1996model Jaguar XJ6 X300 3.2 Select

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Jaguar XJ6 X300 3.2 Select

Once, was there ever a Victorian lady from the UK who garnered such trust and affection from enthusiasts worldwide? The elegant body lines and graceful Jaguar ride seem to have been faithfully inherited...! With the benefit of Ford's parts sourcing, the X300 series, the 1996 Jaguar XJ6 3.2 Select, incorporating Japanese-made electrical components for the "indestructible myth," boasts Connolly leather seats that beckon the driver into the dreamy realm of Jaguar sophistication...!

With its gracefully lowered height and elongated, flowing body style, the Jaguar XJ series, a symbol of British high-end luxury sedans, made its debut in 1968. The tradition of the flute line, mysteriously blended into the body design, and its status as the preferred choice of successive British Prime Ministers underscore its Jaguar essence.

The elegant ride, born from the superb proportions, is complemented by the finest Connolly leather seats, meticulously selected genuine wood panels, and handcrafted metalwork—a luxurious interior designed with the concept of the “Holy Trinity.” Its presence exudes an “elegant sophistication,” evident in the traditional clear glass surfaces that allow glimpses into the interior. From the texture of the leather seats to each hand-stitched seam, everything visible on the surface represents not only the vehicle but also the rider’s dignity, captivating enthusiasts worldwide with admiration and dreams.

Having passed a quarter-century since its release, the X300 series XJ aims to join the ranks of Neo-Classics, reshaping the negative image associated with previous British cars and establishing a new “indestructible Jaguar myth.” Revering tradition while innovating with new technologies, the X300 series represents a model that revitalized the company with a fresh start and multiple revamped elements!


Today, a quarter of a century after the cessation of production, the essence of the X300 series lies in the resounding declaration worldwide as the "most reliable Jaguar." The significant improvement in reliability, which played a pivotal role in the revival of Jaguar Cars, was manifested in the XJ series, marking the birth of its most successful model.

Enthusiasts and beyond, the quintessential British Victorian elegance, hailed loudly as the “most reliable Jaguar” worldwide today, is the true essence of the X300 series! The XJ series, which revitalized Jaguar Cars, achieved its greatest success through this relentless pursuit of “reliability improvement”!

Not only enthusiasts but also successive UK Prime Ministers, from the 1990s onwards—Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Theresa May, and Boris Johnson—all adopted the X300 series as their “official Prime Ministerial cars,” attesting to its stature. The X300 XJ series aimed to express the improvement in the reliability of British cars in the new era, not only domestically but globally, truly changing the history of British Jaguars.

Against the backdrop of Coventry Jaguars, which had languished in a long period of negligence spanning half a century, losing serious appreciation for “design and craftsmanship” and facing uncontrollable financial outflows, the entry into Ford Motor Company’s umbrella in 1989 became inevitable.

In this context, to revitalize Jaguar Cars, the XJ X300 series, produced under Ford’s wing, embarked on manufacturing from July 1994 to June 1997, with themes centered around “improving manufacturing quality,” “enhancing reliability,” and “returning to traditional Jaguar styling.”

To overhaul the perception of Jaguar’s quality, the first initiative was to improve manufacturing quality, thus enhancing reliability. With a £200 million facility upgrade program by Ford, state-of-the-art robotic welding systems from Nissan were introduced in Coventry. This not only aimed to modernize production but also signaled the future direction of the British automotive industry post the Millennium.

Remarkably, Ford’s influence was most pronounced in the parts used, sourced through Ford’s procurement channels, featuring many Japanese components. Parts from Japan, such as the air conditioning system from Nippon Denso, the distributor-less electronic control engine management system also designed by the same company, and ignition modules from Denso, significantly contributed to the improved reliability.

The acquisition of reliability through the use of Japanese parts and the emphasis on returning to traditional Jaguar styling, led by design overhaul led by Jeff Lawson, played a crucial role in the revival of Jaguar’s commercial market. The almost flat hood of the previous XJ40, simple and easy to shape, was transformed into a curved design with flowing fluted lines, and the traditional quad independent round headlamps made a comeback.

The sleek design, creating the signature look of the XJ series, was skillfully reproduced. The previously chrome bumpers seamlessly transitioned into fully integrated body-colored bumpers, exuding a modern impression.

Even the naturally aspirated “AJ16” short-stroke 3.2 engine, generating ample power for a non-performance engine, was praised as the smoothest inline-six engine produced by Jaguar. The ZF-made 4HP-22 4-speed automatic gearbox, used specifically in the 3.2L variant, was devoid of electronic control, ensuring simplicity, durability, and garnering significant acclaim even a quarter of a century later.

In this backdrop, the X300 series, born to revive Jaguar Cars, produced 92,038 units in the span of three years from 1994. It stands as the most accomplished and trouble-free “masterpiece Jaguar” in the long history of Jaguar, highly appreciated by enthusiasts worldwide. The robust inline-six engine and the mechanically sound transmission, combined with the distinctive weight and unique suspension structure, offer the nostalgic “cat’s paw Jaguar ride” at any time, truly showcasing the essence of a British classic model.

The reliability issues that plagued British cars in the past have long faded away. Closing the heavy doors envelops the interior in silence. This highly committed “authentic space” has become a rarity in modern cars! Especially in the Japan-only “Select Model,” the now-defunct Connolly leather seats, noticeable in their thickness even by touch, are adorned. The hand-stitched seams add to the highest quality. The wood panels, discernibly thick even at a glance, stand out as exceptional compared to typical veneered panels. The rare walnut wood, carefully selected, with only a few percent featuring beautiful grain patterns, is used for the wood panels, surrounding the interior luxuriously as an accent wall.

Indulging in the unparalleled seats and operating Jaguar’s traditional “J-gate shifter,” now lost in modern models, one can enjoy the sedan-like comfort of the smooth six-cylinder engine, producing more than enough power even in the non-turbocharged version. Yet, drivers soon realize that the sports car-like handling and the bygone “cat’s paw Jaguar ride” transform it into a sporty drive.

It’s not just a typical four-door sedan. It offers a captivating worldview that makes you deeply understand, “Yes, this is Jaguar!” If those who read this seek “individuality and emotion” in a car, the XJ6 X300 series 3.2L will undoubtedly be the best vehicle for enthusiasts in any era!


A young enthusiast owner's ride for life experience! The X300 series 3.2L, a domestic exclusive Select Model, ridden by a young enthusiast for the sake of life experience. With a little tweaking and cosmetic touch-ups, it is anticipated to become an exceptional vehicle. This Select Model is truly an enchanting machine that invites the owner into the allure of "100 Draw" with its irresistible charm!

As the sun sets, casting a warm glow, the deep British Racing Green of the X300 series takes on an even darker shade, showcasing the serene and charming British car color. The owner, who harbored great admiration for British cars, especially Jaguar’s styling, fulfilled a desire to experience it firsthand about two years ago. Purchasing a model with around 40,000 kilometers from a foreign car specialty shop, the owner has actively enjoyed the Jaguar lifestyle, driving it almost trouble-free for about 40,000 kilometers, excluding the winter months when road salt is spread (December to May).

The invaluable “treasure of the heart” acquired during this period has had a profound impact, changing not only the owner’s approach to cars but also enhancing their gentlemanly manners. Being a domestic exclusive “Select Model,” the richness of the interior, including Connolly leather seats, is truly impressive. With just over 70,000 kilometers, the Ivory-colored Connolly leather seats are in excellent condition, showing only minor dirt that is expected to be easily cleaned. The Burr Walnut wood panels, displaying beautiful grain patterns throughout, are also in good condition without noticeable cracks or peeling.


As a true representative of the X300 series, the owner mentions that the car has never undergone the so-called “baptism of an old car.” Minor issues such as relay replacements, starter replacements, battery replacements, and bush replacements for arm components during a slight noise from the front have been experienced, but otherwise, the owner has always enjoyed a comfortable Jaguar ride.

The surprising replacement value of this product, priced at “100 Dro” (note: meaning diving deep into the Jaguar quagmire with 1 million yen), is due to its external wear. While usually stored in a garage with a body cover, the original paint has experienced deterioration due to aging, primarily observed on the engine hood to the roof tip. There are also minor scratches on the left mirror tip. These can be restored with a professional polishing job or might require some cosmetic touch-ups, offering an exciting aspect for the next owner.

If the gas is sufficient, the air conditioning works exceptionally well. However, a gas refill before the season is currently required. Other issues include:

– Mirrors cannot be folded.

– The radio-cassette audio is functional, but the CD changer is faulty.

– There is a crack in the resin part where the airflow sensor is attached, currently fixed with cable ties and in need of repair.

These issues, being common to British cars with abundant parts supply, can be promptly addressed.

A video was recorded during a drive with the owner, inspecting the underside beforehand, revealing no noticeable oil leaks or seepages. The engine started smoothly from a completely cold state, and the smoothness of the engine and transmission, renowned for their performance, was confirmed during the drive. Most importantly, the wide and low body, balanced with the weight of the car and the suspension, along with the engine’s power, delivered the classic “cat’s paw Jaguar ride” that adheres perfectly to the road—a testament to its undiminished allure.

And all this enchantment is available at the listed price!

While there may be some “tweaks,” enthusiasts often convert these into “enjoyment.” If properly polished, the XJ6 can be driven every day, providing a wonderful lifestyle with Jaguar. It’s truly a fantastic bonus that changes every day with subtle, sensory experiences.


Aftermath of the 1996 Jaguar XJ6 X300 3.2 Select Interview...

It happens to everyone… inevitably, multiple times in one’s life, there are silent but profound ‘life stage changes’ that force one to part with something dear. The genesis of this story lies in a heartbreaking interview request resulting from such a life-altering transition…

The owner’s experience with this Jaguar is something quite remarkable. In the presence of the X300 series Jaguar, a mythical entity that has yet to break at the 70,000-kilometer mark, during the interview, I couldn’t help but suggest multiple times, ‘Wouldn’t it be better not to let it go? If you continue to make improvements, you should be able to enjoy the timeless charm of this magnificent Jaguar indefinitely…’

The more you look, the more the allure grows, and the more you understand, it becomes clear that this is a vehicle that is transcending into what is now referred to as ‘Neo-Classic.’ Despite my earnest efforts to convey this sentiment, there were still reservations. Nevertheless, it is under these circumstances that the decision to feature it at the current price point was made.

Was there ever a Victorian lady from Britain so trusted and adored by enthusiasts worldwide? The elegant body lines and graceful Jaguar ride are faithfully preserved! Benefiting from Ford's parts sourcing, with the addition of Japanese electrical components contributing to the 'myth of indestructibility,' the 1996 Jaguar XJ6 3.2 Select from the X300 series boasts Connolly leather seats, inviting the driver into the dreamlike realm of Jaguar excellence!

The value of this product cannot be measured solely by the replacement cost below! Why not take a step into the magnificent world of Jaguar and experience it for yourself?

For a visit that stirs the senses and sparks the imagination, please come to Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture—full of rich emotions and possibilities.

This incredibly charming '1996 Jaguar XJ6 X300 3.2 Select' is currently located in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture

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