2003model Porsche 911 Carrera Type 996 modified with JT mode complete kit.

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Porsche 911 Carrera Type 996 modified with JT mode complete kit.

The looks that pierce a man's heart...! The 2003 996 late model with an approved 100mm wide body and a Ducktail is equipped to thrill. With APR adjustable suspension and RAYS 18-inch wheels, it not only rides enjoyably but is also a sight to behold! It truly embodies the alluring versatility of a Porsche that brings joy both behind the wheel and to the onlookers!

The 2003 model… The Porsche 911 Carrera 996 late model, with its still remarkably fresh original Carrara White body, radiates a dazzling aura even in its quietly standing presence, clearly exuding a sense of “something different…” before the eyes of the author.

The regular width of the 996 is “1770mm”… but this particular specimen, with a distinct notation of “1870mm” on its registration document, confidently travels the public roads, showcasing its enchanting and glamorous body even within the strict regulations of Japan’s vehicle inspection system.

The widened tread, expanded by 100mm thanks to over fenders, coupled with the ability to adjust the height with the “APR adjustable coilovers with 19 stages at the front and 25 stages at the rear,” reminiscent of a race car, lowers the overall height, transforming the glamorous and attractive Porsche style into a wider and lower stance, appealing to the hearts of men!

At the front, it is adorned with dry carbon canards and a lip spoiler that makes one realize, “This is how canards suit the 996,” serving as essential elements to tighten the wide and low body. While reminiscent of the narrow Porsche with a ducktail, it delivers the final blow with the modern carbon-finished body side “Carrera decal,” causing the author to faint multiple times upon seeing it.

The late model 996 retains the compact size typical of Porsche. While the latest Porsche is undoubtedly the best Porsche, always captivating the hearts of enthusiasts, whether due to the benefits of a nutrient-rich daily life or, like the author, a slightly enlarged body, there is an existence that leads to a further embrace of nostalgia. Even though there is no room to spare to talk about the air-cooled series, for Porsche enthusiasts reading this, the early water-cooled series from 996 to 997, which have almost the same size as the air-cooled series, have become a “narrow Porsche of the water-cooled era.” They are easygoing, almost all-purpose vehicles that can run through winding roads while stopping by a convenience store, and even take on circuit runs, now reaching the entrance of neo-classicism, about 20 years after production, and are incredibly charming vehicles that make you think, “I want to drive it every day.”

In the daily research and customer interactions, enthusiasts often feel Porsche’s strong commitment to originality. However, this is still a story of the ultimate classic air-cooled models or the latest models. “Modifying a Porsche…! This is what everyone really wanted to do!” Modifying the 911 Carrera around 996-997 with a sense of style, riding a truly unique existence, reveals a completely different charm of Porsche, demonstrating the car’s exceptionally high qualities as a source of great appeal!

A car that aggregates such points is… on the day it sits in front of you… you can only be amazed. Once you get used to this, a normal body may start to appear “slender,” and you may no longer feel its charm.

Let’s take a close look at this “forbidden over-fender attachment” – the “2003 Porsche 911 Carrera Type 996 Late Model Over-Fender Approved Vehicle with Successfully Obtained Vehicle Inspection.”


Details of the customized 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera Type 996 late model produced by the Porsche specialty shop Garage J and presented as the JT Mode Complete Car...!

The concept of “Not just an ordinary Porsche… Want more excitement… Enjoying the fascinating Porsche twice as much!” is embodied in the “JT Mode Complete Car” by the Tokyo-based Porsche specialty shop “Garage J.” This particular model underwent modifications a few years ago with the aim of developing numerous attractive original parts and selling complete cars. It successfully obtained official vehicle inspection and has since been completed.

Garage J JT Mode Introduction Page:


Choosing to keep the front bumper in its original state, the expression is significantly different, with dry carbon canards attached to the sides, adding a unique impression to this vehicle. Furthermore, with no side skirts installed, the distinct Porsche design around the side body lower area is emphasized by the beautifully curved 3D lines created by the over fenders. From the widened rear fenders to the ducktail, it features a flowing and elegant line, heightened by the lowered stance achieved through the Porsche-specific APR adjustable coilovers developed for racing cars in the domestic GT300 and GT500 series. The carbon-finished classical Carrera decal beautifully complements the overall appearance, reminiscent of the 73-year-old wide-fendered Carrera RSR, creating a truly beautiful classical line.

Enumerating the details of this vehicle:

Basic Details:

– Officially imported WP0ZZZ-99Z3S, 2003 model 911 Carrera, left-hand drive, 5AT Tiptronic S, actual mileage around 67,000 kilometers

– Original front and rear bumpers

– Original engine and transmission

– Interior in excellent and well-maintained original condition

Customization Details:

– JT Mode Porsche 996 body kit (front and rear over fenders and ducktail)

– Dry carbon canards

– Dry carbon lip spoiler

– Custom stainless exhaust manifold and variable valve muffler

– APR adjustable coilovers

– WORK RAYS Gram Lights 57 Transcend Unlimited 18-inch wheels

– Bridgestone Potenza Sports (Front: 225/40R18, Rear: 235/35R18) with less than 100km mileage

Of course, it has no accident history or current issues. Only a few maintenance records are included. The air conditioning works well even in scorching summers, making it suitable for comfortable daily use. It recently passed its regular vehicle inspection at the time of writing this, ensuring an ample period of inspection remains.

Additionally, this 996 late model Carrera from this year is not affected by the intermediate shaft bearing issue, as it was resolved during Porsche’s campaign at the time. Regularly running the engine, ensuring proper oil pressure, and conducting periodic oil changes allow for carefree enjoyment and contribute to mental well-being.

Recent coating has been applied to enhance its already striking appearance. You can confirm this exceptionally beautiful sight through photos and videos taken and edited by the author. Please take a look at them.


Mastering left-foot braking makes Tiptronic much more enjoyable...! Lightning-fast downshifts are achieved through accelerator work...! I took the 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera Type 996 modified with JT Mode Complete for a spin on the winding roads...!

Among Porsche enthusiasts in Japan, it is a fact that the majority are dedicated to the manual transmission. Having driven a 6-speed manual 996 early model, I, as the author, found that the Tiptronic, despite its significantly higher initial pricing, is unmistakably more Porsche-like, fun, and honestly very comfortable. Moreover, it’s robust, with no stories of breakdowns heard. It is suitable not only for weekend early morning winding roads and mountain passes but also for sports driving on circuits unless under exceptional circumstances. It truly depends on how you use the Tiptronic.

Needless to say, “Tiptronic” is Porsche’s trademark for the manual shift mode of an automatic transmission. It was co-developed by ZF and Bosch, considered revolutionary at its launch in 1988 on the Type 964, suggesting a generational shift in the 911. Unlike the traditional torque converter-type Tiptronic, which shifts automatically when in “Drive,” the Tiptronic S in the 996 allows for manual shifting by tilting the selector lever to the M mode. The steering-mounted switch is operational in both D and M modes, enabling manual shifting.

Porsche equipped the Tiptronic gearbox with an “Intelligent Shift Program.” The ECU monitors input signals such as vehicle speed, engine RPM, throttle position, and acceleration G in both longitudinal and lateral directions. It adjusts the gear change points based on whether the driver wants to cruise or extract maximum performance, offering five modes.

In city traffic or during congestion, the Tiptronic’s automatic mode is genuinely convenient. There’s no strain on the legs from working the clutch, and you can maintain a healthy mental state without feeling sentimentally overwhelmed. This contributes significantly to a wholesome Porsche life experience, allowing you to savor its essence.

On weekends for winding roads and highways, I prefer the manual mode. Shifting at 5000rpm, the variable cam changes, and with the explosive acceleration and the indescribable roar of the flat-six at your back, the massive body clings to the road, accelerating like a warp. It’s an incomparable moment of joy when you truly feel the thrill of driving a Porsche!

Moreover, the enjoyment of Tiptronic is not limited to the steering-mounted up/down switch! The operation through this switch has a slight time lag. To achieve a lightning-fast acceleration downshift without any lag, interacting effectively with the aforementioned ECU is key.

Understanding Tiptronic as just a regular automatic and relying solely on accelerator pedal input for a kickdown during high-speed driving may result in a somewhat sluggish response. In reality, the ECU of the “Intelligent Shift Program” responds at the speed of manipulating the accelerator pedal that sends input signals. Swiftly releasing the accelerator pedal for a moment, quickly (important) flicking it, and then stepping on it results in an almost instantaneous gear change and a showcase of furious acceleration, even in D range, without feeling much shift shock.

Applying this swift accelerator manipulation, especially when you master left-foot braking, makes the winding roads much more enjoyable with Tiptronic! Controlling the brake with the left foot while focusing on accelerator work with the right foot, the Tiptronic S in the 996 allows you to use the steering-mounted upshift switch in D mode, enabling rapid shifting like lightning. It truly enables sports driving while conversing with the engine and transmission. This is the fascinating aspect of Tiptronic S!

While the damping force setting is adjustable, the suspension setting is currently a bit firm according to the owner’s preference. Despite the wider fenders and slightly thicker tires, there is no issue with the steering getting caught in ruts. The performance of the APR adjustable coilovers is excellent, providing gripping cornering. Despite the rear-heavy nature of Porsche, the suspension setting communicates to the driver, saying, “You can press even more!” It ensures good straight-line stability, allowing you to confidently step on it and fully experience the Porsche-specific acceleration.

When pulling it out of the garage, it’s a Porsche that you can get on without any pretense. It’s a Porsche that can be driven by a wife or daughter limited to automatic driving for shopping trips. And then, taking a short run on winding roads, it provides a brief moment of mental reset, making it genuinely enjoyable to drive. Additionally, being able to admire it alone in the garage at night, smiling to yourself, fulfills the desire for ownership as a truly unique presence.

The 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera Type 996, modified with JT Mode Complete, truly doubles the joy of Porsche. It was indeed such a vehicle.


After the coverage of the 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera Type 996 modified with JT Mode Complete...

During the interview and photo shoot, the owner, Mr. [Owner’s Name], frequently expressed admiration, saying, “What a fantastic car.” Upon inquiry, it was revealed that this Porsche, a JT Mode Complete Car based on the 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera Type 996, is his second Porsche, with the first being a 6-speed manual 996 early model. Seeking a more relaxed and enjoyable driving experience, he embarked on a quest to find the ideal Tiptronic-equipped Porsche.


Capturing his ideal vision of a Porsche with a keen sense of aesthetics, Mr. [Owner’s Name] meticulously shaped and cared for this car, savoring the joy of ownership. However, life changes, a part of everyone’s journey, led to circumstances where he could no longer enjoy driving the car as much as he wished. Despite the car being parked in the garage, its presence alone did not fulfill the desire for true automotive enjoyment. It is with a heavy heart that Mr. [Owner’s Name] decided to part with the car, a decision driven by the changing stages of life.


In the midst of these life changes, the car became a spectator in the garage, prompting Mr. [Owner’s Name] to realize that it deserved to be cherished by a new owner who could fully appreciate its beauty and potential. This decision was not made lightly; rather, it was a thoughtful and heartfelt choice to entrust the Porsche to someone who would continue its legacy with the same passion and care.


While the current market may reflect a period of relatively lower prices for the 996 series, the effort and investment required to bring a 996 to such a pristine state are considerable. Mr. [Owner’s Name] has reshaped the image of Tiptronic transmissions, demonstrating the enjoyment and excitement that can be derived from a well-maintained and thoughtfully modified Porsche. This unique car, embodying the essence of an “Only One” existence, stands as a testament to the evolving ways in which Porsches can be cherished and enjoyed.

Looks that pierce a man's heart...! The certified 100mm wide-body with over fenders and a ducktail on a 2003 model 996 late model is equipped with APR coilovers and RAYS 18-inch wheels, making it a joy to ride...! Pleasure to behold...!! It was a fascinating, versatile Porsche...!

Please come for the ultimate test drive and viewing…! Please visit Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture…!

This superb "2003 Porsche 911 Carrera type 996 modified JT mode Complete" is currently located in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture.

As this is a private sale, there are no consumption taxes or other fees. The prorated settlement of automobile taxes and recycling deposits will be borne by the purchaser upon purchasing the vehicle. Additionally, transportation arrangements, such as land transportation, will be the responsibility of the purchaser. However, the author’s company also conducts classic car transportation services using company-owned transport vehicles. Please feel free to consult us if you have any preferences in this regard.


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4430 mm


1870 mm


1300 mm


1470 kg

Engine Displacement

3596 cc

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