon the purchase of the vehicle. Additionally, transportation arrangements, such as land transport, are also the responsibility of the buyer. However, the author’s business entity is engaged in classic car transportation services with self-owned transport vehicles, and if you have any preferences, please feel free to consult.


[Regarding Inquiries…]

The vehicle on this page is listed on the cross-border EC site for classic cars and collectibles, “Estate Sale Supremacy®︎.”

What is Estate Sale Supremacy, the ultimate and highest (Supremacy) estate sale?

Estate Sale Supremacy®︎ is the Japanese version of the North American cultural estate sale, where the owner’s cherished car is introduced through interviews, manuscripts, and videos to help organize both material and emotions. Unlike the cheap buyout that leaves nothing behind culturally or for the next generation, Estate Sale Supremacy®︎ sincerely expresses the owner’s sentiments. We ensure that memories are firmly preserved in the heart while reliably passing them on to the next generation through guidance and mediation.

We conduct detailed interviews with the current owner, including past maintenance records and repair history. If there is a significant accident history or if the current owner’s ownership history is extremely short and details are unknown, we may decline the interview, implementing measures to deliver as much peace of mind as possible to customers who are considering purchasing.

This article was created based on an interview and a three-hour test drive experience with the owner on November 11, 2023, under clear skies. Due to the limited time for confirmation, the description of the actual condition of the vehicle may not be 100% accurate, and not all content has been verified. Please be aware that comments on the condition are based on the weather, circumstances during the interview, and the author’s subjective opinions.

For questions about the listed vehicle or to schedule an on-site inspection, please contact us at the bottom of this page. As this is a transaction between individuals, for the prevention of time-wasting, on-site inspections will only be granted to customers who are considering the purchase as a serious option.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

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