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BMW E36 Alpina B3 3.2 Limousine

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The weight tolerance is only 1/1000g...! The massive sedan body flies away from the sensual world with the engine sound that changes drastically at over 4000 rpm....... The E36 Alpina B3 3.2 with the rare 6-speed manual transmission was the ultimate choice for an everyday neo-classic...!

A super machine for adults that is not limited by its appearance and is full of intelligence…

Created in 1961 at a typewriter factory in Bayern, the “Alpina Unit”, a double choked Weber for BMW 1500, has kept the small family business alive for more than half a century with its excellent performance….

Today, Alpina manufactures its own models based on BMWs, with “Understatement” as its virtue, and this is exactly how Alpina expresses itself as “a supermachine for intelligent adults that is not limited by its appearance. In the 1960s and 1970s, soon after the company was founded, Alpina was the official tuner of BMW, and was the first BMW-certified racing car manufacturer in the world to have a racing driver such as Ronnie Peterson, James Hunt, Jacky Ickx, and Niki Lauda (!!). The Alpina tuned Silhouette Formula is based on the history as a famous tuner, where eminent racing drivers dominated European touring car races, all German championship races, and the 24 Hours of Spa endurance race with their Alpina-tuned Silhouette Formula cars, without any opposition. The company’s DNA, which clearly states that “a car is as beautiful as it is dangerous,” is still being maintained to this very day.

In particular, the Alpina from the second generation E30 to the third generation E36, which were produced in the early years after 1983 when the company was officially registered as an automobile manufacturer with the German Motor Registration Authority, and which have risen to the status of neo-classics today, are not only modest but also…! The Alpina from the second generation E30 to the third generation E36, which has been called a neo-classic today, is not only modest, but also has the traditional side decals that swept the racing field, as well as a large front air dam reminiscent of the silhouette formula of the time, this “beautiful yet fierce appearance…” is a car that has “special meaning…” for those of us from the generation who remember the Alpina. I believe that this car has a special meaning to those who remember Alpina.

Alpina Tune”, which reflects the technical skills cultivated in the racing field, is a very small lot of about 700 cars per year at that time, and is carefully finished by the handwork of the master tuners, exactly the tuning method of a racing machine. In the case of Alpina Tune, the weight tolerance of MAHLE pistons is only 1/1000g, while the weight tolerance of pistons in a standard car is 5 to 10g. The result of this attention to detail is a piston with a weight tolerance of only 1/1000g……..

The Alpina equipped with this “masterpiece” is truly on a different level….

The compact and massive body is mounted on a rigid chassis.
The Alpina rides at speed like the law of inertia…!
The unique sensation of warp-like acceleration with a highly accurate and powerful engine and a well-balanced chassis with a highly accurate and powerful engine, which is unique to Alpina, is a dangerous (and fun) feeling that once you have tasted it, you will become addicted to it…!


Super silky Alpina inline 6...! Once you taste the acceleration feeling while fainting in agony from the roar of the dynamic exhaust note, you will be addicted to it...! What a deep taste of Alpina in the mechanical era...!

At the end of 1995, when the original BMW announced the M3 3.2, boasting an overwhelming power of 316hp in EU specs, Alpina immediately followed suit… and in April of the following year, the Alpina B3 3.2 was released to meet the expectations of the enthusiasts who had been waiting for it…

The B3 3.2’s engine was based on the BMW 328’s M52, a 2.8-liter 6-cylinder engine with maximum output of 190 hp at 5500 rpm and maximum torque of 29.0 kg-m at 3950 rpm, whereas the M52’s displacement was greatly increased to 3.2 liters…. Lightweight pistons, improved combustion chamber, reprogramming of the engine management system by Siemens, and a specially designed exhaust system, the maximum output was increased to 265 hp at 5,800 rpm and the maximum torque to 33.7 kgm at 4,400 rpm, a real 75 hp (!) increase. The result is a refined, yet extremely powerful and dynamic engine.

The chassis, which had originally been highly rigid, was further improved to match the increased engine performance, and the suspension was further upgraded with front and rear stabilizers and rear springs. The brake discs have been enlarged and ventilated to improve heat dissipation.

The sensation of driving this dynamic engine on a solid chassis with a Getrag 6-speed gearbox is otherworldly…! The BMW inline-6, originally described as silky, has been transformed into a super silky machine……and once you taste the acceleration feeling while fainting in agony from the roar of the dynamic exhaust note from over 4000 rpm, you will be addicted to it…….

I think that is the most tasteful part of the “Alpina of the mechanical era” that has been sublimated into a neo-classic today…!


Alpina green in the winter morning light...! The ferocious beauty of a fully stock '98 Alpina B3 3.2... coming soon!

During the interview under the dazzling sunlight characteristic of winter mornings from the side, the ferocious beauty of its alpina green was repeatedly described by the author with the words “Wonderful…!” The author repeatedly uttered the words, “It’s wonderful…! The 1998 Nicole BMW E36 Alpina B3 3.2, an authorized Nicole import, stands in front of us in a delightful fully stock condition.

The owner is a born enthusiast. He is in the middle of the creation of the world’s automobile culture due to the influence of his family who have been automobile enthusiasts for a long time…. He enjoyed neo-classic Mercedes-Benz cars, saying, “Old German cars…there is nothing to be afraid of until 1990’s…including parts supply…” He gained experience, and when he was transferred to Hokkaido, he decided, “If I am going to drive a car…let’s drive the most fun car I can find…! I’m not afraid of anything, including the supply of parts…! He gave up the aforementioned Mercedes-Benz and bought this Alpina from a used car dealer about 3 years ago.

The owner, who is full of enthusiast mind, did not drive this precious car in the season when snow was still on the road, but only in the best season in Hokkaido, and enjoyed it for about 20,000 km…….

He is a car lover from the bottom of his heart! The owner, who is very sincere about the vehicle, seems to have really enjoyed the engine characteristics of the Alpina, which has been sublimated into a neo-classic…!
The compact and well-balanced body makes it a real pleasure to drive on winding roads…! She says, “The compact and well-balanced body makes it really fun to drive on winding roads.
And “A car is not for decoration, but for driving…! The mileage of the car was a little over 180,000 km at the time of the interview, but the mileage was proof that the car had been driven, and he was proud of his ownership of the car.

In the three years and 20,000 km of honeymoon with the neo-classic Alpina B3 3.2, there have been no major problems, and when a hub bearing made a strange noise while driving, the car had to be transported by a loaded truck to avoid any serious problems. The maintenance record book shows that the aforementioned problem was a loose lock nut on the drive shaft, and that the owner has dealt with minor problems that may have occurred, and has carefully dealt with each negative element one by one, in addition to normal maintenance such as oil changes.
Please refer to the maintenance record book when you see the car.

Please refer to the photos and videos at the end of this report for further reading.

There is a minor scuff mark of about 3cm on the side of the left front bumper.
There is a very slight scuff mark on the rubber part of the right front bumper.
There is a repair mark on the right rear combination light cover.
There is a 2mm chip of Alpina decal on the right front door.
There is a stone chip on the front bumper that appears to be commensurate with the vehicle’s age.

There are some stains and spots on the roof liner and some peeling on the driver’s side.
The same phenomenon can be seen on some of the A-pillars.
The passenger side door does not open with the centralized door lock.
The CD changer and 1DIN CD player are not working.

Damper has been changed to Koni, original Bilstein damper is included.
The side mirrors are supposed to be from M3, but they have been in this style since the time of purchase.
The drive recorder in the photo will be removed.
The air conditioner gas needs to be refilled before the season.

The air conditioner gas needs to be replenished before the season.

Also, the only thing that will remain as an Alpina original is…

Alpina tuned E4J engine
Alpina exhaust system
Alpina progressive rate springs
Alpina 17 inch front and rear wheels
Alpina front air dam spoiler
Alpina rear spoiler
Alpina B3 3.2 badge
Alpina steering wheel
Alpina bucket seats and rear seats

The above….

Styling in beautiful and ferocious Alpina Green…!

The pleasure of driving the super silky Alpina engine with 6-speed transmission…!

The Alpina B3 3.2 is the everyday sensuality of Alpina’s subtle blend of performance motoring that brings tears to the eyes of true enthusiasts…!

A rare car that can be enjoyed in everyday use, a wonderful neo-classic that has inherited the DNA of the racing field and will forever symbolize the mechanical Alpina of the 90’s…!

Isn’t it exciting to take such a wonderful car and make it into an even more exquisite car by giving it a thorough touch while using it on a daily basis?

I felt that “this is a car you can enjoy and dream about” through the interview….


BMW E36 Alpina B3 3.2 Limousine.. Afterword...

When I am interviewing and writing about rare cars on a daily basis, I often wonder about them.
Owners who have decided to give up their cars for various reasons, but who, when interviewed, show their pride in their cars with a smile and a twinkle in their eyes as if they were their own children, with no signs of letting go of their cars.

They enjoy using their precious cars on a daily basis and listen to their cars’ voices as they deal with them on a daily basis.
When they foresee trouble, they go to their trusted mechanics….
While the car is in our care, we are in agonizing patience.
After overcoming such a series of hardships (and pleasures), they let go of their cherished car….

Why are you giving up such a wonderful and precious 6-speed MT Alpina B3? The owner replied, “My work and living environment has changed, and I have fewer chances to drive it…. I would like to sell it to a better owner. I would like to sell it to a better owner.

I think I understand the feeling of caring for a precious car….

I felt that the greatest merit of private sales is to be able to introduce a valuable car to a new owner who will take good care of it, while keeping the memories in their hearts.

The weight tolerance is only 1/1000g...! The Mare pistons, hand-polished by skilled craftsmen, are super silky......and the massive sedan body flies away with the engine sound that changes dramatically at over 4000 rpm......a sensual world! The E36 Alpina B3 3.2 with the rare 6-speed manual transmission was the ultimate choice for an everyday neo-classic...!

The Alpina B3 is now a neo-classic, a joy to enjoy in daily use….
Once you have it (this time…), you will never part with it. This neo-classic, which will last a lifetime, will surely enrich the enthusiast life of the new owners who read this…!
Please come to Gunma Prefecture to experience the Alpina B3 3.2 with the supreme 6-speed manual transmission.

This very rare 1998 BMW E36 Alpina B3 3.2 with a 6-speed manual transmission is currently located in Gunma Prefecture.

No consumption tax or other fees will be charged as this is a private sale.
The purchaser will be responsible for the “monthly automobile tax” and “recycling deposit”.
The purchaser will be responsible for land transportation, etc. However, the author also provides classic car transportation services. If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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